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WangBiHo Yoon HyungBin apologises to HyunA for making her cry with hurting comments

WangBiHo Yoon HyungBin reveals his apology towards 4Minute HyunA.

Yoon HyungBin was present during the recent filming of KBS 2TV Happy Birthday. Yoon HyungBin has known to have a malicious tongue as character WangBiHo towards other stars. Yoon HyungBin said, “Even though that is not my intention, I have no other options in order to give laughter to the audience. And because of that, there are many celebrities who have felt hurt from what I said.”

He added, “There is a celebrity who had cried becaues of what WangBiHo said. And she is 4Minute HyunA. Back then, I said to HyunA ‘You’ve left a group once, can’t you leave for the 2nd time?’. After the show, HyunA really cried. I am very sorry.” It is known that the part of the show was edited out.

This episode of ‘Happy Birthday’ is set to air on 21st June at 11.05pm.

S: Newsen


23 Responses

  1. what? why would he say that. that’s hater.
    LOL, but he only meant it as a joke

  2. O.O That doesn’t sound funny the least bit. Don’t be sad Hyunah:) Seriously. Why do ppl compare 4M to 2NE1. It’s like 4M’s stuck in their shadow:/ Can’t we support 4M for who they are? And really. Can’t take his apology seriously when the screencap shows him in that outfit..

  3. Well, his joke is quite harsh sometimes…
    But korean netizen is more harsh than him
    So take it easy hyunah…
    But i like yoon hyungbin..
    I watch him in quality man, and he seems so nice
    He’s seungyeon of kara fans, but he also said something harsh to her as wang biho
    So funny but truth…

  4. he went overboard… how could he say that to such a young girl1 unacceptable!! Hyuna don’t cry, it will break wonderfuls heart.

  5. aww, i felt really bad for b2st too when he called them the throw away group (i swear, some of them were ready to cry)

  6. Oh, he’s definitely got a heart. :]

  7. aww

  8. the show is scripted anyway so dont blame him, yoon hyung bin off gag show seems very nice

  9. at least he apologized
    and in public which mean a lot

  10. I’ve never watched the Wang Biho jokes much, but from what I’ve seen of Yoon HyungBin, he seems like a genuinely nice and kind person who just happened to stumble across the Wang Biho character and realized that it works at getting attention.

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  12. usually i do find WangBiho funny but sometimes he takes it too far. I think he also needs to remember that some of these idols are still in their teens.

  13. At this episode, i dont remember exactly but he also said 4M always copied 2NE1 and some hurtful comments, and 4M still laugh, but no one know what going behind until now

    Although it was scripted, but it still hurt
    HyunA fighting

  14. aye, the things one has to do to survive in such a harsh industry. he does sometimes go overboard, but at least he knows it and does have the balls to apologize whenever necessary.

    still, i feel bad for hyuna. no doubt it was hard for her leaving the wonder girls. and then leaving invincible youth. and the thought of once again leaving her close friends is just too much. although i am pretty sure she will do great solo, i don’t think she even considers leaving 4 minute just for that. there’s plenty of time later on in her career.

  15. i find his gag funny but sometimes he a little bit overboard with it~ it really is funny since he gets to poke at things other ppl only talk on the net,or behind that star’s back XD i however feel sorry for hyuna since it was probably hard for her to leave WG n such~ -.-

  16. lol! the joke was funny!
    i bet she’ll leave 4min soon to go solo.. she’s always the center of attention anyways.

    • Stop saying things like that!
      She didn’t leave WGs because she wanted to.. and even if she has her own solo activities, she will never leave 4minute unless something bad happens.
      Don’t you see her cry?

    • that is ridiculous!
      you she is the one who already said that she isn’t really comfortable yet going solo. She loves to be in 4minute and wants to stay in 4minute, even if she really suits as a solo, she will never leave 4minute because she loves to be in it and loves all the members!

    • Besides, she “left” Wondergirls because of health-related problems. Go google it or something. She was extremely disappointed to leave!

      Worse, as soon as she left, the Wondergirls released “Tell Me” with Yoobin, which shot them up to extreme stardom.

  17. woah really. it’s good though that even though it was editted out, he brought it up and apologised abt it.
    although i must say sometimes i really dont get the jokes behind the insults. and i still dont get why people go onto the show to get insulted for lol

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