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Infinite SeongJong garners interests with his feminine features, “Is he a male or a female?”

Infinite member SeongJong has garnered much interests with his outstanding appearance.

Infinite is a 7-member boyband and recently released their debut single ‘First Invasion’ on 9th June and started promotions for their debut song ‘Come Back Again’.

And in the group’s recent Marie Claire photoshoot, member SeongJong has stood out with his lanky build and a pretty face. Many netizens have thought that he looked like a female.

Especially with his feminine vocals, there were doubts raised if he has undergone sex change. SeongJong is born in 1993 and is 18 years old this year. It seems that SeongJong has garnered much interests since this is the time of ‘beastly guys’ and SeongJong had stood out with his lanky build.

Netizens’ comments include “The size of his arm is half of mine. I’m envious”, “I can only say that I’m in awe” etc.


38 Responses

  1. woah he really looks like a girl! nd his voice kinda reminds me of Youngsaeng’s frm ss501 since they’re both pretty high pitched. and evn during infinite’s wonder girl cover his parts would come up and it was girls voice. i dont know if it was a girl singing or they just made his pitch higher for the song?

    they’re are quite a few androgynous idols in kpop amber for eg and maybe Jaejoong? but i dont really see Jaejoong looking like a girl

  2. I think he looks perfectly fine 🙂
    Great pictures SeongJong & L!

  3. L is sool greattt~~~
    yea seongjong is really similar with taemin.
    fine, cz i like taemin, i like him tol, hehe~
    being young is great 🙂

  4. he looks like Daniel Lee (Malaysian Idol) or even like FTTS HwanHee…(@_@)

    but from d “Come Back Again” MV, he does looks like a girl, running while holding hands with DongWoo…LOL
    he’s really feminine & maybe coz he’s still young…i don’t think that he’s trying to be like a girl on purpose…juz appreciate how God give him a look, can’t u? =)

  5. LOL?!

  6. Okay, this dude looks like Taemin. I thought it was Taemin at first when I glanced at the picture really quick. And I thought Korea liked “pretty boys” like Jaejoong and Hyunjoong.

  7. lmao and then they have groups like shinee … whatever at least this guy is cute :p and sure he looks a bit feminine but his short and everyhting so he’s still young ….

  8. have you seen taemin babe??? i wouldnt call this one feminine…and anyway…the guy who confused everyone is called photoshop

    INFINITE ♥ /droooool

  9. he should take off the hairpin on his hair…

  10. wow, maybe it’s just makeup? or not….

  11. He looks cute and methinks like a guy even though he`s got soft facial features. That look in his eye is not a girl`s, is it…(laughs)
    Also I agree he`s very young still well Korean guys are just beautiful what`s wrong with that? Din`t know of the age thing so thank U for that

  12. hahaha lmao too right lily ;p

  13. I LOVE HIMMMMMMMM !! it’s because he’s still a teenager, that’s why he looks like this but in two years he will turn into a real man!

  14. LOL. i those pics on NLi a few days ago. if you’re going to watch their show “You Are My Oppa”, he did his self intro with a waving hand or something. haha! so gurleey! but i still love him tho 😀

  15. the one he hugs is L the ‘face’ of Infinite

  16. who is the one beside him? the one like TOP? >< so cooL~~

  17. It doesnt matter what he looks like as long as hes got talent 🙂

    Gotta say the guy in front has nice eyes LOL

  18. Hmm.. still looks like a guy for me…

    But… I don’t know why some Korean male idols like to take picture in feminine mode… unless they really are that feminine then I don’t have nothing to say..

  19. 17 but in korea he is 18 because of them starting straight at 1 when born

  20. i mean, how old is he?

  21. how is he??

  22. ok, what’s so difficult to get about the korean age thing and why make such a fuss over it. They are 1 when born not 0 big deal. GET THE FUCK OVER IT
    he’s only young and to have people hating on him because he’s better looking than them and made it in life is pathetic.
    He’s still a teenager, he’s got a long way to go, so what he looks like a girl. Plenty of asian lads do. Hell what about some of the more well known and older ones
    Jaejong, Heechul. Just because they are older and have developed the stronger muscular body and have shown there chests off already that means they are more masculine does it??
    People really disgust me. If you don’t like him then shut the fuck up and get lost. Don’t go screaming it everywhere.
    They do see these things, he’s still young, he Will get upset over it.
    Great way to start his career already so many haters.
    Jealousy is NOT a flattering attribute

  23. He’s like the Taemin of the group…….

  24. I think SeongJong is a super-attractive young guy and is blessed with his male beauty. Korean guys are SO HOT!!!!!

    Hes only 17 but 18 in korean age…
    Personally he hasnt grown up fully yet.. hes still got years to go

    Its ok putting him down for him being feminine but what about all the rest.. There is nothing wrong with them pictures.. he looks totally cute hugging L

    imagine if they was all saying nasty things about yourself how would you feel???

    god pisses me right off. heartless people totally HEARTLESS

  26. i swear i’ll never get the korean age thing.
    “born in 1993 and is 18 this year..” i’m 19 this year? born in 1991 /:

    • it’s because they start at the age of 1…when we’re born we’re considered to be age 0 and then have our 1st birthday 12 months after we’re born..but when they are born they’re already 1….
      hope that makes sense..

  27. Some of them really need to quit this pretty boy image. This is very awkward & a bit weird. Especially the 2nd pic~

  28. Is it just me or does he look like Lizzy in the 3rd pic?

  29. ya his face did stood out to me, but i got a creepy vibe.

  30. LOL I’m just staring at L…he’s freakin hot…his stare + smirk remind me sooo much of TOP lol

  31. men KPOP boys should stop taking photos like this is so gay.

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  33. Whoa! What a weird smile he has on the last photo. If I were the guy he hugged frm behind (I dunno what’s his name) i would consider it was creepy -_-

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