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SS501 won their 2nd #1 on KBS Music Bank on 18th June!

Group SS501 won their 2nd #1 with their comeback hit ‘Love Ya’ on KBS Music Bank on 18th June. However the group did not appear on the show for a performance that day.

Also go under the cut for the rest of the performance cuts.


42 Responses

  1. Hey Sookyeong, I think another one of those ‘posts’ about commenting is in order… Too much hostility and impersonating going on around here.

    • hello again
      I have read your reply
      here is the a review of into the fire from a critic/teacher
      she/he has watched the movie

      hope you will feel a bit ease seeing TOP as an actor
      because he has done an amazing job^___^

  2. Why always a fan war has to begin? It’s so difficult to enjoy the results.

    In these moment all the Tripl S we are worried by the future of SS501, it’s something good that they have win once again

  3. why do we blame dsp all for this?

    ok they don’t have the best promotion team. but they have quite fair contract policies if you compare it with other companies.

    it depends if the group wants to stay together as one and for how long? which company doesn’t matter. dsp gave them an offer, it’s up to them if they accept or decline it.

    • this! i totally agree.

      i don’t get why people are saying “it would be dsp’s loss if they dont continue with ss501”. of course it is their loss! dsp knows that too, and so does ss501, i suppose?

      im guessing the only reason why they are having issues about their contract is because dsp gave them a renewal offer but they’re unhappy with it. but then again we never really know the content of the contract so yea, cant really judge.

      ^ “they don’t have the best promotion team. but they have quite fair contract policies if you compare it with other companies.” agreed. (:

  4. congrats ss501 and fighting on your contracts! Pretty much the best group from DSP entertainment.

    • innit… if SS501 left who will bring in the income to DSP? they’ll be poorer than they already are when you compare it to other korean entertainment companies

  5. why aren’t there other lives like suju or infinite?

  6. yeeee..they won , they truly deserve it.
    SS501 Fighting!!

  7. hell ya

  8. GO! SS501!! d-NA were a lil nervous ..

    • Lol yeah, D-NA were kind of quiet at the beginning, but they got over by the end I think. Just a little more practice and I think they’ll be fine! The song’s actually pretty good, so if they’re able to get over the nerves I reckon it’ll get the performance it deserves.

  9. Congratulations SS501!
    their songs are really good and they always have touching performances.. ^^

    altho Destination promotion ends… our love and support doesnt!

    Triple S! remember what Leader said.. believe! ^^

  10. Congrats SS501; hwaiting!!
    *fingers crossed* they’ll be no.1 again next week in the midst of contract issues.
    DSP’s lost if they don’t do something about the boy’s contracts. No wonder why they were so teary eyed & emotional at a recent fan meeting. As a TS I trust, have faith & believe in the boys no matter what. Just hope things get sorted out for the better~

    • contract issues??? really??

      SS501 forever together.
      DBSK forever together.

      • Yup, a message from DSP:
        SS501’s contract validation period, as all of you should know,has had ended on June 7, 2010. May it be SS501 or may it be us, none of us is certain or clear
        about the future moves, and because of that,
        we’re not able to talk about it officially as of yet,
        but once we have decided, we will let all TripleS know.

      • seriously. why would dsp be that stupid to let them go? they are like the only group they have. unless they are debutting a new boy group again.

  11. ss501 should transfere to another company such as mnet

  12. i hate Dsp ! they are promoting, but dsp cut it. dsp said that ss501 will end their promoting love ya next sunday! dsp sucks. 1000000000000000000000times sucks

    • omg already? :S i didn’t know >.<

    • yes i hate them i was just going to say that they get better
      this time with ss501 and kara but it seems i was wrong about them
      the song is very successful right now i hope they wont stop

  13. I think SS501 didn’t perform because Kim Hyun Joong is at the philippines right now doing a concert with BEAST.

  14. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by imuyachan, —☆Fei and yhunita 유니타, mai彡rss. mai彡rss said: K Bites: SS501 won their 2nd #1 on KBS Music Bank on 18th June! http://bit.ly/aCUGjM […]

  15. SS501 ALAWYS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 CONGRAT SS501 & TS WE’RE VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YA LOVE YA 🙂

  16. Super Junior = #1 😀

    • Totally agree. Suju is the best korean boy group ever.
      Super Junior DAEBAK !

      • You clearly havent seen the Big Bang / DBSK era.

      • Big bang is the best boygroup ever ^^

      • suju = number 1!

      • Um in terms of actual talent both DBSK and Big Bang leave super junior in the dust. I like SuJu and all but with the exception of K.R.Y and probably 1 or 2 other members most of Suju really serve little purpose musically. Frankly I think DBSK and Big Band are equally talented but in different musical styles. I assure you GDragon and TOP can outrap anyone in Suju and Daesung/Junsu can outsing anyone in Suju with the exception of Kyuhyun and Yesung.

        Back to the point though, congrats on the win SS501, I really like Love Ya and hope that they figure out their contract issues.

      • Big Bang*

      • How about we all just leave this to a matter of preference?

      • someone ALWAYS has to start a lame fan war.

        suju and DBSK might be the best group for YOU but not everyone else. so leave out the whole ”best korean boy group ever”….if ur not trying to start a fan war!

        it’s getting tiring reading the same lame arguments over and over agin.

    • BIG BANG >>>>>>>>> dbsk + super junior

      Big bang Rocks, baby !!!

    • What does Super Junior have to do with this post again?

    • super junior sucks

      • all those saying so and so “suck” is a troll

      • totally agree.
        for me Big bang is the BEST K. boy group ever. the boys are talented .. plus .. they are really handsome and hot.

        about suju, they’re just funny (only yesung n the maknae can sing)

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