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ShinDong-Lee Teuk’s ‘kiss scene’ photo gets fans jealous

Super Junior reveals a photo of a ‘kiss scene’ with team leader Lee Teuk.

ShinDong posted on his Twitter on 17th June a photo and wrote, “This is good.. Really wild…Title: Sleeping Beauty Lee Teuk. OST: ‘Should I or should I not’.”

In the photo revealed, ShinDong was seen with his lips very close to Lee Teuk’s and Lee Teuk was seen fast asleep. Fans’ responses are, “Shindong please stop”, “No, ShinDong, just not the lips”, “Lee Teuk wake up, it’s getting dangerous” etc.


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  2. that’s a bad skin for an idol..i hope he could get treatment for it.

  3. lol I find it bothering but at the same time funny. Poor Lee Teuk! ha ha ha XD

  4. Eeteuk-oppa looks…so pretty~
    Can’t blame Shindong-oppa lol.

  5. BEAUTY AND THE BEAST rehearsal! Which is WITCH?

  6. lmao! Shindong what will your girlfriend think?!

    Although, If I was his girlfriend I wouldn’t be angry cause I’d want to kiss him too XD

  7. Ewwww shingdong is so gross..in so many ways!

  8. WHOA O_o
    Did not recognize shindong without his shave.
    Leeteuk wake up xD Lol

  9. Well, Leeteuk looks really kissable X.X

    so i can’t blame Shindong lmao

  10. this is worse than a bucket of water LOL XD

  11. oo, Kangin will not like this(joking) but seriously someone needs save Leeteuk

  12. lmao xD
    silly silly shindong
    wake up oppa! he’s gonna attack your lips xD
    i should be doing that instead of shindong xDD

  13. wow shindong skin is really bad its getting pg13 in that house

  14. ” lee teuk wake up, it’s getting dangerous”…..LMAO!…shindong lips disturbs me! : /

  15. so S.Koreas ok with that gay stuff?

    • Suju is always doing this gay things.
      and Elfs love it.

      • lol so I guess Im the only elf who dont like the gay things that super junior do I cant believe that some elf like the gay things that super junior do

      • Some ELF like it, but I don’t. I for one am not surprised when they do things like this. Being a Suju fan for a long time, pretty much immune to it by now lol.

    • so a star shows one picture of a “kiss scene” and all of a sudden you assume korea is “ok with that gay stuff”?

      way to blow things out of proportion(:

  16. 0.0 this is so……

  17. wow shingdong has acne?

    • Most male idol have bad skin like daesung and taeyang… Make up doesn’t only help girls! lol

    • lay off the greasy food shindong

      • shindong is suchs a fat guy.

      • He may be fat, but he’s got one cute fiance.

        You’ll be surprised that many idols, male and female, have acne. Like the person above mentioned Daesung and Taeyang, and I’ve seen Sunny from snsd have it too.

      • no she doesn’t

      • @errr

        actually, she does but its very minor

        its more like couple pimples due to her age, lack of sleep, stress, and makeup. its hard when you only get 5-6 hours of sleep regularly

      • They have more like, 4 hours of sleep a night or less and take naps whenever they can.

        Although I can pull off 4-5 hours a night, its not that hard.
        So probably these idols are used to sleeping so little by this point………..

    • i believe shindong is over the age for acne-prone people.

      i think its just scars from past acne plus the effect of shadow. it can also be that he messed up shaving lol

      • there’s no age for acne. I’m 21 and i get it when extremely stressed (eg exam time). and the rest of the year my skin is completely clear. i also get it when i have no routine and little sleep = something all singers have. cn blue’s yonghwa is even on acne meds at the mo (they said it on wgm). and loads of korean stars – even hollywood stars get it. they just usually have thick bb cream and foundation on.

  18. aww how cute shindong oppa! im jealous hihih eeteuk oppa wake up!!!!!!!!!

  19. Whoa. Lmao. X3

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