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Lee Teuk debuted first as an actor with appearance in ‘All About Eve’ 10 years ago?

Super Junior is known to have made appearance on 2001 hot drama All About Eve. And his features back then were also revealed.

On the latest episode of KBS Star Golden Bell, Super Junior members were guest appearances on the show. And Lee Teuk’s appearance in the 2000 drama showing him as a student clapping in a particular scene was revealed. His hairstyle 10 years back have also given laughter to the appearances on Staar Golden Bell.

Member EunHyuk said, “Lee Teuk has also said that he had debuted first as an actor.”

S: TVDaily

18 Responses

  1. nose and eyes done…but he’s a guy so people cut him slack.

  2. omg!! but he look younger now..eeteuk ahh..so cute.

  3. ahahah,.. it.s very old hair style,.. wkwkwk, but they.r still cool

  4. Eeteuk’s a dork lol.

  5. Of course I remember Lee Teuk from ALL ABOUT EVE, I remember saying “Who is that cute smiling kid in the crowd?” Despite Jang Dong-gun and Chae Rim’s commanding presences in that series! Whoda Thunk It at the time that he would be such a popular idol cutie now? All due to his hard work and wish to succeed! Kudos to Teuk Ao!

  6. ohh noo.. his hair style..

  7. OMG.. I can’t stop laughing.. 10 years ago it’s mean eeteuk oppa stil 17 years old.. Hihihihi.. His hair is so kangta.. Hahahaha

  8. omg! you are more handsome now, oppa!

  9. Kangta’s hairstyle sure was popular then lol

    It’s weird how Teukie is older now, but looks younger.
    He’s aging real well<3 (and Kangta's aging well too ;])

  10. his hair lol

  11. Correction*

    Member Eunhyuk said, not Teuk

  12. yeah, its a old news. haha. back then, leeteuk hair was OMG. O.O haha Now, he get more handsome and sexyyy. Super junior ❤

  13. he mentioned this long long ago…he was just an extra but he said he really tried his best. cute..xD

  14. LOL it reminds me of KangTa… Back in the old days

  15. hahaha..his hair very old fashion..but still funny n cute..

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