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[Photo Spam] Lee MinHo at “One special day with MinHo” Fan Meeting!

On June 20,2010 popular actor Lee MinHo greeted his fans “Minoz” through a fan meeting held at Kyung Hee University, Seoul.

The event with the title “2010, The Special Day With Minoz –  One special day with Minho” started at 15:00 local time.

Gag man Yoon HyungBin (popular with his gag character Wang Biho) is the MC for the event whilst many celebrities are spotted on stage performing with (for) Lee MinHo at the event, such as : 2AM and SeeYa. Close friends KimBum and Jung IlWoo were also seen at the fan meeting as the best friends celebrated Lee MinHo’s advance birthday which supposed to be celebrated on June 22,2010. Lee MinHo also gets a surprise guest, Taiwanese actor Joe Cheng who came and gave him a birthday gift at the event.

More photos under the cut!

Meanwhile, another fan meeting is also scheduled to be held on Aug 28,2010 under the theme of “Pink Play concert” which will be taking place at Sheraton Walker Hill River Park Hotel , Gwangjang-dong, Seoul.

The Guest Stars

SeeYa opens the Fan Meeting

With “Personal Taste” drama Casts


Jung IlWoo – Lee MinHo – KimBum

Lee MinHo – Joe Cheng


13 Responses

  1. YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY—–ALL EXCEPT Yoon HyungBin/Wang BiHo—he’s the TURD floating amongst the bevy of BEAUTIES in the punchbowl!

  2. woah, joe cheng is growing some moustache hair..
    and it’s great that he’s friends with lee minho..
    where is changmin pic…?! seems that he’s not there with 2am.. O_O

    advance happy bday lee minho. 🙂

  3. thanks ((: i love the photos.. ((:

  4. da big size dol ofl Jinho is adorable >__<

  5. Joe Cheng?? Lol!! Cool!!

  6. Ah that’s Jung Il Woo ! I was like “oh? there’s two Minho!”
    Anyway, i loved Personal Taste and i hope to see him in another drama very soon… after a good rest !

  7. i see he’s a friend of joe cheng. that’s nice to know.

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