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Super Junior Choi SiWon casted for drama ‘Athena’, a spin-off production from ‘IRIS’

Super Junior Choi SiWon is known to be casted for upcoming drama ‘Athena: The Goddess Of War’ a spin-off production from large scale action drama ‘IRIS’.

According to an official on 18th June, Choi SiWon has been casted for the drama. He will be taking up the role of Kim JoonHo, a rookie ellite. Earlier speculations for the role casting points to Kim HyunJoong but it seems that the speculations have misfired.

The other stars casted for the drama include Cha SeungWon, Jung WooSeong, SooAe and Lee JiaH, and the first filming was known to have started recently. The shootng will take place in 6 countries including Europe and Japan.

The drama is set to air later this year.

S: MTStarNews

64 Responses

  1. cant wait to watch it!!

  2. I LOVE Siwon acting 🙂
    The only thing I’m worried about is that its a spin off from IRIS.
    That was a good drama but to have a spin off :/
    How is the story line going to be ? The same ? Or just off topic ?
    I’m not screwing Siwons acting cos i love him and he can act. Its just that is the story line good enough to show his potential in acting ?

  3. isnt this drama is the one that the production team said will feature one of SNSD members?

  4. I dont hate siwon or anything but I was really looking forward to ‘Athena’ after hearing the great actors & actresses that would be in it!
    I’m not fond of idols turn into actors, especially if they participate in such a high scale drama. I don’t know if he is a good actor or not but im pretty sure he is not up to the level of the actors already selected for this drama.

    Sometimes I wish diredtors would just leave it up to the ones with the most experience.
    then again idols that are in the acting career need these big chances to attract a bigger crowd and show off their skills more. even yoona (who is not a good actress in my mind at all) will be participating on this.

    I know how this may sound but im really not bashing, its just that I like big dramas like this with big stars in them not idols.

    Well I’ll wait to see siwon’s acting before commenting on it, and maybe yoona will have improved.

    • Yoona is gonna be in this ? :/
      I don’t hate her … Just worried what how she can act in her role as this is quite a different image she would have in the Idol part of her life..

  5. He has a really nice chest, eh?

    Gotta love a man that can put together an outfit, and look strong and intelligent too.

    I remember my first boyfriend… he really helped me understand what it meant to be in love…

    Kind of like how I feel looking at his abs!!!

  6. In the words of dramabeans, “KHJ took one of the easiest roles in K-drama history and butchered it.”

    and in a recent quote regarding this casting, “Compared to who was previously rumored to be taking this role, Choi Siwon is a huge step up.”

    Seriously, whoever said HyunJonng would do better in this role should get a slap in the face.

  7. OMG..Siwon oppa’s 6 packs r banging..I think he’s gt a hotter body den Rain.. Aniwae,i hope de filming of de drama wil run smoothly n may it b 1 of de highest rated drama eva..I think itz possible 4 it 2 b a highly rated drama if siwon oppa take off his shirt more during his scenes.. (Just kiddin =p)

  8. that mean he will be super busy wish him best of luck

  9. lol,i think hyunjoong here is Kim HyunJoong from ‘Goong’ acted as Prince Yul. If it was him, i totally adore his act! But If it was about HyunJoong from BBF, well his act not really good back then.
    And for Siwon, just wanna say good luck for ‘Athena’

  10. WHO cares about SiWon’s acting ability when his face, body and abs are SO YUMMY?????

  11. To all the people saying HyunJonng or TOP is better, seriously? wow I’m amazed at your retardiness.

    • Lol I agree. As much as I love TOP… his acting… not so much. I don’t understand what the hell people are going on about Siwon being mediocre at best. Wtf we must be watching two different actors!

      • Top acting in IRIS was not that good but it’s not bad either,i admit that but he has improved so much in Into the fire film and he gets good compliment from one of the professor there
        I watched it at Standford screening
        Siwon is a good actor too,i love watching him in 19 vs29??
        can’t remember the title because i watched the drama a long time ago

      • Dw, don’t get me wrong, I don’t absolutely hate TOP’s acting, but in comparison to Siwon I have to say Siwon trumps all. Ah really? Yeah I wasn’t really going to watch Into The Fire because… I usually stray away from bad acting, and I love TOP as a rapper so I didn’t want any acting performances to ruin that image for me. Lame, I know lol. But, I’ll take your word for it. I’ll check it out sometime.

        I think it’s 18 vs 29?? Not sure either.

  12. helllsssss yesssss siwon is a great addition

  13. Wow, and there’s even rumors afloat about that Extravagant Challenge with Donghae and Ariel Lin.

    I have yet to enjoy watching a character he portrayed but he’s not an idol doing a Jihoo either so I still think this role would fit him to a T.

  14. I’m confident that Siwon will do great in this role. This is an action drama and Siwon has played an action role before. Go watch him in the movie “Battle Of Wits” with Andy Lau.

    Even though I’m a Suju fan, I still haven’t seen most of the member’s dramas. Though I did watch “Oh My Lady” and I gotta say Siwon did a great job in portraying a rude, selfish, stuck up man – made me angry at him at times XD

    Anyways, Siwon fighting!!!<33333

    • You should watch some of Heechul’s dramas! Heechul is pretty good actor. I loved ‘Bad Family’, it’s one of the bet korean dramas because it has a very unique story. I recommend you to watch ‘Bad Family’ 😉

  15. aigoo, Siwon in Athena seriously?
    His acting is not so good, please not only see his body he is a sexy but good actor is not

    • i dun know what i say. suck dick siwon’s i want to

      • Why you make yourself happen for my? You are so pathetic
        Also I have an imitator
        I adore Siwon but I believe that still he is not a so good actor as to act in this type of drama

    • I couldnt agree more.
      it’s sad but totally true.

      • yeah, Siwon sucks dicks

      • and all of you trolls should go “suck” each other somewhere else.

      • Fake impersonator, go get a life! Don’t you have better things to do than impersonate a person you don’t even know?

        Impersonating celebs is ridiculous, but at least understandable, but impersonating a complete unkown who is not a celeb is even more ridiculous. LOL

        I guess I should join an ent company because I’m so popular that I even have my own impersonator LOL.

        The real EllieS2 loves Siwon! He’s my fav Super Junior member.

  16. saranghae oppa…
    i’m waiting for you…>_0

  17. Damn, I can eat off those abs!

    I enjoyed him a lot in Oh! My Lady, but a spin-off of an action movie doesn’t seem to fit him, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

  18. dont like Siwon to be on this drama…I just dont feel him sorry

  19. I like Siwon :), but I wanted to see Hyun Joong oppa to act in the drama 😦

    • what?! sorry but HyunJoong sucks as an actor.
      the only idol who can act is TOP.

      • It has TOP reason is the only idol that can act, but Siwon for this type of drama? I believe that he lacks little mas of experience, it is my opinion and Hyun Joong had not been bad.

      • Siwon with little experience? He’s been the lead in many dramas already, so wtf.

    • I actually lost hope for HyunJoong with that Jihoo sunbae role. He sucked that bad. I don’t hate the guy as a person but Rui was one of favorites in the HYD franchise and he ruined it.

      • In my opinion the worst acting in BBF was that of Goo Hye Sun the worst Makino of all the versions.
        KHJ did not do it so badly, but I agree Siwon please is not a so good actor this one that burns but not acting this well it is true

      • ^true, hye sun’s acting wasn’t commendable there as well — comparing it to her past dramas and to the past makinos too. but that Jihoo character just…failed. I guess it wasn’t HyunJoong’s fault but Oguri Shun did so well in HYD, considering that he doesn’t have total flower-boy looks the Korean f4 had. LOL oh well, to sum it up BoF was the worst imho, so.

      • Most of BBF casts’ acting sucks, so yeah.

      • Totally agree. KHJ as an actor is… really bad. I’m sure he could improve, but far out, I couldn’t believe they still put him on screen in BoF. It was terrible.

        No offence, but ‘acting’ involves more than just widening your eyes and creasing your eyebrows everynow and then. I know that JiHoo was supposed to be a mysterious and shy character, but look at Oguri and Vic Zhao! I’m not actually a fan of the Rui character, but man, at least there were actors that could play the role WELL.

        If KHJ ends up doing It Started With A Kiss, heads are going to roll. Ji Shu will NOT be ruined. I refuse to let that character be slaughtered by bad acting.

        …and sorry for the unrelated ramble.

      • I don’t believe that KJH acting in ISWAK, and agree HYD was much better than BBF, GHS terrible actress the F4 worse, nobody will be able to overcome Oguri Shun and Matsumoto Jun

  20. DAMN…!! That pic…!!!
    Siwon Fighting U can do it..

  21. siwon oppa is a good actor. this drama will be a hit. im excited!

  22. siwon is a good actor so i think he will suit well on this drama too. i’ve watched some of his dramas like 18 vs 29 and oh my lady and it’s great so I support him as an actor more than he’s a singer, lol. anyway, Choi Siwon fighting!

    I AM SO EXCITEDQ!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. That photo… T___T

  25. sigh i’m hoping they won’t casted anyone from suju
    no offense but up til now drama with them in it never really being a hit, they still don’t have this charisma as an actor
    when i look at them on dramas i still see the Idol/singer image

    but nevertheless
    damn shiwon is so hot O_O

    • I actually love Siwon lol… Have you seen Oh My Lady? He’s absolutely fantastic!! He’s a great comedian, but he also has the ability to take more serious undertones as well. I was totally surprised, honestly, I was kind of like you at first, I didn’t want to watch it because it’s like… SuJu you know? And I couldn’t picture anything else except MuCore and performances lol.

      But yeah… I definitely think he has the ability to take on Athena quite well (though I won’t be watching because I’m not particularly into that kind of genre).

    • In Super Junior, Heechul and Siwon are pretty good actors specially when you compare them to other idols.

      You should watch Heechul’s ‘Bad family’ and Siwon’s ‘Legend of hyung dan’. They have a lot of charisma and their acting is fine. I’m sure, your opinion about them will change.

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