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2NE1 reveals new CF for 11st

Set for their comeback later this year, girlgroup 2NE1 recently released a new CF for their endorsement for 11st.

Love it or not?


30 Responses

  1. the girls can really be fierce and cute….

  2. 2ne1 jjang!

  3. so coool and cute
    love it

  4. cute CF ^^
    I like their outfits.

  5. 2NE1!
    pls come back as soon as possible
    i’ve been waiting for u guys my whole life.
    Anyway, i’m gonna buy their 1st mini album this weekend since their album just arrived in s’pore!

    A GO! GO! GO! 2NE1!

  6. love them. <33333

  7. Minzy’s hairstyle is so cute! :3

  8. so cute! love the energy. i was smiling the entire time.

  9. Outfits are awesome! lol ^_^
    CL looks cool 🙂

  10. Aigoo yaah! I miss the fearsome foursome! Can’t wait for 2NE1 to shake kpop again!

  11. cute,cute and cute~i like~2ne1 plz comeback ASAP

  12. minji is so cute *_*

  13. LOVE IT ~ ❤

  14. 2ne1 come back soon!!!!

  15. 2NE1!!! Kyah! Can’t wait! My fierce girls will dominate.

  16. if you dont know whose 2ne1.. then why did you even bother to read this? hahaha joke or what?

  17. i missssssssssss you guys so much

  18. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo, 강은별. 강은별 said: RT @sookyeong: 2NE1 reveals new CF for 11st http://wp.me/phE2s-9ph […]

  19. i miss them so much! can they comeback?

  20. Who’s 2NE1 ?

    • Are you lost? Do you have an amnesia? Please head to the nearest ER please.

      • don’t be rude. the person’s probably a new k-pop fan. your words won’t endear 2ne1 to anybody

    • hahaha. this! are they singers or cf models? hahahahaha.

      • what’s so funny? if that person really doesn’t know who 2NE1 is, it’s fine. if he/she does, than she fails in trying to be funny, only people with dead brain cells would laugh at that.

        cf models? mmm … i guess that would apply to mostly every single artists in Korea, including your favourites rite?

      • Many singers are CF models as well so I dont get your point.

      • hemhem, so what will you call snsd?????
        plastic cf models who only sell their body? LMAO

    • No need to be rude. As someone said, they could be new to kpop and 2NE1 hasn’t been active this year.

      FIY they are a group that debuted last year. Their hits consist of “Fire” and “I Dont Care.” They’ve won many newcomer awards as well so give them a try if you like.

    • Pretending or not… Maybe your new in k-pop.. welcome my friend… If you really want to know about them… First i think you can google them or go to youtube and find 2NE1 or WIKI 2NE1… Aja!

  21. ^^

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