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Super Junior to end ‘Bona Mana’ promotions and proceed to promote followup hit ‘No Other’

Super Junior will end promotions for ‘Bona Mana’ and will proceed with promoting of the followup hit.

SM Entertainment announced, “Super Junior will reveal their followup hit ‘너 같은 사람 또 없어/No Other’ on online music sites like Melon, Dosirak, Bugs and Cyworld etc on th 25th.”

The song ‘No One’ will be included in the group’s 4th repackaged album and is a synth pop dance song with trendy hip hop beat. The producers to the song are Reefa and C-2, who have produced for singers like The Game, Fabolous and Ludacris, as well as Ryan Jhun. And the lyrics are written by Kenzie.

And coming 28th June, the 4th repackaged album, which will include songs like the remix version of ‘No One’ and ‘Shake It Up’, will be released.

Meanwhile, the group will have their goodbye stage on 25th June on KBS Music Bank.


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  1. wow…so many haters. Why you even talk about SuJu if you hate them so much? Go back and listen to new Miley Cyrus record or something. SuJu have lots of fans all around the earth. Big Bang release many mini albums but people still buy them, because SM make very very good quality packaging making collectable item for die hard fans. However, they must be very very tired from non stop promotion duties ever since the record released.

  2. I actually like being given the chance to buy repackaged albums, sometimes I have been too slow & lazy to get the original thing in time and so I have been able to get it anyway also all companies do this not just SM Yess I agree donghaelover Good Luck to SuJu!

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  5. the kpop music industry is moving so fast…that’s why artists tend to promote nonstop. anyway good luck suju:)

  6. LOL, why bitch about SME’s marketing plans. Just don’t buy the album if you think it’s such a waste. Or don’t buy the first release and just wait for the repackage album instead. Either way, you support them by just buying one or two albums they release within a year.

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  8. ooo, I shall await axiously for the next single and repackaged album. And for those saying it’s a ripoff, Mini albums are more of a ripoff than repackaged because min albums can up to 10 dollars and theres only like 4 song on them. To me those aren’t worth it. But I did buy Super Junior M’s album, but thats just because of Donghae, Kyuhyun, Henry and Zhou mi

    • but as least mini-album have all the new song
      while with Suju they usually release version A,B,C with the same song just different pictures and then again release the same album but this time with one new song

      but yeah that’s their way of making money so…

  9. can people read? it says the title is no other…. not no one…. damn people, and also, is donghae smoking?

  10. No One? Seriously?

    Omo.. No other is a better title coz NO ONE reminds of f.Cuz..^^

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  12. what’s with the rush? lol i loved bonamana (way better than sorry sorry imo, much more solid and better vocals/dance)~ i hope no other (no one?) is a good song (it may be like it was with Neorago – lots of fans found it better than sorry²)
    i wasn’t prepared and of course i’m buying it (i hate you SM sfm)

    • Since their next tour starts in august, they have to finish bonamana promos now and start with their repackage promos. To get it out of the way and then embark on their tour.

      • I agree. They’re SS3 tour starts in August, so maybe June and July are scheduled for the promos of the repackaged album.

  13. thank god they stop promoting Banana song i hope NO ONE is a good song Bonamana sux and i will not call it a hit it did not even stay in in TOP 10 in most music charts SJ is lucky that they have fans the buy there album with out them they could not win the awards they won.

    • well, what are idols without their fans?

    • I like Bonamana n many koreans probably like it…XP

      • Suju bonamana in digital charts SUCKS!!
        Wonder Girls 2DT were #1 for weeks.

        albums,only fans buy it (even several times)
        digital charts = general public likes and dislikes.

      • Yeah, but fans buying the albums is the whole point. How can artists continue to make more songs, if no one buys their songs?

        I don’t care if the general public don’t like Bonamana much, but they have fans to back them up.Not just in korea, but international fans help contribute to the sales. Digital charts is only based on the korean public anyways.

        Album sales is where the money is made.

      • Oh yeah, and digital charts are meaningless if you don’t have album sales to back it up.

        That’s why even though WG was #1 for weeks, they didn’t have album sales to back up that score – that’s why they didn’t win MuBank or Inki throughout their entire 2DT promotions.

        Suju had low digital sales, but their massive albums sales helped them.

      • i don’t think people realize that digital sales are what matter when it comes to $$$.

        only huge album sales can help a song win on shows, like suju’s fanclub.

        there’s a reason why digital sales are worth 40% of the points total while album sales only 20%.

      • i like bonamana too..but 2DT i have to say is pretty much the most loved song till now in Korea..the public just can’t get enough of them. Anyway i hope the sujus’ new songs will be a big hit. Superjunior<3

      • @Eltoshen you have a point there..some artists don’t even bother putting a full-length album out because they feel it isn’t worth it anymore. The trend in korea nowadays are digital and mini-albums. Honestly it scares me because it just shows how fast the kpop music industry is moving.

      • @Eltoshen: yes I know^^

        I was explaining to people why suju won those music shows.

    • @miki YES at least finnally someone said the truth cuz honestly bonamana aint a good song nor catchy song…. well atleast to me it aint the best song from SUJU… and yes thanx to their fans that support them cuz without them i dont think they can even barely win any awards…

      • Of course it’s thanks to the fans, cuz every artist who win on music shows – is due to the fans.

        That is the truth. If it wasn’t, you wouldn’t see all these popular idols/artists winning anything.

      • uh…gummybear, that ain’t the case at all.

      • Well if it wasn’t, we would see less popular acts winning.

        If you have no fans to buy your songs whether it’s albums or digital, you can’t make more songs. Since no company would want to invest money in that.

        You could go indie, but this is mainstream.

  14. repackaged album again SM sure know how to milk SM fans dry i hate this kind of marketing i think is a rip off but i know a lot of fans will still buy it they should just release a mini album than repackaged.

    • Exactly… an official rip off. I don’t know… these marketing gimmicks should be banned ! That’s so disrespectful towards their fans (i’m not an ELF but i’m disappointed anyway)

      • Should be banned? R u kidding me? If you don’t want to buy it then don’t. No one forces you to buy their album, not even SM. And what makes you think that all ELFs disappointed in SM? Gosh, people are so funny these days *sarcasm*.

    • well… but mini album or repackaged album, the price doesnt differ much. and usual practice is after a full album, the new song comes out in repackaged album. mini albums are for artistes who are not yet ready for a full album but want to have some promotions going on…

      anyway, i dont think its very disrespectful to their fans.. their album comes out only once a year (Sorry Sorry came out 1 and a half yrs after), whereas other artistes (dont have to name names here) can release 3-4 mini albums per year…

    • It’s only if you CHOOSE to buy it. SM isn’t forcing anyone to buy it.

      There are some who rather buy the repackaged than the original, since it comes with a couple new songs.

      and the price of the original and repackage doesn’t differ much.

    • It’s something that SM always does. No shocker…
      N it’s your choice to buy or not to buy.
      SM never forces the fans or label the fans as not loyal for not buying every single products.

      If u have much money then buy.
      If u’re like me, don’t buy.
      I personally buy the repackaged all the time coz there r more songs in it…^^
      Btw, I only buy SJ n SNSD albums…lol

  15. finally a new song!!! Mutizen song go go go!

  16. Another repackaged album?! Goodness!

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