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Lee HongKi’s embarrassing photo as a ‘homeless’ (?) revealed

FT Island Lee HongKi makes appearance as a ‘homeless’?

Lee HongKi updated his minihompy on 15th June with recent photos of himself which reminded many fans of a homeless. In the photo, HongKi was seen sprawled across on the floor asleep like a real homeless.

HongKi wrote, “I was really asleep in our Japanese company.. Our manager hyung take photos even like these..He even gave me money^^”. Fans commented, “Haha, really like a homeless”, “It is so funny to see this real side of you” etc.


15 Responses

  1. he is cutee to the core!!

  2. hongki your soooooooooooo cute i realy wish i was there, i would be staring at him all night sooo cute

  3. Hahaha! cute tho and he really tired thats why…

  4. OMR!!!!
    Mireu(MBLAQ) and HongKi are absolutely look like each other !!!!!!
    Just like they are twins 🙂
    so lovely….love them so much >.< XD XD XD :X

    • you are so right thats the first thing that i thought about when the first time i saw mir
      especially their noses

  5. HongKi may look like a sleeping hobo but at least he’s a CUTE sleeping hobo with a nice butt!

  6. My fave Hongki looks cute sprawling on de floor like a homeless kid who ran away frm home wif no other place 2 sleep.. ;p

  7. he really should bleach his roots asap

  8. hahahaha
    really its so true
    why can’t he find a better place to leave

  9. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo and T.T.L ♥ Nhún, Z. Z said: RT @sookyeong: Lee HongKi’s embarrassing photo as a ‘homeless’ (?) revealed http://twurl.nl/ss75fv […]

  10. lol omg dork. ❤

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