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Guess who #67

Another round of Guess Who!

One of the girls in the photos featured above is a female idol group members when she was in middle school. Guess which one it is!

She’s f(x) Victoria! And in the photo earlier, she is the girl on the far right.

The photos and a video were recently released on a online portal community site, and were taken off 2006 National Geographic documentary ‘Asia’s Star, Jang ZiYi’. And the crew went to Jang ZiYi’s alma mata, which is also one of the ellite dance schools in China.

And in a screne depicting the students doing their morning exercise, young Victoria was spotted! SM Entertainment also confirms that the girl in the video and photos is Victoria.

Netizens’ comments are, “Victoria is a beauty even from young”, “Victori has been jjang since she was little!” etc.


Did you guess it right?


16 Responses

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  3. I know that’s her since 1st glance 🙂
    NEXT guess who, please ^^

  4. Victoria looks like she’s a natural beauty 🙂

  5. I knew it was her!!!!!!!!

  6. Victoria is soooo beautiful.
    Vicky Fighting !!!!

  7. Guessed right.

    Both the girl in the pic and who it was. =D

  8. got it right~!!^^

  9. LOL I thought the girl in purple tee is SNSD Yuri.

    Victoria is so beautiful!

  10. lol i guessed wrong. i was looking at the girl in blue and thought of Hae Lim :]]]

  11. oh! cute victoria! she is really good in doing acrobats since middle school…

  12. What a cutie! X3

    I think she looks better with black hair. She looks soo cute in those pics!! <33

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