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Orange Caramel garners great interests – official site server down due to overwhelming traffic

After School’s first global unique group Orange Caramel garners interests.

According to their agency Pledis, “After the airing of SBS Inkigayo on 20th June, Orange Caramel’s official homepage’s server was down for about 7 hours. This is due to many fans going to the site at the same time.”

After releasing the song ‘Magic Girl’, Orange Caramel performed live on the weekend music shows like KBS Music Bank, MBC Music Core and SBS Inkigayo last weekend. And their MV on online video sites also garnered more than 960K views in all.

Netizens’ comments about the girls are, “Their unique concept is very refreshing”, “Cute, refreshing and charming”, “It is good that they are doing a concept the others can’t do” etc.


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  1. thanks for ur articles

  2. It only proves one thing !
    Korea still loves cute things lol.

  3. No NANA is mine don’t
    steal her from me okey

  4. the song is horrible. i don’t care how pretty they are. i can’t listen to the entire song because it’s so bad. i really hope this isn’t the way kpop goes ever.

  5. well i guess nothing can be really new in music? things like sexy concepts, charismatic, hiphop, etc.

    idk why so many people dont like it but i find it quite nice to watch like this kind of “extreme cuteness” amongst all the “dark concepts”. yes, of course, jpop has been doing it, but well that doesnt mean kpop can’t try.

    however i do agree that this concept is not the best for raina… but she’s still good~!! ^^ well at least we can see After School’s subgroup trying smth new for them. (: im looking forward to the other subgrp and to gahee! ;D

  6. why do you people hate them so much? its like if a group starts to make waves, all others try to do is put them down.

  7. I think they’re cute. ^^

    The song is not my style, and I don’t like it, but I support Orange Caramel. :]

  8. They remind me of Cabbage Patch dolls.


  10. WTF! Why are K-netizens acting like its such an original concept when its blatantly ripped off J-pop? Then again, this is K-pop, everyday is filled with plagarism. Oh well, Nana looks gorgeous as usual and I’m warming up to Lizzy. (I feel sorry for Raina, her voice is put to waste with such a song and she looks like she is trying to0o hard to be cute. Then again, she is 21 years old, if I was 21 I would feel embarassed having to act like a child.)

  11. Does everyone in Korea only like cute stuff?


  13. Orange Caramel————HOW SWEET!!!!!

  14. perhaps when they say “THE others can’t do” refers to the other members of AS. which makes sense. you guys are too close minded. find the good in some people.

  15. o.o didnt expect that to come.. cuz honestly the song aint catchy and the group aint that interesting either.. and the concept is bleh……”a concept the others did not and can’t do..” say what !!!??O.O

    • yup the concept is sooo yesterday,but apparently its new for them….japan is already doing it like yearssss ago…

  16. Maybe by the line “It is good that they are doing a concept the others can’t do,” they mean that they can pull it off really well unlike those who are trying way too hard to be too cute. I wouldn’t really say that they are the best at this concept but they are doing well, so that’s good enough for me =]

  17. “a concept the others did not and can’t do..” LOL no.

  18. “a concept the others did not and can’t do..”?????. .
    its a big question mark.,maybe the translation are slightly wrong or they boasting themselves.

  19. I don’t know…something about grown women in their mid-20’s doing concepts like these is weird….definitely not cute.

    • They arent that old! Lizzy was born 1992, Nana 1991 and Raina 1990. Get your facts straight!

      • oops, my mistake – they look much older than their age hence why I assumed. Sorry. Anyway, I still think the concept is too cutesy for their age.

    • i agree, definitely not cute.
      yeah, they are not that old…but the song is still way too cutesy for their age… ><

  20. “a concept the others did not and can’t do..”. …….
    I beg your parden

  21. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo, mai彡rss. mai彡rss said: K Bites: After School unique group Orange Caramel garners great interests – official site server down due to overw… http://bit.ly/biJ6Tn […]

  22. “a concept the others did not and can’t do..”
    wait what?

    • maybe the person meant the other AS members.

    • netizens have found evidence that newly formed trio Orange Caramel’s debut single “Magic Girl” might be plagiarized.

      Seems like plagiarism is a never ending cycle in KPOP and now it has affected the new girl trio formed from members of After School, Orange Caramel. Orange Caramel released their debut single earlier this week “Magic Girl” and to those who follow JPOP as well might notice a striking similarity. The song “Magic Girl” bears a striking resemeblence to Saki Nakajima and Mai Hagiwara’s ”Hare no Platinum Doori”, which was released two years ago.


      • Netizens have also noticed that the “Magic Girl” music video borrows many influences from a previous Christian Dior Ad.

        The most obvious “influence” would be towards the end of the music video for “Magic Girl”, member Nana flies into the air holding onto balloons while a view of the city is behind her which is similar to what happens to the model in the commercial and ad. However, that is not the only thing that netizens have discovered that are similar. Netizens have pointed out that the colorful outfits that Orange Caramel wear in the music video are similar to what the model in the ad and commercial wear and even go into extreme detail stating that the sweets, cupcakes and the entire concept from this Dior ad was plagiarized for the “Magic Girl” music video.

      • no no no, false alarm,
        this was brought up by hello project fan on hello online website, and all the comments on that same post rejected this idea and this is coming from wotas, and if anyone’s heard the song before, yea it might have the same feel, but definitely not the same song,
        as for the mv, i dunno, but it seems like a pretty typical mv, with jpop influence

  23. omg the song is way too cutesy….

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