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After School new member Lizzy’s past features revealed garner interests

Girlgroup After School new member Lizzy’s schooldays photos revealed garner interests.

Currently photos of Lizzy during her schooldays (elementary school and middle school days) are been posted and circulated on various portal community sites with netizens in great interests over them.

In photos revealed, Lizzy had looked like any other students. However, it was also pointed out that her past features have looked different from her current features.

Netizens’ comments are, “But still I want to say that she is cute”, “I felt betrayed looking at the photos”, “Now looking at her past photos, I don’t even feel shocked anymore” etc.

S: TVDaily


35 Responses

  1. hm i think she only got double-eye lid surgery

    it is pretty common in south korea.

  2. So what if they had surgery? It is their right and they paid fir it. Not u. They are the ones who experienced the pains nd not u!!!!stop making a bg deal ivet it. Geez. So childish

  3. That’s the power of make up. U don’t know why netizens always insist and make a big deal when stars had a plastic surgery. If u r too jealous then get ur faces fixed too

  4. she “only” did her eyelids. Without the double eyelids she looks just like the majority of Korean girls in my school. Seems like she got her eyelids done quite early in her life too. (Korea and their no age limit for plastic surgery ๐Ÿ˜ฆ )

  5. Her eyes have definitely changed.

  6. Its pretty obvious she got her eyes done. You all need to stop denying it. Make up does not give you double eye lids.

  7. It`s probably true. Many many idols-to-be do things like these – no reason to hate them, but I think their original skin tone & eyes are the best…

  8. Her skin got whitened like almost every other idol.
    Don’t kill me but this is the difference I see from her pics.
    Her nose got smaller, and her eyes got bigger.

    Regardless, I still like her. She’s slowly becoming my fav in AS

  9. double eyelids are ugly?!? no way

  10. If that is true that is SO sad. Why, why, why do they feel like they have to do that to look good? Lots of answers to that I guess but I will never understand it!

    • otherwise she’d look like a normal ugly person and there’s no way that an idol looks like that ..sad but true

  11. I’m a big AS fan but can see that Lizzy has done her eyes and most likely something subtle to her nose (like injections to make the nose bridge stand out more). Nothing major but still a little bit.

  12. She had double eyelids done. Are you guys seriously blind? Its pretty obvious. Not trying to say she looks VERY different or anything. But its clear she HAD something done on her eyes. Kpop industry gives rise to loads of fans in denial.

  13. LOL her haircut during middle school. She looks like a goddess tho..

  14. Also everyone always looks unrecognizable in those school pictures right? Hee hee
    It`s make up and lightning definitely but she looks cute

  15. Man everyone looks fucking different than they were like 5 years ago, I know for certain no one would recognize me if I showed them a photo of me 5 years ago.

  16. She looks the same! WTF is this!! And those pics of her were like 4 years ago??? People grow up! -_- I strongly believe Lizzy and Nana are definitely naturals in the group. Make up does wonders people!!!

  17. make up make up

  18. Netizens need to remember that she wears makeup now and she grew up. I for one don’t look anything like I did as a kid but I didn’t have any work done on my face.

  19. she’s pretty and pure I think, make up can change everything. korean make up even can make someone being ulzzang like~

  20. she kindah resembles han seunghyeon of kara..

  21. She looks like Rain in her elementary/middle school pics.

  22. She is look like so hee and han seung yeong. ,

  23. what’s the issue, again?

  24. i think she only did her eyelids but thats all

    • Agree! The only difference is that now she has double eyelids.. Netizens are clearly overreacting -___-

  25. Yeah i don’t get what they’re saying she look the same with a new haircut and make up
    so what? Netizens will always amaze me

  26. to be honest… she looks the same.

  27. She looks the same…but with a better haircut.

  28. she looks just as beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚ Just the hair is different of course :L

  29. mb it’s just makeup and better skincare?

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