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Taecyeon, “Please don’t come to our dorm”

Boyband 2PM’s Taecyeon made a request to fans that visit their dorm.

Taecyeon wrote on his twitter on the 19th, “Please don’t come to sukso… Its the only place where we can relax and rest… yelling our names in the morning only causes troubles for us.”

On the other hand, 2PM is awaiting concerts on 7/31 and 8/1 at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium.

(Sukso means dorm in korean.)

S:Moneytoday, http://twitter.com/taeccool

58 Responses

  1. From the comments above, he wrote in ENGLISH o.o
    Is that stating that it’s the international fans?

    Though his msg is very blunt and can come across as being rude. He has the right to tell people to not be loud or fangirls to not be out there every night.
    I will admit that there are better ways than this. Like personally going down and tell them to go to sleep Lol.
    That suggestion may work with him or against.

  2. idk what’s the real reason behind his tweet, i mean why didnt he let the company manage it?why in english? but yeahh they deserve to rest and have privacy, being an idol is really hard to get it.as a fan i can understand those fans, cuz they love their idols so they want to see&hear them, i myself still want dbsk to be together even knowing what’s happening now, is it that bad? but i know that stalking them into their dorms is really too much. though still think that he shouldnt say such a thing, even if fans are too much,he should still be thankful to them,he should learn more from SENiOR IDOLS like dbsk,suju,ss501 u could always see how they’re so humble, thankful, and their fanclubs are korea’s top,

  3. Rules for this sort of thing should be laid down by his management. Privacy is essential to everybody and public figures in particular but this isn`t his job. Also I think maybe people would pay more attention if it an official statement was offered.

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  5. He’s a celebrity, but that doesn’t mean he has to take everything these crazy fangirls do in stride. Anyone would be cranky if you have the schedule idols’ do and came home to the war cries of hormonal girls. Not to mention, 2pm are not the only people living in that building and I’m sure they don’t appreciate the ruckus either. What it comes down to is just something for the people who really don’t like Taecyeon to jump on the bash wagon. If you don’t respect/like Taecyeon that’s fine, but at least respect the other 100+ people living in the building

  6. No offense, but don’t become famous if you want if you still want a normal life, and privacy.
    Because surprise surprise, you won’t get it.

  7. Why are people getting so worked up over a tweet that he seems to polietly ask his fans to stop coming to their dorms. I get that some of you are angry that it’s in English yet he says “Sukso” which means dorm in Korean which some international fans might not understand.

    But why is this such a big deal to you? Even though there are bound to be crazy sahseng fans following 2PM from Korea or are just non-Koreans or Korean-Americans stalking 2PM, he has a right to say this. Why is this such a bad thing for him to say?

  8. I’m afraid if he wrote something like that then korean netizen begin to make anything about him bad and then, once again 2PM got the problem about member being harsh >< being celeb is really hard~

  9. I don’t see why you critisize him for tweeting that.

    Ok, it does sound cocky, but I am guessing they got a warning from the neighbours or something. It really is troublesome when fans start stalking around the building. How would you feel to live in a complex, where there are fans 24/7 at the entrance and to make it worser they scream names at well.

    If they truely are fans then they should respect their idol’s environment as well. Or the same will happen to them as what happened to DBSK. They had a really hard time finding new dorms, because no one wanted to be their neighbours.

  10. well taec why don’t you just tell them directly.. how can u expect them to know asap esp u told them in english. duh

    • all he got to do is to take the lift, walk towards the fans, smile, sign, and tell them, please dont come here from now on, lets meet at the HQ? its better and effective.rather than to leave the fans hurt like this.

      • Hhaha, i think if the fans saw Taec in real life they would all start screaming and asking for autographs and more fans will start coming if it spread that Taec was making public appearances. Telling it via twitter is direct enough (especially since nearly everyone in Korea has internet).

        also WHY WOULD THIS HURT FANS! Unless their the ones who are shouting at him.

      • I think this can work…
        SS501 members used to do so to the fans that stayed in front of their dorms.
        I dunno whether Hottests r just wilder than TS coz if it is, then poor Taec will get mobbed for trying to negotiate with them fangirls….lol

  11. taec kinda arrogant these days…he shouldn’t tweet like that….let the manager handle it (like hit them or something :D)…this kinda remind me of Jaebum when arrive at airport first thing he does is bow to his fan….hes kinda humble…

  12. If you all hate him (Taec) so much why bother and comment so MANY comments about him you are the
    Hypocrites !!!!!!!!!

    All of you can not leave without hearing or seeing or reading every bit of information abour Taec or 2PM !!!!!

    Just groq up and admit it !!!!

    Taec we Hottests love you and the boys do not pay attention to these Hypocrites!!!!!!!!

    • Nobody is hating, stop being so sensitive. People are all entitled to their own opinions.

  13. taec should learn from SHINHWA how to manage their fans and ask them leave the dorm and not come back

  14. Why didn’t he freakin tweet it in KOREAN so the people that are actually doing that will get the message. I know that some fans can be extremes but he shouldn’t have posted that comment like that. If he has problems with those people then tell your manager or the security guard in the apartment complex. The situation could have easily been dealt with in a quite matter, which won’t hurt the fans that actually still care for stuck up guy he is.

  15. He shouldn’t have tweeted this -,- after all they need fans, and it’s sorta the price you gotta pay for fame.. He should’ve left this for his managers or agency to handle. It’s hurtful for the fans (probably) to read/hear it from the artist themselves. Even though the fans can be over sometimes but hey they’re still your fans you know.. Just saying

    • what!

      This is not the price of fame! everyone deserve peaceful nights to sleep weather their a celeb or not. I think Taec was right to tell it to the fans straight. Also i have no idea how he’s words would hurt regular fans who don’t do this sort of crazy things. Maybe he will lose some obsessive fans but that would be great for him. Just because people are your fans don’t give them the right to do crazy shit.

  16. But i think the company or manager will be the one to ask the fans to not come, or in a proper ways… not the artist itself, its look/feels like im hurt as a fan if my fav person the one saying this….what do you think?

    • yup.agreed.taec is my fav in 2pm.but his words sometimes can be perceived as harsh.and this is one of it.

    • I’m taec fan and I’m not hurt because I won’t ever stalk them to their dorm and yelling out their names in the middle of the night.
      He just stated what most idols think but don’t dare to speak up for themselve.

      • yes,they deserved to a quite place, but they need a fans too… give and take… fans s the one who/where are they now… they will xpect that this will happen to them, Ever since fans will be like this… and yes fans also are annoying actually, i dont know why theres a fans like this, a die hard fans…they dont have a life? how they make a living? they stalker! But thank God im not like that…

        But for me i think manager or the company will the one to announce like this…

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  18. Like the fan girls will care? They dare to do so once (or more) so whats the point of telling them to not come there and yell out ur names? “…it would cause us more troubles.” then tell your manager to shoo the fan girls away. By posting these kind of so-called complainings, Taec just wants to gain attention to himself. This happened before too. What an attention seeker tsk tsk.

  19. can someone tell me what sukso is/means….?

    • oh and furthermore why right it in english? surely type it in korean for those involved to understand no wonder why some hottests are making a big deal out of it…

    • Sukso = dorm. If i’m not mistaken.

  20. Hypocrite, it is the price that comes with being a celebrity.

    • The price of being a celebrity is having people standing outside your apt at all hours of night? Sometimes if the celeb’s building isn’t that nice, the fans even stand right outside their doors…

  21. Saseng meaning privacy.

  22. It’s not only 2PM fans. It goes for every celebrity out there. They call these fans 사생팬 (saseng fans).

  23. Taec just ask JYP for a better dorm and live in 10 th floor so you can’t hear them easy.

  24. It is ridiculous how they call themselves fans, however yet they be selfish and inconsiderate always doing crazy and stupid things..

  25. the fans shouldnt do tat. they should let the boys have more rest. it really juz cause troubles for them!! even celeb must have their own personal time!! no offence but i think the fans are quite rude

  26. my korean cousin told me that their friends(hardcore 2pm fans) go there because they want to see the girls who spent the night there.

    • Wow. SERIOUS? That’s a lil’ extreme. Fans really need to get a life.

    • Though that’s really a sad thing for fans to do, I believe it’s not the case. Their manager sleeps in the same dorm so he won’t allow it. Singers, like sportsman, can’t have as much sex as they like cos it makes them too tired for their schedules the next day.

    • wew… i bet… the korean fangirls don’t have anything to do.. ckckc
      they need a life…wew…

  27. ughhh 2PM fangirls are so annoying -___-

  28. I understand his point cuz fans can be crazy at times…, but I feel that as a celeb, he should be humble about this (just keep it to himself and within his members, let the manager handle the fangirls) because without fans, he won’t be famous…

    • i dont know what others feel about this,but i have to agree with you. he wrote the tweet in english, so probably its for us international fans. if it is international fans who went there at night, he should have also think of the fans who came far away to see them.i think as a celebrity, he should know how to respond to this issue better.being outspoken can come off as rude to others.

    • I completely agree with you. He shouldn’t have said that. Let the managers handle it. He’s a celebrity therefore a public figure. He should’ve known that being an idol (and being packaged as one) will include this kind of attention. You can’t always bask in good attention. You also have to deal with the bad ones. Ya know?

    • I completely understand him. Celebrities know that their fans want to know what they are doing, but they need a space that is just theirs. fans should be mindful of this and let them have some space of their own.

  29. Mainly because the fans might catch Taec IN FLAGRANTE DELICTO with JYP! Ke Ke Ke……..

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