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Adult clips YeSung? Super Junior members, “YeSung is the master of all videos”

Super Junior members exposes member YeSung as one who has “mastered all type of videos.”

On KBS 2TV late night variety show ‘Night Star’ aired on 20th June, Super Junior members were the guest appearances on the show. MC Shin DongYeop asked, “So what would you usually do at this time?” and Kim HeeChul answered, “I can’t say this on broadcast” rousing laughters from his comments.

YeSung then said, “I like watching movies.” But with Kim HeeChul’s influence, the other Super Junior members and the MCs started pointing to him watching ‘adult clips’.

The MCs then said, “Tell us what you have in your external hard drive.” ShinDong said, “He has soccer videos, baseball videos and adult videos, – he is the master of all sorts of videos,” rousing laughter once more.



19 Responses

  1. this site is awesome..


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  3. oh my awkward lol…….well what do you expect. They’re adults who have “needs” to be met.

  4. hahahaha..lol.finally

  5. How embarrassing for Yesung.. Really unexpected though haha!

  6. hehehehe. XD omg~

  7. Poor little YeSung with his innocent baby face that looks like butter wouldn’t melt on his tongue……or anywhere else for that matter! Ke Ke Ke…………….

  8. Poor Yesung, all his business out in the street. At least he got screen time!

  9. Well if they can’t find girlfriends or date around, then they have to do some self-loving right? Yesung does seem to resemble a closet porn addict muahaha.

  10. I thought Shin Dong Yup was in trouble for drug possession O_o

    either that or I’m behind on times.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if Suju members have adult videos. lol

    • I think you’re confused. Shindong was never in trouble for drug possession. And I’ve never heard Shindong being refered to as Shin Dong Yup, I know his real name is Shin Donghee so I think you’re talking about someone else

      • @Jasmine, lol the person was referring to the MC for the KBS show. Shin Dong Yeop can be romanized as Shin Dong Yup. The strokes are the same -.-“

      • you know, you should re-read before commenting. ROFL

      • lol you are the confused one, Shin Dong Yup is the host of that show, he was one of the most prominent MC’s before along with Yoo and Kang, but since the possession problems, he has going downhill, but his unmatched quick wits can still land him MC jobs here and there of course. He probably bailed his way out of prison or something.

      • @Jasmine: I was talking about The MC. You know the same MC for Suju’s EHB show. No way would I mix him and Shindong up.

        @asd: ah ok. Thanks^^

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