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Super Junior KangIn for army enlistment on 5th July

Super Junior KangIn will enlist for army on 5th July.

According to close friends, KangIn is set for his army enlistment coming 5th July in ChoongNam NonSan.

Earlier, KangIn has appeared for Super Junior’s showcase on 23rd MAy and he had teared while talking to fans on his decision to enlist for army. KangIn’s activities have been put on hold since late last year after he got into assault and DUI cases.



15 Responses

  1. Stay safe, oppa. Hope these two years go by fast.

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  3. T__________________T
    gonna miss him.. all the best to him..

  4. Mayb b4 he go 4 enlistment,suju cn haf a celebration of both lee teuk n heechul’s birthdae..I think they shld ask ki bum 2..I think it wil b a sad bt hapi reunion thing..If onli hankyung oppa was stil in korea.. =( Aniwaes,i wish kangin oppa all d bez in de army n cum bck s a more refined guy.. =)

  5. July 5th…awww, he’s gonna miss Heechul’s b-day. Atleast he’ll be around for Leeteuk’s b-day.

    I’ll miss you Kangin<3333

  6. Well he was going to have to go eventually, better to go while your career is already on hold then go when you are at the top of your game. I hope he does some serious reflecting on his transgressions during these next two years. I like KangIn and all but the DUI and assault stuff lowered my opinion of him tremendously especially the DUI since it is really stupid and can result in the loss of a life.

    • He isn’t at the top of his game. If he as at the top, he wouldn’t have DUI and assault cases against him and practically have to go in the military to clean up his image and stay out of jail. he won’t be missed.

      • you clearly didn’t understand what hapacalgirl said when she said that Kangin was at the top of his game.

        he won’t be missed? speak for you.

  7. “KangInโ€™s activities have been put on hold since late last year after he got into assault and DUI cases.”
    OMG really????? wtf

    • where have you been? lol. jkjk. but yea. he got into some whacked up stuff last year. so now he’s going away for awhile to repent.

  8. good thing srsly

    faster in it, faster out of it too

    (positive mind)

  9. I’m gonna miss youuuuuuuuu! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


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