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Victoria makes impressionable entrance on Invincible Youth with performance of drunken fists

f(x) Victoria makes her entrance on KBS Invincible Youth with a wham.

On KBS Invincible Youth aired on 18th June, the new members of the show were introduced. As for Victoria’s entrance, she did a performance of Chinese marital arts Drunken Fist while holding a wine bowl.

And the other stars on the show were very shocked to see Victoria’s great agility. Victoria the introduced herself, “I am f(x) leader Victoria. I did tumbling all the way from China to here.” With the urging of the MC, she demostrated tumbling. Goo Hara also followed suit with her own style of tumbling.

Meanwhile, netizens’ responses to Victoria on the show, “Victoria’s reaction is daebak, it was so funny”, “Whatever she do, it’s cute” etc.

S: Newsen


25 Responses

  1. Wow, i give her props (:

  2. chinese people are known for their acrobatic stunts, so victoria’s no surprise. 🙂

    SM’s got talented artists, but somehow his not making his artists show it most of the time..

    and yeah, victoria is just flexible..hehe! 🙂

  3. Welcome new girls! Well, Victoria was just awesome! She’s really talented ^^ I envy her talents! She’s cute & everyone seems love her~ Her high kicks was so nice!

  4. hara is soooo cute! she suddenly reminds me of the kid, eunjung, in becoming good daddies.

  5. lol shes so cute…im looking forward for more of her dorkiness… plus i think her lack of korean will somehow make it funny…althought tbh her korean has improved since the beg…shes hardworking… keep it jjang 🙂

  6. aww! when she enters, the song totally gave away that she was gonna do some martial art! LOL…but luv it still! now all of the sudden, I want to watch ancient series…LOL

  7. VICKY, yooh dork x)
    <333333 much loove

  8. i love hara..she still funny..i like her when she teach the new member to catch chicken..

  9. LOL, Hara ❤
    She's sf cute.

  10. OMG I love Victoria so much
    cant wait for the next IY epi.

    Vicky Fighting <33333!!!!

  11. Vic is so cute!
    Her personality is fun n she has aegyo…
    I think she can fill Sunny’s spot.
    She seems hardworking, down to earth and capable of doing many things like Sunny….^^

  12. Victoria is really talented in dance and soo flexible!
    But I belive more and more that Hara is the next Lee Hyori when I see her so dorky funny and cute 😀

  13. lmaoo! I LOVE HARA, she’s so cute!!

  14. LMAOOO lol vic never disappoints
    she’s such a performer ^ ^

  15. as much as i hate SM, i’d have to admit they have some of the most talented artistes.
    cant wait to watch her on WGM :>

  16. Victoria is hot

  17. she the only girl in Kpop that I like
    I love her

  18. Victoria’s awesome!

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