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Yang HyunSeok, “Big Bang and 2NE1 will do well even if they are to debut in the American music market”

Big Bang to 2NE1, and even Se7en and Gummy. This summer, we are seeing the comeback of some of the biggest artistes in Kpop. As Yang HyunSeok word it, “YG mobilization”.

Since 2NE1’s minialbum released last July, there has not been any offline album release from YG Family. And the question is why the 1 year blank for some of the great artistes in Kpop like Big Bang, 2NE1, Se7en and Gummy?

Yang HyunSeok explained, “For a singer, the contents is very important when it comes to determin win or defeat. The YG members had made use of the time to make and practise their new songs. From July, the YG singers will be back in order.”

And recently having moved to a new office building, YG producers like Teddy and Perry, as well as some of the top American artistes, have been staying long term in the building to do music producing for the YG singers in full swing. Yang HyunSeok said, “These are some of the artistes who would not have come even if invited with great amount of money in the past. They were awed by Big Bang or 2NE1. They even praised them that they would be able to debut in the States.”

Some here are the line up for the comeback of the YG singers:

  • 1st July – TaeYang’s 1st full length album
  • 21st July – Se7en’s comeback after 3 years.
  • 24th and 25th July – Gummy with her independent concert after 4 years
  • Also upcoming – 2NE1 and Big Bang


125 Responses

  1. When American and European entertainers take as much interest in Asia as Asian entertainers do in the aforementioned continents, we may have something to talk about. Please, Asian entertainers, don`t be so eager to please music industries in foreign countries that you lose yourself, changing what doesn`t need change. It`s good to travel and expand your horizons but DON`T SELL OUT!

  2. idk about kpop artists getting loved in america. although they might have a strong fanbase, there are still many that would disapprove, no matter how hard they try. when perez hilton had an interest in big bang and 2ne1, he put up their videos and many of them were disgusting/bashing comments.

    nonetheless, it’s really nice that american producers praised them.


  4. i am happy for all YG artist.. i’ll be supporting them where ever they maybe YG FAMILY is LOVE

  5. watev YG. We haven’t had a single 2ne1 dose in almost a year, and your saying they would do well in America. wtf? Deal with our starvation first before saying anything farfetched.

  6. YG is smart enough to not completely make these comments a basis for US debut plans so ppl shouldn’t really fret. He’s not as US-centric as JYP too, so I doubt he’d make BB and 2ne1 go there right now or even in a few years time. He had quite an experience with Se7en, so I’m quite confident that he wouldn’t plunge just like that. Ppl who are mostly overreacting here are probably non-fans, tbh. Like really.

    Personally, if WGs were able to promote and were able to make an impression there, then I’m probably a bit at peace to know that given the right adjustments, management and sufficient preparation, then maybe BB and 2ne1 can make a shot as well. But really, what’s the point. Nobody’s saying at YGE that these artists will make a jump.

    Anyhoo, as for asian cross-overs, I believe while promoting there is relatively okay, if the ppl there with big machinery wanted you, they will be the ones calling and initiating it. That’s what these kpop artists who are trying to cross-over there lack. For the most part. I mean no offense but even the most succcessful kpop ‘crossover’ group WGs aren’t all that yet, so I don’t see why some ppl are making them a basis. All of them are pretty much the same.


    two-thumbs-up for YG Family!!!!XD

  9. eh. they’re too wannabe.
    I think they have talent but they’re so wannabe it’s a turn off. but who knows. if they do decide to try to make it in America maybe they will be accepted.

    • Wannabe what? You know them so well what do they want to be?
      Stop trying to make a point with the same dusty statement.

  10. “These are some of the artistes who would not have come even if invited with great amount of money in the past. They were awed by Big Bang or 2NE1. They even praised them that they would be able to debut in the States.”

    How do you bold this or make it large?
    Special services need to be done for the ignorant people who can’t see or read well.

  11. so agree :]

  12. oh look, TOP just released his video

  13. i went to the wondergirls concert for their US tour and i must say, but i do adore them, that they did pretty well. they werent a high demand and that amazing, but i think that they werent THAT successful. there music concept is different from BB and 2ne1 therefore i think if they come here they have a higher chance of doing better then the wondergirls. there arent much mean and rude attention from ( not to be racist) americans, but many people actually enjoyed them. i think if there were to probably guest star at some american artists shows they would easily slide into the american music industry.

  14. this is also my second thought on the idea after reading some of the comments. i think everyone should stop arguing and getting ahead that BB and 2ne1 are and will definetly be going to the americas when there not. this article is IF they were too. and IF they were too like i said in my other comment they WILL succeed. if bigbang were to tour the US they would be a high demend. its not like there gonna LIVE here in america. i live in america and i do understand the racist comments to asians and all the rude things but its good to experience and be knowledgable of all there fans other then in asia. there fans from places in asia such as korea,china,taiwan,japan,thailand, singapore are here in america too. its not like there coming here to live but to just perform for their fans in america.
    so whatever the decision, i still do support them if they come or not. but i can now say that they are very popular in america.

  15. i live in the US and have gone to the Wondergirls concert, whom were one of the few groups from korea. and if 2NE1 and BIGBANG come to america, they will be sure to succeed! there music concepts are very similar to ones here and they also speak english so i think they will do weel. if they come i will surely come support them in concert!

  16. PEOPLE PLAESE READ CAREFUL or u should read it AGAIN or for some people u should ACTUALLY read the WHOLE article not JUST THE TITLE then u can comment.
    i dont think YG wanna let BB and 2NE1 debut in USA anytime soon. i dont think they even want to debut in USA anyway.
    and why so negative??? be more optimistic ppl !!!!! u dont know if u dont try, u only live once why not try out everything, at least when u fail u wont regret that “u have not tried your best right, that u have LIVED meaningful and corlourful”. living and doing things SAFELY is not BIGBANG. so if they r not suitable w US market now, but no one can predict their limitation so who knows will they success or not right???
    your opinion is based on “facts” but FACTS happen when they r actually BE DONE right??? so just keep an eye on them and keep the US debut of BB and 2ne1 ideals in your minds, so one day when it does happen u can say ” I TOLD U SO” or u may say “OH IT ACTUALLY HAPPENS”. unpredictable is BB’s future that my opinion cus their limitation is unpredictable too.

  17. […] Yang HyunSeok, “Big Bang and 2NE1 will do well even if they are to debut in the American music ma… Posted on June 21, 2010 by sookyeong […]

  18. God!, will you people fucking relax! He didn’t say he was going to ship BIGBANG or 2NE1 to the U.S. and make them debut immediately.

    You people are too quick to assume that nether group is going to be successful. Yes, all the K-pop groups so far that went to the U.S. didn’t do well, but that doesn’t automatically mean none of them can.

  19. Okay I love BB. Success in US is highly doubtful.

  20. Something I really need to say..

    1. To those who said YG SAID BIGBANG AND 2NE1 COULD MAKE IT IN US, please reread the content. If you still believe the CAPITAL LETTERS STATEMENT then, you probably have problem in comprehending article.

    2. AMERICAS does discriminating other people but I can still see Black/Asian/Europe doing well in US. With GOOD SONGS, GOOD ARTIST MANAGEMENT and GOOD STRATEGY, there will always be a chance for any race/nation in the world could do big in US. Don’t forget to save lot of PATIENT.

    3. As I mention on my other comments in this article, it would have been better if they go international rather than focusing on US. They already have fans around the world. So they should provide mean (YGE Official website) for these international to interact with other YGE’s fans and share latest news word wide rather than for local community only.

  21. UM…..What are you guys talking about??????

    Does it make me a bad fan if I dont care how well they do, as long as I get to see them once in concert!?

    F*ck doing ‘well’ in the US! They still have Korea!
    I dont care if they’d Fail in the US here I JUST WANNA SEE THEM! *my desperate cries* 😦

    I already bought tickets to WonderGirls just to find they were cancelled…I CANT HAVE MY HEART BROKEN AGAIN! *cries*.(the tickets came in the mail & everything…) X(

  22. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo, Embut Pangestu, ezy, Amanda Dwisstya, david smith and others. david smith said: Yang HyunSeok, “Big Bang and 2NE1 will do well even if they are to …: And recently having moved to a new office … http://bit.ly/bZ60kk […]

  23. only suju and snsd will do well in the us. :))

    • lmao!! XD thank you

    • LMAO! sure a bunch of guys who kiss each others with only KRY who can sing will do sooooo well in the US. And snsd LOL whatever don’t even want do say what I want to say cuz stupid sones will get all butthurts. Girlgroups don’t survive in the US.

      • LOL, i’m pretty sure he was kidding about suju and snsd.

        I love suju and I like snsd, BB, and 2ne1. But America is passed that boyband/girl group phase.

        If anything maybe a solo artist will make it. Only time will tell.

    • nice joke. LOL

    • snsd will be digging their own graves if they expand to the US.:)) Suju will never succeed because they have way too many members…and honestly they can’t speak english that well. I’m happy with them being in Asia.

    • I’d rather all my kpop boys n girls stay in Asia.
      Sorry i don’t want them to be the victims of racism….
      Enough with the demeaning comments directed to WG by some racists.

  24. damn agree!!! gogo BIGBANG!!

  25. getting a bit cocky, eh? 🙂

    • who’s cocky?
      If you’re talking about YG, then you must go back to school and learn how to understand what your reading.

    • you’ve got some problem with your eyes… it seems like you miss the real content…

    • Yang HyunSeok said, “These are some of the artistes who would not have come even if invited with great amount of money in the past. They were awed by Big Bang or 2NE1. They even praised them that they would be able to debut in the States.”
      read it carefully, the one who said it is not YG.

  26. 2NE1 ENGLISH interview…

    Ithink they can handle it…
    but i still disaggree with them advancing to the US.
    most ‘asian’ music artists are highly discriminated and ridicule.

    EX: Wonder Girls. Rain. etc.
    im a fan but please no! keep them in ASIA.

  27. only taeyang will debut in USA

  28. american producers do not know anything except producing music, lol.

    its their job.

    leave the PR and marketing side of things to their respected roles.

    but then again, people are taking it to seriously. of course producers whom YG have met will say they’ll do well. its common courtesy. WOULD THEY seriously say “although bb and 2ne1 are the sh** here, they will not do so hot in america”. they wouldnt, lol.

    people doubted wg. saying too cute. theyre not doing so bad. maybe not up to standards, because the bar is set so high by people like beiber (i dont get the craze though), but theyre doing well in THEIR OWN respect. and theyre trying, so you gotta respect that too, as utada, boa and se7en as mentioned in a post above.

    whatever though, peopel can say he or she will do well and we can argue all we want. fact is, if they havent tried, we dont know. its only a matter of time though, till YG tries again. it’ll be big bang, im sure of it. 2ne1 hasnt even tackled the japanese market yet and i think they’ll make a run for the filipino market before too but idk

  29. YG did not say this! American artists and producers YGE has been working with said this: “They were awed by Big Bang or 2NE1. They even praised them that they would be able to debut in the States.”

    As for those quick to say they would fail, just remember that some of the current most popular artists in the US, like Kesha and Lil Wayne, aren’t very talented or original either. The simple fact that BB and 2NE1 are Asian is the main reason they wouldn’t do well. Sad, but true.

    I’d like for them to stick to the Asian market where they will be successful and appreciated. If anything, they should just tour the US for their international fans. ^_^

    • Thank you! Someoen who read the article. That qoute in the title is a paraphrase. Idk why they qouted it.

      “Big bang and 2NE1 will do well even if they are to debut in the American music market”

      That exact qoute (word for word) is not even found in the article.

      He said: “These are some of the artistes who would not have come even if invited with great amount of money in the past. They were awed by Big Bang or 2NE1. They even praised them that they would be able to debut in the States.”

  30. I LOVE BIGBANG, but i don’t think they should debut in USA (i know the American producers said this about the not YG)
    why every kpop artists dream is to debut in the USA ? what is so great about it ?
    I mean a lot of Americans are racist towards Asians (I’m not saying all the American, but there are MANY who are racist)
    just stay at your own country please ^___^

    • Good luck to them if they ever do try to debut in the states but all i’m saying is if ppl like FEM and David choi aren’t famous or that well known outside the asian community and are amazing how well can bb or 2ne1 do?….. And if I was a producer getting payed by YG why the hell wud I say that group am producing for aren’t good or woudn’t do well in the US? No moron wud say that. On the other hand the PD cud actually beieve that who no’s.

      • Soz don’t no why it posted it here.^^’…..and to answer ur question the MONEY that’s why ppl wanna make in the states,the same reason why Korean artist try and make it japan it’s two of the worlds biggest money makers wen it comes to music. If Europe was as big as the states or japan they wud try to make it out here to.

  31. i wonder how many of you actually read the article. YG didn’t say they would do well, it was the american producers they are working with that said it.

    i’d prefer if they stay in korea for now…

  32. Idk… Big Bang will get laughed at for wannabe bad boys since asians are deemed uncool. They’ll have to combat stereotypes first if they wanna succeed…. which is more work to do than female asians who are deemed to be “hot”

    2NE1 maybe… they are kind unique in terms of no other girlgroup doing hip hop….. alsoooooo they can follow on wonder girls trodden paths which will make it easier for them to become successful whereas big bang can’t…

    Sexist but it’s true.

  33. I think YG is just saying that as music-based, they will do well in America but he’s not really saying that people will LOVE them. Big Bang and 2NE1 has the energy, determination and talents. They can’t fail in music, surely they will do well in america music wise, but that doesnt mean everyone will love them or they will be popular. i think thats what YG could’ve meant.


  34. Mr. YG, sorry but they will fail in the US. First of all..their style is not so unique in the US. American people will mock them and say “they are trying to be someone they’re not”. What is cool and unique in Asia can sometimes be different from the States.

  35. As much as I love BB and 2NE1, I too don’t think they’d succeed here. First off, there are TONS of talented Asian-Americans who speak perfect English and live in America who can’t get anywhere with the entertainment world. What makes them think non-speaking or heavily accented Asians from overseas will make it? If an Asian were to make it big in America, it’s gonna be an Asian-American first. America is a cruel place, either you make it or you don’t. You can be the biggest star one day and then lose it all the next day. No one, not even artists under popular agencies can save you. Agencies/record companies here don’t treat you like family, you are an employee. If you don’t sale, you get dropped. Support, like success, in America is nothing like in Korea.

    Plus, like everyone’s been saying the market for boy/girlgroups in America has been dead long ago.

  36. omfg hell yeah they would…i so totally agree with YG 🙂

  37. I adore YG
    But please please, do not extract BB and 2NE1 of Korea, we do not want another failure as se7en, boa, Wonder Girls……….

    • you can’t say that wondergirls failed…lol although i don’t like them that much i credit their music..many media companies in the US and Britain credits their music..and please…wondergirls are not FAILURES..compared to other artists who tried to enter the market..Wondergirls are the true winners here. BUT i feel sad because i know for a fact that my favorite group SUperJunior will never ever make it to the US market.:(

  38. If they polished up their English (which is actually already surprisingly good), got better management who’ll actually promote them (unlike se7en), and made good songs.

    I can see them doing pretty good. (don’t get me wrong, pretty good as in not flopping – but nothing ground breaking)

    But tbh, I don’t get the hype of Taeyang… everyone saids he’ll do well, but other than dancing, I don’t find anything special about his voice. I personally believe that Seungri (the one that everyone hates) sings better than him, and all 5 members of BB’s stage presences are around the same.

    I’m not trying to hate on Taeyang, but I just can’t understand why everyone thinks he’ll do well and not the other 4. The only person I think wouldn’t do well in the USA is GD, because he’s too crazy, and people can’t handle his craziness.

    • PS: I’m not trying to belittle Taeyang, or underrate him. But I just can’t find what’s so appealing about him compared to the other 4.

      He’s a great singer and dancer, but then again I believe the other 4 are also.




      • I dislike BB but, damn you must be trippin’. Taeyang has the best voice (although when he was singing wedding dress and was doing those live stages during the music award shows his voice was completely awful). Also he looks the least gayest (his fashion is sharp and nice hair cut-not typical pretty boy style hair). I think he could do decent in America if he knew English.

        The only one who comes kinda close to singing as good as Taeyang is Daesang but he seems to prefer singing mediocre, pop-y songs.

      • WTF are you talking about? Dae is the best sing in BB.

      • agree! there’s nothing special with taeyang’s voice!
        I prefer Dae or Seungri’ s voice
        Dae’s voice is kinda soft and pure.
        yepp. I did’nt get why everyone says that taeyang have the best voice.
        oh please!

    • lol you know nothing about music then

    • .. because taeyang’s music is ❤ ^^

  39. blah not at all. big bang and 2ne1 would fail if they tried to debut. so nope.

  40. getting a bit cocky, eh?

  41. where’s 1TYM? :/

  42. Well, result and fact first, talking second.
    When there’s a proof so called do well in america then he can brag about it..
    Don’t talk to high dude, remember ur ‘unsucessful’ US protege? 7?

  43. UM…he can say whatever, but PLEASE don’t let them debut in America. I love BB & 2NE1, but I seriously don’t want to see another “failed” mission by a Korean artist….YG should already know this cuz of Se7en’s incident….why haven’t he learned his lesson yet?!

    • i know..this guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about..2NE1 & BB are big stars in Asia..and that’s it. If they want to succeed in the US they should try changing their style and music.

      • “i know..this guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about..”

        I guess that you too.
        he said what the AMERICAN PRODUCERS said, not what he said.

    • their style and music are kind of what america likes but the thing is….an asian boyband and girlband doing hip hop like American’s artists? Lol, they will get laughed at. 2NE1 might have a slight chance considering girl artists are always welcomed…

    • @Babya whethee he said that or the american producers did…they will still FAIL.

  44. uh NO, simple as that, no kPOP artists will, the YG artists will be dubbed wannabees, they might do a bit better than seven. The only person out of this 2 groups that might have modest successs is Taeyang and Taeyang only, anyone who actually follows the U.S market will agree along with me.

  45. Well, I don’t think Big Bang or 2NE1 is able to make it in the US for now. However, if you’re talking about solo debuts. I do think among them, Tae Yang would stand a very high chance to succeed over there. =)

  46. eh, i thought yang said so himself. turns out it was these “american artists” who said they’d do well. the title is misleading.

    anyways i’d like to see them try. until they actually go there and debut, this is all just big talk with nothing to back it up. in fact, se7en tried, failed, and has apparently given up already.

    2ne1 in the hip hop industry? seriously?

    • se7en did not gave up! YG pulled him out in the US for some reasons but american producers were still willing to produce music for se7en..

      i think YG is saying that on behalf of “american artists” who came to his company and admire BigBang & 2ne1..its not really from YG’s point of view..

      2ne1 has a greater chance but Dara needs to improve her singing..she dances pretty good though..
      as for Big Bang, i don’t think they will succeed as a group but TAEYANG can do well in the states..his songs’ been garnering attention in the US and among the Big Bang members, he has the greatest amount of foreign fans from western countries and in europe as well..TAEYANG will do just fine.. 🙂

    • 2ne1 cant do it.

      the era of hip hop girl groups in the US is over.
      the two of the biggest, destiny’s child and tlc were 90’s. and its a stretch for a korean group to bring back that fad.

      if they were to go into pop, it’d be a different story since its goign to target a different group of audience but who knows

  47. YG said ‘do well’ which is equivalent to ‘mediocre’, so don’t get all hyped up. I agree with YG, they will do well, but not do great.

    Anywho YG ‘domination’ in Korea is fine with me as well!

  48. want to bet ??

  49. even though I love BB, I don’t think they’d succeed in the american market. 2ne1, on the other hand…if they were to do more RnB/hip hop as opposed to catchy hip pop, they might be able to break through

    • Agreed. I think 2ne1 may have a chance – US doesn’t do boy band but Girls are ok. And I love 2ne1’s vibe.

  50. i do think that too…
    but with a BETTER MANAGEMENT than the one who handled SE7EN when he was trying to come here in the U.S.
    but i think U.S. is not ready for crossovers that are from Asia in my opinion…

  51. If this is some kind of foreshadowing, then DNW. Keep them in Korea for now please (still love you, YG lol) ♥

  52. LOL no way ! People would make fun of them… Boybands and girlbands are over in the US. They would not be taken seriously especially 2NE1 who tends to have a style that would get ridiculous there.

    Sorry YG but you can’t think THAT high of your groups. Get real. If BoA, Se7en, UTADA… failed, I don’t see how BB and 21 would succeed. Get real.

    • I am going to agree – sadly.

      Boy/girl bands are not in style in America and to add on top of that they are Asian. There are not even 1% Asian musician/singers in the US market right now. It would take an explosion of KPop, or even from JPop, for them to be successful. However – just like every other market, it will last 12 months to 18 months and then revert back to American based singers.

      Look at what happened to the “Spanish” explosion. We had all those stars and who has survived to make it? Jennifer Lopez – she is more of a movie star. Shakira – who sells more records to the Spanish speaking community than the English. Ricky Martin is not even singing much anymore.

      IF THEY MAKE IT it will be short lived. History is against them.

    • Um YG is talking about the AMERICAN PRODUCERS currently working for YGE.

      They are the ones that praised BB and 2NE1 saying that they would do well in the states, NOT YG

    • sigh, i really wanted BoA to succeed. she had the whole package.

      i honestly think it wasnt on her though. they way she was marketed and supported wasnt all that great. her management rearranged her image and dumped her into supposed mainstream music and basically said “go get it”.

      i havent followed utada but she has such a loyal band of supporters in a smaller demographic. idk about se7en. i somewhat followed his journey but it was literally a bridge with only one side. he went and fell off as if YG just decided to pull him back and stop with the advancement or something


  54. How about Se7en , i dont think BB and 2ne1 will do better in American cuz their style is already like American hip hop, and American do not need Asian doing hip hop like American lol

    • Because of ppl that think like you, that’s why Asians can never move forward in the american music market.

  55. WOOO… WOOT WOOT.. no words can describe how i feel now hehe

  56. Just like Se7en?

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking… Because YG’s success was Se7en was so good! (Note the sarcasm)

      Big Bang… heck no. They would get made fun of majorly. And there would be so many things for people to pick at… starting with their height, their pronounciation, the fashion choices G-dragon makes, the fact that they don’t write their own rap lyrics… the possibilities are endless!

      2ne1 might be able to end up somewhere in the lower Billboard 100s with good management, because two of the four can at least speak English fluently enough to promote themselves. CL can’t speak fluently, but she has good enough pronounciation to rap in English so that’s a plus. And they are all reasonably hot girls, so that’s also a plus.

      Either… I hope YG Entertainment smartens up enough
      to keep Big Bang and 2ne1 in Korea where they will be actually appreciated.

      • I totally agree with you on Big Bang. Even though we love them in Asia, an advance in to the US Market would just mean lots of ridicule. Anyway you look at it, they are still a boyband, and boy bands in the US are associated with a lot of derogatory words. They would just be referred to as Chinese backstreet boys or what not.

        2ne1 on the other hand might be able to do well.
        CL is actually from San Jose. If you see her speak English, you can see that she is actually very fluent. She even mentioned that when she first came to Korea, she was really bad at Korean. Bom is also very good at English. She barely has any accent, but when she sings, she kind of does. Dara on the other hand is the one who has an accent, even if she is fluent in English.

        YG really should’ve kept trying with Se7en….he really could have done well!!!!

      • @Lindy:

        1. Height? what are you talking about. There are plenty of U.S. artists that aren’t that tall (if that’s what you’re implying). If some people dislike them simply because they aren’t that tall or too short, etc, than they are just ignorant.

        2. They can fix their pronunciation.

        3. GD changes his style all the time and when he’s with BIGBANG their style isn’t as ‘out of the ordinary’ compared to his solo stuff. Anyway, GD’s fashion isn’t that bad… I mean look at Lady Gaga her style is way more out there, but she still has thousands of fans and makes a whole lot of money.

        4. I think you might be misinformed. GD and T.O.P write their own rap lyrics and most of BIGBANG’s songs are composed by the members (GD specifically). Besides, there are plenty of U.S. artists who can’t write and/or compose their own songs so if BIGBANG couldn’t why should it matter.

        5. About them getting made fun of. Yeah, I agree that they will have haters, but who doesn’t? every major celebrity has haters because they can’t please everyone. But, I have to say that we can’t judge a whole country based on the few people in it that are racist or just plain immature.

    • Haha. It’s not like YG is planning to, those artists merely “praised” them. That’s all there is to it. Being a vip and blackjack, I wouldn’t want YG artists debuting in US anytime soon too. Heck, I’m just excited YG is on the roll now! This will be a good hype for TY, Se7en, Gummy, BB and my lovely 2NE1’s comeback!!

      (^ oh btw, 3 of them can speak english fluently in 2ne1 ^^)

      • Yup… I agree with your observation…

        But I don’t think by promoting themselves in the US is a very good thing to do. Yes, US is the largest entertainment market in the world, but solely making their mark there is too much I think.

        If only YG’s open a site in English or making the current site bilingual (artist infos, international membership, comments, forum etc), then they would be really open internationally.

        Yes, currently they also open for international fans but come on.. what could we do there, if we don’t understand the content?

        I think this should be YGE the first thing for them to internationally.

        You have my vote in this matter YG.

    • OMG…My thoughts exactly! I do think that 2NE1 could do well here. They have great songs, a great look and 3 are fluent in English and Bom and CL have lived here in the US so they know how to interact with Americans. Big Bang should stick to conquering Asia. Taeyang is the only BB member that might stand a chance solo but only if his English is good enough to promote an album. Se7en need to keep trying. Yes, he was here for three years but he can’t expect to become famous over night and he really needs to work on building a non-Korean US fan base if he really expects to make it.

      • I think YG should have let Se7en keep on trying too. He is a good-looking guy even by North American standards and he is a very good dancer. I think his promotions were just done soooooo, soooooo poorly by his management company and affliates that I feel really sorry for the guy.

        Perhaps Korean entertainment companies should learn something from how Johnny’s Entertainment is handling Akanishi Jin’s NA advance. Instead of marketing to the mainstream right away, he’s being marketed as some sort of counterculture sexy and exotic sensation that hipsters go to see at indie hideaways, and there is no expectation that he has to speak or sing in English well. HIs music might not be on the Billboards Top 100, but those sold-out shows are raking in money and his American fangirls are super happy.

      • I really don’t think any of them stand a chance in the US (as much as I admire TOP). People consider Big Bang as Hip-Hop, but if they try to sell that in the US, the hip-hop community would pretty much make fun of them. They’re more hip-hop lite than anything.

        I kinda agree with the whole 2ne1 being successful. I think CL could do really well actually. There are not a lot of female rappers at the moment and she’s actually pretty good, better than some of the male rappers in her company. So I think if CL solos she could definitely have a chance.

      • @Lindy. sorry but i have to disagree about JE. It’s different but not better than Korean enterntainement.

        honestly Jin concerts was far from a success.

        I know what I’m talking about because I was there, I attended to 2 of the 3 shows.
        more than 65% of the fangirls were from Japan.
        I mean, it was full so it’s good, right?.. but not in the best way maybe ?

        “his American fangirls are super happy.”

        well yes, the concerts were amazing (<33) but I have a lot of friends who couldn't go because it was sold out too fast because of the Japanese fangirls.
        In other words, I didn't felt that it was not an American concert.

        sorry, I can't explain better lol (I'm still so excited about it haha)

  57. I AGREE WITH THIS 100%!!!

    Even Canada loves BB!

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