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f(x) NU ABO abs dance – Krystal fans like it while Sulli fans are against it

f(x) youngest member Krystal talks about an episode regarding the popular abs dance the group included in their latest hit ‘NU ABO’.

f(x) was on MBC Golden Fishery on 16th June when Krystal talked about the highlight of the performance which is the abs dance, “I thought that a dance step showing our abs would garner interests.”

MC Shin JungHwan then said, “There are critics that the dance step was too wild.” Krystal commented, “In the choreography, we have to lift our shirts. So the degree of exposure depends on the clothes we are wearing for the performance.” Sulli then added, “My fans told me to just pretend to do it and not do it for real.”

And Shin JungHwa asked, “How about Krsytal’s fans?” Krystal answered, “My fans like it.”

S: SeoulNTN


33 Responses

  1. haha of course Krystal likes it xD when u watch the performances shes the one hiking her shirt up the most xDD well she does have the abs to show it anyways ^^

  2. I hate Krystal!! Shes look so arrogant and just look at the first pic her face look so bored!! Daaaa she always like that. Peace just say the truth

  3. i don’t want to sound pervert cuz i’m a girl.
    but i think the shirt lifting is actually sexy especially krystal.

  4. I think the “shirt lifting” move is kinda cool, but Krystal lifted it too high. I don’t know if it’s intentional or not, well i hope not.

  5. woah, the 2nd picture is a really bad cap of krystal…

  6. I can see why…
    Krystal is a total jailbait… sexy one at that… No wonder kimHyunjoong is attracted to her.

    i feel sorry for her parents coz that means they have 2 daughters to watch over more carefully for many perverted guys r probably ready to devour them….lol

    • ahaha; that made me laugh so much. but true, true. The Jung Sisters are really really pretty.

  7. The dance move is cool but sometimes they lift their shirts too high to expose their bra especially Krystal. I don’t know if it’s intentional or not.

  8. Seeeeeeeeeeeee krystals face in that screen shot. She looks bored again

  9. LOL. I think Victoria should be the only one lifting her shirt. She’s the only adult there anyways.

    • well all of them lift their shirts hehe
      Watch their performance again ^^

      • stupid. you dont understand what the comment is. read again. you are like your idol. stupid

      • taegoo shut up!
        The only idiot person is you that always bash other idols that are not SNSD. Your childish comments make SNSD look very bad.

      • @taengo
        you are a stupid yourself. you don’t understand anything. read this: you are the idiot you are. stupid you.

      • EllieS2 shut up!!! you’re so annoying.. eww

      • @donghaeLover,
        If i’m annoying, don’t read my comments.

      • ^ not one wants to read your freakin comments of course. but you’re everywhere when it comes to someone who’s bashing sm artists or your lovely saint jay. writing a whole paragraph… urgh….

      • EllieS2, taengo is a retard who DOES “bash other idols that are not SNSD” but SNSD doesn’t look bad because of this trolling loser.

        SNSD or any artist do NOT appreciate “fans” who claim to love them but continue to bash other artists, treating them like dirt, like garbage.

        Besides, taengo can’t even spell Taeyeon’s nickname correctly, its taengoo. =__________=

        So please, people bash taengo as an idiot but not the SNSD fandom or its fans, us real, legit, true S<3NES/SONES.

  10. are your fans creepy ajusshi’s? i think lifting it a little is okay, not to the extent where your whole right boob is exposed, granted there’s a bra over it. but calm it downn.

  11. Krsytal look a lot older than Sulli.

  12. i thought it was strange and would prefer if they didn’t do it. LOL. how strange, my favorite out of f(x) is Sulli too LOL

  13. i like it too

  14. F(x) fighting <333 !!!

  15. I like it too 😉

    • honestly.. I love it >o< they're so pretty and cool.
      I'm girl but I think F(x) girls are sexy ^-^

  16. يبطلونها احسن ,

  17. lmao

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