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Mnet’s official stand, “We will take full responsibility of the plagiarism case even though our contract with Lee Hyori has ended”

Lee Hyori’s agency Mnet Media reveals that even though their contract with Lee Hyori has ended, they will take full responsibility to the singer’s recent album plagiarism case.

Mnet released their official stand on the plagiarism case regarding composer Bahnus off Lee Hyori’s recent 4th album ‘H-Logic’ on the 21st. Mnet said, “The composer in question Bahnus has told us that the 7 songs off the album are his songs, and they were leaked out due to a guide recording 4~5 years ago. We were also told that he has been given the signed documents from the foreign singers who have claimed that the songs are plagiarised.”

Mnet also added, “But in order to confirm what we were told, we tried to personally looked up 6 of the officials of the foreign singers affect. We managed to contact 3 of them and they had replied that they think they have not given any rights of the song to Bahnus, and we also promised them we will take the moral responsibility regarding the case.”

Currently, Mnet is in negotiations with 2 of the parties through their lawyers regarding the rights to the songs. Mnet, “As compared to anything, our priority is our artiste Lee Hyori’s name which is in question due to this case.”

Mnet ended off with, “We are really sorry towards the fans who have continued to show support for Lee Hyori. We will work to reveal and disclose all the information we have gathered regarding the case. Even though our contract with Lee Hyori has ended, we will take full responsibility until the case is closed fully.”



24 Responses

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  2. soiled her name… hope they aren’t just saying this to calm the public, they have to do right by her.

  3. i knew since may that mnet was talking to some of the indie singers lawyers. mnet tried to cover their ass for so long but it caught up to them. it was no stopping when the issue came back up. only after the issue came back up it seems mnet was starting to stop ignoring the singers. mnet dont deserve to be looked at as a hero. mnet are evil bitches who would had ignored the singers if it was not for the help of this korean i cant name.

    due to this korean i cant name and his blog. the information he linked and posted got spread to countless korean blogs. while the people in the other blogs did not take all the info from his blog they took pieces of it and it spread like wildfire. i am sure mnet phones was ringing off the hook. people wanting answers. so while mnet was not saying anything they was trying to pretend like they are the good guys by finally not ignoring the indie singers.

    therefore mnet and their media play can go to hell. what is worst is the countless sites who was aware of this issue back in may because the tips that was sent to them. yet the sites who got tipped did not take the story. now because it is admitted to be true now everyone wants to report on it.

    that is such a shame that tips would not even be looked at and used even if all the evidence was there that proven bahnus was a liar. i understood the korean media not reporting on it because mnet is so big there. i just never understand why sites like these ignored the tips.

    it is like sites like these who ignored the tips are no better than mnet who ignored those indie singers until the issue came back up again.

  4. atleast they’re doing the right thing this time, as opposed to the past issues..

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  6. Mnet is great agency it seems like they really care about Hyori unnie and their artists CN Blue, SeeYa
    ,t-ara, Davichi, FT Island, SG wannabe etc are lucky to be under agency like Mnet

  7. THEY BETTER! it’s kinda their fault for ‘approving’ that Bahnus guy anyway…

  8. I wish all the best to Hyori unnie

  9. Sm should learn from mnet

  10. Such a great company !

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