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SNSD HyoYeon’s mystery crush revealed?

The mystery to So Nyeo Shi Dae HyoYeon’s crush solved?

In a recent report by YTN news, a reporter seeks to find out who HyoYeon’s crush is. From the description of having no double eyelids, being funny and is a good dancer, the short listed male idols were Yoon DooJoon, Jo Kwon, DaeSung, JunHo and WooYoung. And he tried to called out each of their names when HyoYeon is near by to see her reactions.

Is he who we think he is?

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  1. I think its wooyoung, because there is a time when wooyoung said on a radio show, that a famous celebrity confessed to him.. and the recent story of hyoyeon in strong heart, she said her ideal type already changed because wooyoung rejected her because of their schedule.. but hyoyeon didn’t exactly said that its wooyoung or something.. but she said that she is surprise that wooyoung already knew that she has a crush on him when she confessed…

  2. Hmmm….I think by the time the guy said Junho, Hyoyeon knew it was a trick. Or so I hope XD Don’t bash me here, but for me, I hope its Junho, but the couples I adore never really is. Anyways, lets just be happy that Hyoyeon has a crush. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hope itโ€˜s doojoon ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. What the big deal about it ?! =__=
    i don’t care who’s the one that she like ,love or married..

  5. Wooyoung and junho have better taste in woman. They are not even interested in hyoyeon.

    • so rude.
      your second stupid comment.

      get over it.

    • Yeah better taste that they don’t deserve with the average quality they have….=.=
      Ur comment makes them came across as douches… Better taste? They’re not even near Khun’s quality.

  6. The testing is ridiculous…
    Even though i’m sure it’s wooyoung coz out of the 5 boys… Hyo isn’t close with dae2 n woo only. While she talked a lot to th other 3 before. Hyo said that she never talked to her crush before.

    However the testing was flawed. See how Yoona n Soo turned around when Kwon’s name was called and how Soo reacted to Junho’s name. Did that mean they like the boys?? lol

  7. I still think its junho XD

  8. Junho and Doojoon are mine ;D Nah, good choice hyoyeon ! I wish i saw her on more variety shows ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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  10. I thought *and also HOPE* the lucky boy is DOOJOON.

    coz, Doojoon ever said *@sujuKTR* that he like Hyoyeon..
    I thought that it make Hyoyeon like Doojoon..

    xixixixi XD

  11. Eugghh Wooyoung is fugly and can’t dance for shit. His voice also kills my hearing. I’d prefer Junho cause at least he’s pretty decent in singing and dancing.
    Out of those guys, I hope it’s Dojoon.

    • lol Agree with u…
      but woo is pretty cute looking actually n his dance is pretty decent.
      Its just that I happen to dislike him these days.
      Esp after he announced how he doesn’t like girls who can dance, coz if he really referred to Hyo… Wow! way to go to reject someone…

      It’s ok.. it’s just a crush. Hyo is the type of person who likes someone easily and then will forget easily. Like she changes her ideal type every month.

      I prefer Doojoon n Eunhyuk for Hyo. They appreciate her for the personality n talent.

  12. like eww…No way to wooyoung or doojoon or who ever. Wooyoung likes someone else but not someone from snsd. These guys shouldnt be paired up with snsd anyways.

  13. i think he is eun hyuk …

  14. DooJoon seems to be a much sexier and down to earth guy. I can’t really see wooyoung and HyoYeon together.

    • THIS.

      Doojoon even appreciates Hyo the most out of SNSD members. Saying that she’s very kind… A thoughtful guy indeed. Not shallow guy who praises girls for mere pretty face.

  15. It was an interesting watch, but the testing was really flawed really.

    The first time they tested, you can’t even see if the SNSD girls heard him or not, maybe they turned for Jo Kwon because they heard some madman yelling for ages.

    It’s really hard to say who likes who just because they show some sort of reaction…

    But w/e I’ll ship Hyoyeon with any of the mentioned males ๐Ÿ˜›

  16. LOL the way they want to find out is so funny! LOL shouting names here and ther hahaha ๐Ÿ™‚
    HyoYeon at last on the spotlight!!! she is so beautiful ^^
    areumdawo ^^ hopefully we get to see soon the real ‘man’!!

  17. ehhh this test doesnt do anything
    like i turn around whenever a person calls a name
    no matter who it is
    idk its like instinct or something
    so hyoyeon could be the same way
    she prob didnt hear him call doojoon or kwon

  18. sorry but this test totally does not make sense. just calling out random names waiting for a reaction is stupid. won’t anybody look up when someone is yelling out random names.


  20. knew that it was soo wooyoung !!
    too bad he doesn’t like her style …
    she must be jealous of taeyeon xDD

  21. i want doojoon and hyo to be together or junho they would be a great pair on stage and adorable off

  22. omg is it really that much of a big deal? yoobin say she likes Taeyang no1 making a big deal outta that so why this.

    i hope Hyo yeon doesn’t start complaining abt all this craziness cos she opened that can of worms herself.

  23. are they serious? wow stalker show really weird…

  24. i think its doojoon or wooyoung xP

  25. hahaha that was funny..a random calling out the guy’s names lol…..even if i didn’t like the person i think i might have looked….but yea i always thought she liked doojoon or woo young. but yea now i think she likes woo young because one time wooyoung said that he didn’t like girls that could dance… why would he say that? maybe he was signaling to her that he doesn’t like her? bc woo young always seems like he likes tiffany..so hmm actually never mind i guess i shouldn’t really care it’s not my life and it’s their privacy…

    • Uhh wow. That’s ridiculous. Why would he be signaling to Hyo that he doesn’t like her. And that he likes Tiffany?
      LOL. I’m sure we’d all like to believe Woofany’s real.

      I totally thought it was Doojoon. But when he yelled “Wooyoung” there was also a girl screaming or something.

      LOL. And I think everyone would look when they hear “Jo Kwon” to see if he’s doing something hilarious again.

      • how is that ridiculous, I totally thought of the same thing, who the hell says “I don’t like girls who can dance well” when talking about their ideal type, it’s obvious that there are ulterior motives to saying that, and it is pretty evident that he means he doesn’t like Hyo if that crush happens to be him.

    • um, no. Wooyoung doesn’t like tiffany. He likes Jin Bora. He only thinks of tiffany as a friend same goes for taeyeon. If he likes someone, he couldn’t even looked at the person in the eye. If the person looked at him, he would avoid the person gaze. So yeah, he doesn’t like anyone from snsd.

    • i think wooyoung said he didnt like girls that dance so he could teach them how to (a good excuse for holding a girl close?) ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. whoa. this program is just weird. once, they tried to trace by following cars/vans to see those belongs to which idols. then they believed snsd got this good luck in them and gave them lucky draw/lottery cards to see whether they’re really have tt good luck. and now tracing hyoyeon’s crush by calling out the names?? btw, to the producer of this program, jo kwon has double eyelids, quite obvious actually..

  27. HAHA that was so funny!

  28. HyoYeon โค
    Jo Kwon<3

  29. Well the way Hyoyeon reacted when Kang Ho Dong named Wooyoung on Strong Heart makes me suspect its him and this experiment points to Wooyoung too.

    It’s funny how Sooyoung reacted to when Junho’s name was called out. That reminds me of that Music Bank fancam where Junho was caught asking for Sooyoung’s number when the artists were walking off the stage.

  30. I think hyoyeon likes Junho or Doojoon ๐Ÿ˜€

  31. Hyoyeon fans think the guy is:
    DooJoon, JunHo or WooYoung ^^
    esp JunHo.

    • I think it’s Junho too…cuz he has to be a naturally good dancer like her, and Doojoon practices hard to be a good dancer…Both Wooyung and Junho are funny, Wooyung is more silly and Junho has this subtle humor, but they’re both funny…Plus, when SNSD was on Idol Army, Junho composed some music to dance to show Hyoyeon…I really think it’s him…but then she only reacted to Wooyung, so I don’t know.

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