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Kim JinHo, “Jaebum ah, never let go of the earnestness you’ve once again found”

SG Wannabe Kim JinHo’s encouraging message to Jay Park revealed.

Kim JinHo wrote on his Twitter on 17th June, “Another growing pain. The earnestness that you have once again got hold off, don’t let it go and show it to us.” The message was posted a day before Jay is set to return to Korea for the filming of his upcoming Hollywood movie ‘Hype Nation’.

Jay Park also replied to JinHo’s tweet, “Hyung, thank you. JinHo hyung jjang”. Jay will return to Korea 9 months after he had left group 2PM and Korea. His flight is set to land in Korea at 5.5opm KST on the 18th. Jay will be flying back with team A.O.M.

Meanwhile, the movie ‘Hype Nation’ is a 3D dance movie, and will also feature member T-ae of upcoming girlgroup RaNia.

S: Newsen


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  2. Kim JinHo is a respected singer in Korea. be proud that Jay got his support.
    Prove to ya’ll haters, jay is loved!!!!!!
    I bet thos people who sent him away regretted their actions, realizing that they have lost one of the most talented male idol. The full-package…. Dancing, bboying, singing, rapping, good in variety, witty, huge respect for fans, cute smile, hot bod! Now tell me a name of other male idol who possess the full-package he has….

  3. KPop Brotherly Love~~~Simply GREAT!

  4. ^ you guys never heard of google? okay, you never heard of kim jinho but by asking “who is this guy” not only sound rude but youre making yourself look like a fool.

    • it doesn’t sound rude but like a genuine question. whats so absurd about asking abt a korean artist on a kpop blog?

      your the one bein rude calling ppl fools. chill out…it’s not that serious.

      • okay another that needs reading comprehension.

      • ain’t nuttin wrong with what MG or…, said….

        i agree with maligurl someone who asks a question abt a kpop artist on a kpop blog is foolish?…u need to calm urself mate…and stop with unnecessary rudeness.

    • There’s nothing wrong with asking who Kim Jinho is, come on! ¬_¬

  5. that is amazing
    but sorry , who is this guy (Kim JinHo)????
    but in fact , i am glad because ther some one from korea artist support Jay

    Jay hwaiting

    Jay jjang

  6. i love kim jin ho<3 an AMAZING if not the best singer in all of kpop!
    aaanyways….im glad he is supporting jay! ^^ kim jinho hwaiting! jay park hwaiting! :]

  7. Kim JinHo????

  8. aw 🙂

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