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Before returning to Korea, Jay Park: “I will try to the best of my ability to represent Korea well”

Returning as an actor, Jay Park’s latest message to everyone, “I am proud to be Korean. I love Korea.”

Jay Park tweeted the link to his official hompeage (http://www.jaypark.com) on 18th June. In the homepage, he posted up a post describing his feelings about returning to Korea.

In his post, he wrote, “I was once young and naive and said some things that got blown out of context but would like to add that I am proud to be Korean, I love Korea, my parents are Korean, and where ever I go, whatever I do, I will try to the best of my ability to represent Korea well.”

Jay Park left 2PM and Korea after a MySpace controvery grew out of proportion last September.

He will be returning to Korea after 9 months for the filming of his movie Hype Nation on 18th June at 5.50PM KST.

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67 Responses

  1. What the f*** is wrong with some people? come on give jay a break…jeezzz is that so much to ask? i know it’s a free world but keep your opinion to yourself. Got some negative things to say about him, walk up to him and say it in his face… cause all you haters do is bark and no action !!!! hell why am i wasting my time here… with these anti fuckers talking about marketing strategy… like they know shit !!! these haters are not well breast fed …

  2. just how many times does he have to apologize? enough already and just move on. saint or not we wouldn’t know unless we actually know him personally. but at least this guy is owning up to his mistake. he’s apologized for the umpteenth time. aren’t you sick of it already? he deserves to move on, so do you haters. dare you say you would go back to a country where thousands of ppl once despised you so much, then by all means, bark all you want. otherwise, shut the hell up.

  3. […] Returning as an actor, Jay Park's latest message to everyone, "I am proud to be Korean. I love Korea." Jay Park tweeted the link to his official hompeage (http://www.jaypark.com) on 18th June. In the homepage, he posted up a post describing his feelings about returning to Korea. In his post, he wrote, "I was once young and naive and said some things that got blown out of context but would like to add that I am proud to be Korean, I love Korea, my … Read More […]

  4. @taengo, maligurl, TaeckBeast, woonie, EllieS2: Ok! Explain your negative points and why Jay should stay in America.


    GO TO THE HELL ( taengo + TaeckBeast ……… ETC )



  6. (^vv^)V JAY FOREVER!

  7. why people have to bring back past. now, its time to move on.=_=” jay, ignore those haters ! x) be strong. u choice to be idol, so dont stop because of da anti comments.. x) no matter what. u is our special jay and u still got ur jayeffects. fighting ! Go go go !!! xp

  8. Oh God, just move on and forget the past, people. He’s apologized for what he’d done, what else do you want?

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  10. BUt he’s not really Korean, he’s American.

    • I think like you he born in the United States, but already it knows like they are the Koreans in these things, remember Brian’s scandal

    • He’s Korean when it’s convenient. I think he has proved that already.

      Still he is neither here nor there and I am so tired of people making him out to be a savior. He fell twice already – third time has to be a charm.

    • Stfu Korean by ethnicity and American by nationaIity so yeah you got pawned

  11. Of course, he’ll speak only one day before coming back to korea, huh? You have plenty of times to say something. Why u can only speak something now?
    Fans will go again” Jay is the saint bla bla bla”.
    While others are suffering because of him but he’s now like a korean hero or something which in fact he’s NOT!
    I just don’t understand this guy and his fans. Don’t you very success in US so why coming back to the country you called GAY again?????!!!

    • I’m not a fan of his or anything, so I’ll never call him a saint,but I thought I should mention it to you, that even he himself said that he what he said was said because of his situation. Imagine being by yourself in a country were you don’t even know the language and have to work and train a lot, without getting a chance to see your own family. And just like any other human being, he let his emotions get the better of him and thus the reason why he wrote that message, even though I think he should have written it somewhere else (rather stupid mistake in my opinion). But guess what? Humans make mistakes all the time, the only difference here is that he apologized for his comment, and is moving on with his life. Why can’t you?

      • Same as khun, victoria and many more which are foreigners living in other country.
        Actually I don’t really have anything with him but I annoy his fans that tries to put him as a saint of this world.
        He made a mistake and he was sorry…good for him but it should be that way anyway. Imagine if he said I’m not sorry for it, Korea is really a GAY! what’ll be the consequence.
        The thing is he’s just one of a normal guy out there who can do both right and wrong but it didn’t seem to be that way in his fans eyes.When he’s wrong, they said he’s just a normal person or some people blamed him for something he didn’t do. When he did something good, look how good he is. He’s the best man out there,oh pleaseeeeeeee….

      • I agree too 😀 Well said !! People make mistakes-but we learn from them.

    • He spoke up long time ago! All the things he wrote on this letter he already wrote back in 2009 and the beggining of 2010.

      Nobody said he’s a saint, but he’s indeed an inspiring person. Why? Because after the things he’s been through he could have given up, but he didn’t. He’s moved on and he’s overcoming the sad things that happened to him.

      I bet when you were young and immature you probably said something you didn’t mean to when you were sad, angry, upset or frustrated about something. ex.: When a child is frustrated and says he hates his mother, does he really mean what he says? Of course not. Does his mother kicks him out of house? Of course not.

      Korea is the country that his parents and many of his friends are from, so he has the right to go there.

  12. Sorry but jay is one of the best male idol out there…
    He was the most popular member of 2PM but popularity never got into his head. He was never an attention-seeker.
    U can tell by watching Hot Blood n other shows.
    In hot blood he barely had any air time yet was voted the most by audience… Why? bcoz he has the talent and charisma.
    In later variety shows like Idol Army, he never acted like a camera-hogger… It was always Boom who paid more attention to him. Why? bcoz he has a pleasant personality.
    U can tell by numbers of k-celebs who supported him when he left. Even the brainy Kim Jaedong stood up for him.
    Moreover, after watching the sang sang plus with GOD…
    i totally saw him in a better light.
    G.O.D members kept bragging about their love lives as idols, but Jay didn’t bother to brag about her past gf. That kind of guy is just rare. He kept his privacy to himself.
    He was so determined to succeed for his family thus told G.O.D that he’s not interested in dating yet. I hv much respect for this kind of guy just like Taeyang… they don’t abuse their fame to flirt…

    • This!

      couldn’t have said it better myself. Jay is truly one of a kind….ppl love him cos his shy and quit and not a attention seeker or a camera whore.

      and it’s so true abt him and Taeyang.their are alike in so many ways, i think they could have good friends if they got so knew each other since they have so much in common.

    • Agreed! There isn’t a guy like Jay out there. ^_^
      That’s why so many people were hurt by his leaving.

  13. Humans do make mistakes at some point of time but most importantly, they learnt a valuable lesson from it. Let’s give jaebum one more chance. Welcome back jaebum!!

  14. wow some of you guys are so pessimistic. jay’s situation marked a turning point in k-pop history and how people react towards netizens. the fact that he took the time out to write this is great. yeah it maybe because of his movie but without his movie, he wouldn’t be able to clear the air. whatever he did is in the past. whatever happened is in the past. how many times does he have to apologize for being young and naive? most of you people who talk shit should go look back on your teenage years (if you have passed them, if not then stfu because you have no idea what’s it like to be an adult yet) and see what stupid ass things you all have done or will do. i am his fan because of how funny and how talented he is from what was shown during his time in 2pm.

    he has even given credit for his current success in his comeback to his fans.

    • word. most people who hate on jay don’t even know his background and continue making the same ignorant, misinformed comments. w/e, jay is bigger then them. not really a jay fan, but he’s beyond admirable.

      • Jay is a very inspiring person because after all he’s been through, instead of playing the ‘pity’ card and giving up, he held his head up, stayed strong and didn’t give up of his dreams. Like he said, he tries to make every negative situation into a positive situation. This is very inspiring.

        There will always be haters around, but they got nothing on you, Jay and the power of love that your fans have for you! 😉

  15. No matter what he does people are still not please.Move on.Like he said LOVE AND PEACE.

  16. who cares if this is a marking strategy it’s not like other companies don’t this. anyway i believe that jay actually means what he saying. he wrote something similar on his TY account ages go.

    all the ppl who hate on 2pm cos of jay can now STFU!.. cos the dude himself said that he felt bad abt what happened to them and that his still loves them. so haters have no reason to hate no more….but probable still will.

    2PM are doing their own thing and so is jay. so lets stop all the lame fan wars and live in kpop harmony! hahaha

  17. Okay, first of all, like Jay said, he was young and naive. When you are in a foreign country all by yourself for a long, long time, you would get home sick. Second of all, Jay left because, all the krns were bashing him. How would you feel if thousands of people were pointing fingers at you? I would’ve wanted to go home asap. After he left, the krns finally realized, what they just let go of. And now after 9 months, Jay has moved on and is a better person. It’s the krns that regret the fact that they caused him to leave.

  18. Stop hating Jay, we can continue forward without hatred nor resentment?

    I love Jay wish everything better him, but I believe that it is time that JYP also apologizes for this senseless communiqué, which made grow hatred towards, only this way it will be possible continue forward

    • Jay is always the one appologizing, but he’s the one that most desearve appology. I wish JYPE appologized to him, because Jay was still very young when he went to Korea, but JYPE didn’t help him adapt to the country and when things happened to Jay, instead of protecting Jay, they pushed him away and gave him more burden and stress (by spending 4 hours with PM in a press conference bashing him and adding a ‘personal social life mistake’ on his backs which was something that could ruin Jay’s chances of signing with another company and which could have given more pain for Jay and his family).
      Look how YG ent handled well the controversies of his artists and how well they protected his artists. And as much as I think SM ent is only of most blood sucking companies in Korea, they do their best to make their trainees and artists adapt to Korea (didn’t Tiffany when she went to Korea, lived with another USA born, Isak, for a while? this probably helped her adapt to Korea)

      • So certain. It could not have said it better
        Jay is a great person, always I have thought that had to be in the YG, and assure them that this scandal should not come so far away the JYP sucks

      • JYP is great to let him go
        Look what happened to him.
        he has chance to act & sing solo trough his controversy

    • Despite him “seeming” as the only victim even though the other 2PM members are victims too, he may still feel guilt but I do agree that JYPE should defend their artists better instead of letting them stand alone.

  19. T_T how beautiful.

    I’m glad Jay is doing this. it takes real courage to keep on going with life and go back to a country that once hated you for words that could misinterpreted. I for one, couldn’t try to revive my career if i was in his boots.

    “Life is too short to be angry, and there are too many negative things in the world happening and to add to all that negativity is something I don’t want.”

    no kidding, eh? lets all just be happy and post nicely for once.. ya? 😀

    • I agree with you. Lets just be happy for once. Lets just let the pass be the pass. He’s been through a lot too himself. He just wants peace and no more bashing on 2PM or him. FIGHT JAY!!!!! J WALKERS ARE ALWAYS HERE FOR YOU!

  20. Let the negative commenting and fan fights begin!

    C’mon guys, let’s see how angry we can get.

    Please enter your angry comment of the day below:

  21. ah my oppa is very wise~!
    Noone perfect that never did a mistake, but you’re still so cool that you try your best to show all that you’re a good Korean.
    Jay oppa jjang!! ^^b

  22. hmmm,sound like marketing noise to me
    because he should say this long time ago way back when the controversy started
    in 10 -15 years time the truth will be revealed and at that time
    many fans who were once believed him/2pm will feel like a fool for trusting him/2pm

    • Before you start judging him, please do some research.

      Jaebeom’s letter is not marketing noise, if you made some research you’d knew that. Jaebeom is replying to people that requested an answer from him. Since it was announced he would go back to Korea to film, ‘Hype Nation’, there were many antis and journalists making articles requesting him to ‘reveal his personal mistake and blabla’. Jay is just replying to them.

      And he DID say all those things looooong time ago even before he decided to make a comeback on entertainment industry! Right before he left Korea, las year, he posted 2-3 appologies where he explained about his comments, explained why he wrote those things, about his life as traine and appologized to all koreans, to his fans and to 2PM. Besides that, when he posted his first youtube video, he wrote on the ‘about me’ of his youtube profile supporting 2PM and once again appologizing.

      You’re probably not a Jaebeom or a PM fan because if you were, you wouldn’t be surprised with the content of this letter, because many of the things he said on this letter, he already said in the later half of 2009 and beggining of 2010, on a time he still didn’t knew his future in ent industry.

    • PS: If Jay really did make a mistake, It’s pretty obvious that the ‘mistake’ is not as big as JYPE&PM made it seem. Jay says he is ‘clear with God’, we trust him (even JYP said that Jay is not the type who lies). And Jay’s fans won’t feel like a fool because we don’t give a damn about his ‘mistake’.

      (Good job JYPE, you were very sucessful in taging the ‘personal mistake’ on Jay, now whatever Jay does, he’ll always have people talking about it and talking about ‘truth’, etc and doubting Ja. :-/ )

  23. proud to be korean? you hate korea and koreans are gay right? marketing strategy. geez

    • oh my..please, shut up. your constant trolling is annoying. grow up.

      Jay is moving on with life and he’s clearing the air. who cares if its a marketing strategy? I believe in his words, and i’m glad he posted this before he started a new chapter in his life. i’m not really a jay fan, but i admire him for what he’s doing. can’t we look at the great things he’s doing rather then bring up past mistakes?

      why are ya’ll so bloody rude? if you love k-pop, love everything about it, and not just stan one thing and bash everything else.

      • why r u so affected? is saying opinion not allowed? thats what i think. he could have spoken months ago but he only did now that he has movie.

        stan one thing? oh no. i love taeyeon, snsd, suju, shinee, tvxq, boa, f(x). i love sm family.

      • you love SM but troll on artist form other companys rite? why is that cos u feel inferior?!?

        u just exposed urself for the troll u are….get a life. why read something thats CLEARLY not a SM article.

      • @taengo, maligurl, TaeckBeast, woonie, EllieS2: Explain your negative points and why Jay should stay in America.

      • NyNy…what u on abt what negative comment did i make? other than the one to taengo the hater.

      • @maligurl: I apologize but I would still want taengo and EllieS2’s comments.

      • I agree with you karate Kid. This guy will always remember what he did. But he trying to move on. Why are some of you taking it soooo personally. He said a comment when he was alone for the first time in a new place. Remember he grew up in the states. Sheesh my brother constantly calls things gay. He is even telling people not to give 2pm a hard time. He not trying to say he is perfect like some of the comments are saying here. He simply wants to put a chapter behind him. Who doesn’t? Everyone makes mistakes, but some don’t constantly remind themselves of it … no they move on. So what is the problem with letting Jay move on?

    • Taengo is an idiot! She/he is always bashing all artists/groups that are not SNSD. You’re making SNSD look VERY bad, you know?

      • EllieS2: you’re an idiot too.. you are always bashing other groups in diferent topics..

        EllieS2 = Hypocrite

    • KOREA IS GAY, right Jay?????

      • Yes, KOREA IS GAY.

      • obviously your one of those netizens that blew that out that whole comment. This whole thing ended long time ago. But it people like you who are still dragging it on.

    • “I am proud to be Korean, I love Korea, ” WTF

      I used to love him, now I think he’s doing all this just for marketing and clean his name. ughh

      • Totally agree with you. Jay should stay in america.

      • I love 2pm but for me Jay is an attention seeker and a camera whore.

      • Fake Impersonator (probably taengo, right?)
        It’s ridiculous and childish that you’re impersonating me.
        I guess I have celeb status now because I even have haters impersonating me.

        Jay, good luck on Korea! We’re all supporting you! No matter how many stupid haters are there, they’ll never bring you down. Your fans will always support you and be by your side in Korea or America or any other place you decide to go to.

      • @ellies2

        what the fucK? why the hell would i impersonate u. feeling

      • @woonie: I couldnt agree more.
        for some people he’s a hero and a savior, WTF.
        he’s talented and all but he is not a saint.

        and I thought cassies were the only ones who belives their idols are Gods (literally)

      • well if he didn’t say anything then people would be like “oh he didn’t deny he thought korea was gay”. Dude he is in the music industry. If you wanna make it big you have to market yourself or else people wont notice you. I mean JYP used it to promote 2pm’s album why can’t jay. Obviously you weren’t really a Jay fan if you hate him cause he is trying to clear his name. So you would prefer it that he not say anything at all? BTW when this whole thing started he was constantly apologizing at concerts but ppl would boo him.

    • learn to shut up when people finally voice out ok?

    • u r really annoying..who doesn’t forgot bout da past..u sure u r really angelic enough huh?????????make me pissed off…wth

      • of course no one forgets the past but what is wrong with moving on. Do you not make mistakes. Mistakes are made and once they are made all you can do is try to move on. He trying to fix some mistakes and move on. What’s the problem with that?

    • all ppl in the music industry use marketing strategy… even your precious SNSD. What wrong with the man letting him do his thing?

    • OMG!!!! This man is moving on with his life if you supported him before, why stop supporting him? He said that when he was young and stupid (no offense Jay Park). People make mistakes and say the wrong things. You would want people to forgive you when you did something wrong wouldn’t you. I’m 15 years old going on 16 in September and trust me I had to learn about life the hard way and at a very young age. Also, I’m still currently learning more about it. Just like Jay Park and he might of said some things that shouldn’t have been said, but yes he did say them. So what, move on with your life and forget about his past. If you constantly are stuck on somebody’s past, then you must obviously have an issue. I don’t consider this arguing, but maybe contridicting. I am a young African American female who is various generous and kind. Also, I think the world or some people are just “HARD HEADED” But if I like something I’m going to love it until the day my body and soul is completely destroyed. So I am a MEGA FAN of Jay Park. I will always and continue to love him. So, I understand what some people are feeling, but get over it, HE APOLOGIZED ALREADY THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF TIMES! So, finishing this up (screaming fan girl time). I LOVE YOU ♥JAY PARK♥!

      Forever Loved,


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