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Jo Kwon and Nich Khun shed their soft guy image for more masculinity

2AM Jo Kwon and 2PM Nich Khun shows off their toned muscles.

Jo Kwon posted a photo of himself and Nich Khun taken together at a gym on his Twitter on 21st June. Also the 2 were seen without their usual soft guys image but with a more masculine image.

Jo Kwon wrote, “Eu ah~~~ Tiringㅋ Worked hard at exercising today too~! Kwon & khun”. And netizens’ comments are, “Wa.. Masculine. Even their arms are bigger than their faces”, “Really incredible muscles, really cool” etc.

S: TVDaily


10 Responses

  1. WHOA! Nice muscles, don’t take it too far though or ur shirt may suddenly rip during a performance. LOL XD UNDESCRIBABLY HOT!

  2. – _- & O – O
    B B B B (Buffed up!)


  3. OK we got it u have muscles weeehhheee good for u why u have to brag about it ? -_-

  4. love nich, so hooooooooooooot ❤

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  6. wow! nichkhun’s muscles! it’s getting bigger because of regular work-out… just be careful, don’t make it too much…

  7. is it just me or guys coming from JYPE are really buff ?

    is it like a criteria to debut or something ? lol

    anyway they look hot x.x

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