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SBS Inkigayo 20.06.2010 – C.N Blue won Mutizen with ‘Love’

Today on SBS Inkigayo, idol band C.N Blue won Mutizen award with their latest hit ‘Love’.

It is also Davichi’s last promotions of their comeback with ‘Time, Please Stop’. Go under the cut for more performance cuts.

Hot debut

  • Orange Caramel “Magic Girl ”

Comeback Special

  • D-NA “Stumble Stumble”


  • Davichi “Time Please Stop”
  • 4minute “Huh”
  • CNBLUE  “Love”
  • MBLAQ “Y”
  • f(x) “Nu ABO”

Hot Music

  • Infinite “Come Back Again”
  • Sistar “Push Push”
  • Soya N Sun “Smiling Goodbye”
  • Lyn “Honey Baby Love ”
  • Super Junior “Bonamana”
  • Koyote “Return”
  • 8eight “End Is Coming”
  • Wink “Fantastic! ”
  • December “Tears of Heaven”
  • Geum OonDong “Go”

Fresh Music

  • HwaYoBi “Bye Bye Bye”
  • Gummy “Because of you”
  • SookHee feat. After school’s GaHee “One love”
  • Code-V “Addiction”
  • NS YoonJi “Don’t Go Back”


  • Green Sports Song – T-ara

34 Responses

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  2. 😀 Congrats CN BLUE! Personally, I love them cos they’re rly unique and so dorkish (anyone watched Making of Artist? ) They also got love from the fans since Younghwa had his acting debut in YAB:)
    CN Blue hwaiting!

  3. congraaatzs C.N BLUE ..

    uhm btw. what was with f(x)’s Amber ? Why didn’t she danced too and just was sitting in the chair ? =S

  4. as much as i like suju they shouldn’t act like that when it was CNBLUE’s stage i mean they won multizen and what the hell is suju(shingdong,eetuek,hyukjae) doing walking back and forth …. you can argue with me all you want but i think that is just a little rude of what they did …. anyways congratz CNBLUE !

  5. congrats CNBLUE!! D-NA did GOOD! and i hope amber gets well =)

  6. congratulations CN Blue
    Love is the best song:)

  7. a major turn out of events!
    woah!!! @_@

    so surprising, they surpassed suju. awesometastic!! great for CN Blue. 🙂 congrats for winning in inkigayo!!! they really deserved it. love is a great song. and i want their blue love album, but they’re not selling it here in our country. TT

    congrats CN Blue! “everybody clap clap clap” for them! 😀

    • Since Suju got triple crown already, they can’t partake on Take 7 this week. =)

      I’m really happy that CNBLUE won! Congratulations to them.

    • ss501 ‘s in take7? i thought they cant be in take 7 unless they perform?

    • You can only win 3 times on inki and Suju won 3 times already.

      Congrats cn blue.

      • @rouenna and @Gummybear..

        i completelt forgot that rule! LOL. thanks for reminding me! they won triple crown already..?! that fast?! time really flies so fast!. thanks for reminding me. 🙂

  8. I don’t know why ppl like cnblue?
    I can never listen to their music till the end.

    • LOL..so do i!!i don’t know why can’t stop listen to CNBLUE song?? XD

      it’s about “taste”,our though will never be the some like other peoples,we have diffrnt brain,diffrnt hobbies,diffrnt gender etc..

      just enjoy what u like,and ignore what u don’t like..

      and keep your comments for yourself,respect other peoples feelin,,(i was kinda hurt when u say like that)
      that’s much better ^^

      • @omonOona well said =)

      • “and keep your comments for yourself,respect other peoples feelin,,(i was kinda hurt when u say like that)
        that’s much better ^^”

        lol let her/him say what she/he wants.
        If the fans can’t bear that not everyone like CNBLUE, idk how will they do in their own life…. There aren’t ALWAYS good thing s you know. As long as you respect, it’s ok.
        It’s called freedom of speech.

        BTW I like CNBLUE 🙂

      • @annnsow : LOL..just like what i’ve said before..
        our though will never be the same like other peoples..

        of course i can bear with others comment,i know they’re not always perfect..CNBLUE are human being too..
        that’s why i’m not get mad with his/her words..just saying ^^

        for u maybe “respect” = freedom of speech
        for me “respect” = “silent is gold”

        yea,me too..i love CNBLUE..
        i’m a hardcore BOICE,, ^^v

  9. Wow no wonder when I logged off Twitter just now the trending topics were CNBLUE and Inkigayo. So I was wondering whether they won mutizen and low & behold they did!

    Congrats CNBLUE!!

  10. C.N Blue ROCKS! What a bunch of cutie-pies!!!!!!

    everybody let’s clap,clap.,clap..
    CN to the BLUE,,you make me high!!

    chukaeeeeeeeeee ^O^
    nothing would be more happier than seeing them smile brightly ^_________^

  12. D-NA is sooooooo gay

    • Please don’t insult them! ><
      I don't like them either but no need to be rude -_-

  13. At first I was really impressed with Infinite, their debut stage in Mnet Countdown was one of the greatest i’ve watched, but after watching their succeeding performances, I’m getting bored, which is sad because i like their song.

    I hope they’ll bring something new in every performance so I don’t have to categorize them as “others” like what i’ve done to the countless of new bands.

    Make the stage more exciting!!!


  14. ^suju should work their vocals^

    • Completely agree… It seems like they just don’t care about it ’cause of the “auto-tune” mics they use… I still like the song and dancing…

    • true, but you should think of how much they dance around. out of all boy bands right now, they’re chore requires the most movement.

    • wat are u talking about, if u dont have something nice to say, dont say it

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  16. GO 4minute ^^

  17. Congratulations to C.N.BLUE!!!!!!!!! So proud of these boys. ^-^

  18. im in LOVEEEEEEE with INFINITE!! <3<3<3
    their singing.. their dancing.. KYAAAAAAA!! 🙂
    hopefully they will win mutizen regardless of them being a rookie. huhu~

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