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Orange Caramel ‘Magic Girl’ full MV revealed!

After School unique trio unit Orange Caramel’s title song ‘Magic Girl’ MV, with featuring from C.N Blue MinHyuk, was revealed on 17th June!

Now that you’ve heard the song and seen the MV, loving the concept or not?

46 Responses

  1. i like after school concept a lot better…this just became so-so, the usual cutesy group

  2. cute~! I don’t know why but i think they would make a big hit if they were in japan. The cuteness is something alot of japanese people like. I don’t know just something that poped in my mind when I watch this.

  3. wth don’t like the sonog

  4. I think Nana and Lizzy’s voices fit this concept…Raina’s doesn’t. I don’t know how to explain it but I think this concept isnt a match for her. They should have put JooYeon in this sub group instead. Her vocals match the other two members since her voice is fine and sweet wheras Raina has a strong voice.

    I don’t mind the song, it’s cute and Nana looks gorgeous. I don’t get why people want the sub groups to go be After School powerful fierce style…They’re not promoting as After School and they’re divided into sub-groups for a reason..to try out new styles I guess.

  5. Nana is usually seen as chic, but I think cutesy suits her. She’s adorable. :]

  6. Cute. Sounds like Sailor Moon’s theme though.

  7. overall, i think the song n mv are nice. just maybe not everyone like this concept. minhyuk made this mv better. goosh just look at his cute face..

  8. omo nana is so cute

  9. too cute to handle.
    meaning, this is too sugary.

    this = BLEH. sorry.

  10. i don’t like it!!!, they look like morning musume, and H!P, but…. well…. the style is very outdated

  11. I’m disappointed with the song and mv.
    Raina is wasted.
    Only good thing in this mv is Minhyuk.

  12. Weww~~ MINHYUUUKK!!!! aaaa–

  13. wow that was such a cute mv >.<
    and i'm glad other cn blue members are getting attention
    as much as i love minhyuk
    he was a good choice! very cute! and i really like the song
    its a good image for them !

  14. This song is plagizized.
    This song is way to similar to C-utes song”Hare no Platinum Dor”

  15. I like it! To start off with, I wasnt sure but it’s a good change from their sexy image.
    Girl bands just seem to be selling the sex appeal too much these days, It gets to the point where I feel degraded as a woman. I like the cutesy look.

  16. not sure why but i feel like this would sound better in Japanese its a good song but i think this works better with jpop

  17. gyaaaaa..my cutie baby Minhyukie!!gyaaa,gyaaaa.. >O<

    i'm dying in happiness!!!!finally,,i wish u get more attention just like your hyung,fighting p^^q

    for OC,hmmm no comment..just wish u all the best galz ^^
    i just want to see my baby Minhyukie,gyaaaa,,gyaaaa..gyaaaa
    *still in a crazy happiness XD

  18. the girls were really pretty but i just didn’t like it. The only reason why I’m replaying it is because of the hope it will grow on me and minhyuk.

  19. I love Raina…but this new concept is bleh. It doesn’t do Nana’s sophiscated beauty or Raina’s voice justice at all. Yeah, it’s cute… but nauseatingly so.

  20. ooh I like it !
    cant wait to see the live performance !

  21. it seems very japanese to me. the whole style of song, dance, costume… usually pop music in general isn’t very original, but this *really* is not original. I also think the girls aren’t very good at being cute. I mean, they’re very cute and very pretty, but they come off as older girls trying to act very young… I’m not sure how to say it. It just doesn’t seem like “natural” cuteness.

    • what do you call natural cute? snsd?

      • i think that person means that they are trying so hard to look cute…as in you can feel the pressure of their ‘cuteness’ in their expressions.
        lol.’snsd?’ see this is how problems with fan wars start…someone always brings up another group here. haha. ‘kids’ these days will never grow up. tsk tsk.

  22. what happened to AS’s sexy concept? wth is this cutesy image?
    hells nah, please leave that to the other kpop groups. AS can work that sexy image. I don’t see why they’re switching to this ><

  23. about the MV and song ..uhh. ok.
    the girls. they’re all looking pretty despise some of the outfits.
    minhyuk OMG he is so cute!

  24. omg what was that… such a contrast to the sexy AS i know… :X .. again very Jpopish will do pretty well in Japan me thinks..

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  26. i will be honest and say that this is not my cup of tea.
    the song sucks !!!

    AS better be back to their old image.

  27. really cute and fun
    i love it
    ah and minhyuk what a cutie face ^^

  28. I actually love this! It’s nice to see something cutesy for a change. I can’t believe people (including me) were sick of this style a year ago lol

  29. Um huh? For a moment I thought I was watching Buono! in their Rottara Rottara (or was it Lotta Love..) PV LOL. It feels strange seeing the usually fiercer Kpop group take on Jpop idol styles.

    Ah well, at least Orange Caramel and Minhyuk look good.. ^^


  31. This would do soo well in Japan! the dance and song have a very Jpop feel. Surprisingly i love the song, its just too cute.

    • me too! and I think they their concept is intentionally targeted for the japanese. I mean pledis had announced earlier ast week that the girls will be making their debut overseas.

  32. they remind me of jpop for some reason~ The big curly hair and bright circle lens :} The concept is unoriginal but seems to suit them….but my real problem is the SONG…I really don’t like it at all! :(!

  33. Raina !!!

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  35. Gosh~ I knew I would love this song & MV! They’re so cute! 😀 And I’m happy to see the girls have more than only one verse! Their voices sound great!

    • dude, this new concept is just ewwwwwwwwwwwww.

      • am i watching snsd?? lol, the cuteness is SO much its killing me. My friends would definetly make fun of me if they saw i watched this.

  36. MINHYUK!!!!
    Gahhh I love him ❤

  37. minhyuk! 🙂 ehehe

  38. ahhh~!!! MinHyuk it’s really surprising XD

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