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2NE1 Sandara Park to appear in MV for TaeYang’s 1st full length album ‘Solar’

It has been revealed that 2NE1 Sandara Park will appear in Big Bang TaeYang’s solo song MV.

According to YG Entertainment on 21st June through a phone conversation, “Sandara Park will appear for the MV to TaeYang’s first full length album.” Before her singer debut, Sandara Park has received acting lessons, and also appeared in 1 episode of MBC ‘IlJiMae’.

Meanwhile, TaeYang’s 1st full length album ‘Solar’ is set for release on 1st July. More information about the comeback here.


63 Responses

  1. @Maligurl, maybe you didn’t watch the full 2ne1tv because if you did you will know that before GD came in to get Dara, YB and Dara were sitting side by side.

    People here don’t want to force you to believe it… And maybe what you want to say is “Don’t want to be rude” and you were rude already gurl.

    • What? Listen, if I had said that doest prove anything then it wud have sound like i’m some jealous fangirl which I’m not. I just don’t see how 2 ppl sitting next to each other= close friends. And if u think that was being rude then u don’t even the meaning if the of the word. I’ m happy for them if their good friends, why wud it matter to me either way? If Dara has actually said their close then that’s a different story, I never asked any1 to make me believe Anything,so drop ur attitude.

  2. wow! I’m so excited for their MV… 🙂 ♥♥♥

  3. It’s really an awesome treat to have Dara and GD taking part in YB’s full length album…

    They are close friends and them showing support for each other is just epic….

    • I remember during 2ne1tv, while Dara and GD were recording Hello.. YB and Seungri were there inside the recording studio. This proves to show how close they are….

      Really really love it! Looking forward for the MV

      • Not been rude but how does that prove anything? I haven’t seen this close friendship ppl are going on abt. On 2ne1 tv the looked super akward together IMO. Anyways I soooooo excited for taeyang album, I’ve been for what feels like years for this!!… I dying for some good music, kpop has been really crap this last couple of months.

      • ^maligurl:

        Dara is pretty close with YB, ever sincetheir trainee years. I think she mentioned it already in some of her old interviews before.

  4. YB+GD+Dara = Explosion

    So excited for the MV… Wish it’s July 1st now…. >>>>

  5. Haters will continue to hate and Dara will still prove them wrong. LOL!!! I can’t wait for the MV. Some YG Family love right there. It already creates hype how much more if the MV and album’s been released? Waah!!! YG’s slowly coming back on the scene and I really like it… You’re giving us fans heart attack, YG…. ^.^

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  7. a lot of people expect that minji do a collab with yb and i think that would be great both have such a nice voices and both are really good dancers!!! xDD
    i want a yb/bom collaboration too please yg!!

  8. NICE!

  9. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh~~
    can’t wait!!!!^____^

  10. trying my hardest to like her but i can’t seem to… maybe this will help? but honestly right now i’m mostly DNW about her being in his mv and i wanted to be excited for him :c

  11. LOL. It’s basically not about shipping.

    From what I know, Dara is closest to Taeyang among the BB boys so it’s more like a family/friend collaboration thing.

  12. This is epic… Love the three of them… YB, GD, Dara

  13. ahhh! say it isnt so~~~!!! LOLS i can’t wait for him to come back…finally some good decent music for my ears ^^

  14. Nice, i can’t wait, Taeyang and Dara !!!!

  15. Now I’m so excited for Taeyang’s title song… Waaaahhh
    With both GD and Dara in it… it’s a jang

    The close friends(YB, GD, Dara) during their trainee days are together… >>>
    This is really really awesome!!!

  16. this cannot happen fast enough.

  17. i wish it was sin min-hee again. she was gorgeoussss in yb’s first mv. absolutely stunning

    but its cool

  18. total chaos
    more crazy asshole shippers

    • IKR? kpop was at peace without stupid shippers ruining the moment.

      • what r shippers??

      • true.. those annoying shippers lyk GD and dara n nw YB dnt they have anythin better to do- treatin all fakness as truth lol.. too imaginative they r seriously lol

  19. OMG!!!! I’m so excited Dara & YB in a MV….I can’t wait to watch it.

  20. when is the mv coming out? july 1st?

  21. KYAHHH!!! So excited. 2 of Taeyang’s close friends are involved in his song (and album as well). G-dragon who’s featured in the song, I need a girl and Dara as the lead actress. SOOO EXCITED!!!

  22. is this for real? omg!!!! so excited.i know YB and Dara are really good friends, cant wait. hope its going to be a happy ending mv not the sad one.

  23. So… is Sandara going to die in this MV, too?

    • loool ikr? 😀

    • Based on the song title “I Need A Girl”, I could confidently say “No, there won’t be a sad ending for this one.”

      I hope this song would be a happy one. I want to see Happy Taeyang. 😛

  24. COOLL!! (:
    ahhh can’t wait to see it!

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  26. Very Good!
    Now I can see less of Daragon and more of sundara

    • G-Dragon is featuring on the song I think so there’s a possibility that he may be in the MV too hehe.

      • lol no..coz the one GD appear is “I need a Girl”. This mv is for solar.
        OMG so TY will have 2 mvs? yeah 😛

      • Solar isn’t a song, it’s the name of his album. 😛 I don’t know if Dara will be appearing in ‘I Need A Girl ft GD’ because there may be more than one title track but the possibility is very high.

      • Dara IS featuring in the I Need A Girl MV:

        2NE1’s Sandara Park will be appearing in her sunbae from the same company, Taeyang of Big Bang’s first full solo album music video. Recently, in the entertainment district, there has been a fierce battle in order to cast Sandara Park in TV dramas and entertainment shows.

        YG artists have a strong sense of belonging, and their bonds are strong as well. For example, on the weekend of the premiere of TOP’s first, leading movie ‘Into the Gunfire’, more than 1 000 000 showed up, seated in the VIP area was his Big Bang band mates and of course, all the 2NE1 members showed up to show their enthusiastic support for him.

        For this MV, even though Sandara Park has her regular full activities ahead of her, and is currently in the middle of busy schedules, she still made time. If it were not the title song, ‘I Need a Girl’ of Taeyang’s first full solo album (on sale on July 1st), it would not have been possible for her to participate.

        Taeyang’s new song ‘I Need a Girl’ has G-Dragon featuring in it, however with the entertainment district’s hot topic, Sandara Park helping Taeyang out by making her appearance, the song is quickly rising up as this summer’s most anticipated song.

        Production companies that are seeking Sandara Park for movies and dramas are quickly accelerating their paces. At the moment, the demand for her even exceeds top stars such as Kim Taehee, Jeon Jihyun, Song Hyegyo, etc.

        Last year, she breathed life into her role as Rie, the daughter of a ninja in the MBC drama “The Return of Iljimae”, and she is currently at the top as a star who is equally able to succeed as an actor as well.

        The 2NE1 members made their appearance in the idol world like a comet, and it has already been a long time since Sandara Park has risen to the status of a world-class top star. While she can be innocent, she can be equally sexy as well, and can even dance and sing. Any producers cannot help but to drool over her.

        One of people close to Sandara Park revealed “Because of 2NE1 activities, she has had no time to appear in a full-fledged acting role”, “However because there has been a lot of interest over (Sandara Park)’s acting, even during her busy schedules, she willingly accepted the role and helps ease some of her desire to act.”

        Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20100621n03054
        Translated by GEE @ ygladies.com

        As Translated by YGL. (:

        I’m even more excited now! JIDARAYANG<3

      • Why BJ like to ship BB esp GD with 2NE1? It will create more antis for them. And dara is still in a relationship with her philipine ex rite?

      • ^ LOOL omg no. it is so old news.
        2ne1 girls can’t date for 5 years, you don’t remember ?

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  28. OMFG!!!

    SunDara!!!! DaraYang!!!!

  29. Eeeeeee I can’t wait to see this! ^0^
    I was already excited before but now I’m even more excited!

  30. Yes! I am excited for this! Its not a collaboration…. She’s just going to appear in his MV as an actress! I’m pretty sure YB will have a collaboration with another 2ne1 girl! 😀

  31. the article does say that SANDARA is to be featured in YB’s MV and not the song! I think the MV is for YB’s title track “I Need A Girl (feat. G-Dragon)”

  32. YG Family love ❤

  33. Yes, please! Both are my biases in BB and 2NE1, so I am excited! xD

  34. OMG NOOOO!!!

    • if they work on they’re awkwardness maybe. but they’re last stage was pure…..Awkward

    • It’s still possible that Bommie will have a duet with Taeyang. Dara is appearing as an actress in his MV.

    • Again.. I want to say…. please try to comprehend the article.. Sandara won’t be recording a duet with Taeyang.. she would only be in his music video…

      But I don’t know why I can’t picture these two as lovey-dovey couple… Hahaha 😀

  35. phew!
    it’s not a duet just the mv
    i will slap someone if sandara sings with yb
    because her voice is mehh
    i prefer minzy or bom


  37. now i am more excited about YB’s new song and mv!

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