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Park ShinHye’s recent chubby features garner interests, “She looks like Yoon EunHye”

Talent Park ShinHye’s chubby features revealed through her recent photos garnered great interests.

On a portal site recently, there was a post by a netizen titled ‘I see Yoon EunHye in Park ShinHye’. Several photos of Park ShinHye seen at a recent event were revealed. Park ShinHye is known for her cute image in various CF and drama appearances, but what had caught the attention of many netizens was that she had seem chubbier than before in the photos released.

Netizen commented, “She is even pretty being chubbier”, “She is pretty even she don’t lose weigt”, “She looks like Yoon EunHye” etc.

More photos under the cut.


42 Responses

  1. she’s so pretty! i love her hair (:

  2. I thought she was Yoon EunHye before i read the article LOL
    She looks so pretty ^^

  3. She gains weight, but not to the extend where we can call her chubby. Still pretty though.

  4. in my country or most asian countries that’s considered chubby, but i doesn’t matter. 😀

  5. Yea, she really does look like yoon eun hye 😮
    I thought she was, until I re-read the name.
    & their names are pretty similar too. 🙂

  6. ohh my she looks so healthy compared to sticks ( i mean snsd ) XD

  7. you call that chubby? I say she looks prettier now ^_^

  8. her hair grow so fast~~~~~~~

  9. Regardless. I still find her pretty. 🙂

    ShinHye fighting! Waiting for your drama comeback. 🙂

  10. i think she looks really cute, and she reminds me of a japanese actress here but i forgot her name, the one from Last Friends

  11. I really didn’t see the resemblance before but because of YB I started to see it… now it’s just so uncanny! I hope they’ll be able to work together in a drama or maybe even a movie sometime.

  12. So sweet ,, She is pretty the Eunhye ^____*
    thanls >>

  13. she really resembles YEH…

    they’re like twins… separated at birth.. ^^

  14. gaww psh so purtyyy<3333

  15. She’s pretttty!

  16. Someone is just enjoying her vacation….people need to cut her some slack, once she decided her future project, she’ll get in shape~

    We’re all allowed to jump off the wagon sometime =)

    I wonder if it’s for a role though….now THAT would be interesting!

  17. She’s so cuuuute~ :3

  18. wuih….love her

  19. she is chubbier but not fat. her arms definitely got chubbier but it shouldn’t be such a big deal. she’ll lose it in a week or so.

  20. She looks so pretty! Don’t really care if she grew a bit chubby.

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  22. i like her better like this pink looks great on her

  23. Shinhye is adorable. She looks lovely with long hair~~ ^^

    I don’t like her dress so much tho.

  24. i still think she is really pretty, esp w/ long hair

  25. I kinda look like that. There’s nothing to be a shame of. She’s cute!

  26. she does not look chubby at all o__O she look prettier ^^

  27. she’s still pretty though >.<

  28. lol, my body is like her. But, my friends told me that i am fat! T_T . that’s why im doing diet right now 😦

    • Your friends are jerks. Diet because YOU want to, not because your friends tell you to. If you look like her, than you’re definitely NOT fat.

      • @Insomnia is right if it’s just like her, unless your unhealthy obbesse, than your friends have to tell you to go on a diet. because friends suppose to be supporting…

  29. I bet she is no bigger than a size 2/3 and they are calling her “chubby”. What dose this say about society?


  31. chubby, and her dress makes her look fater. but it’s my own opinion^^

  32. mm i’d pay to be a little chubby. I tired of this asian being skinny thing.

  33. “chubby”? oh well~ i think she looks really really pretty like that. in my opinion her body is perfect:) and at first i thought it was yoon eunhye haha

  34. She is so pretty and looks so lovely in pink.

  35. the sad thing in other countries (include my country)
    consider her as thin
    I don’t get it why people call her chubby

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