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T-ara JiYeon featured in swimsuit the first time

Photos of T-ara JiYeon, who will be making her big screen debut with appearance in movie ‘GoSa the 2nd story’, in swimsuit revealed for the first time.

An official from ‘GoSa 2’ said on 22nd June, “JiYeon has a illness of ‘beer bottle’ which is such that she will not be able to swim well. And because there are many scenes where she has to be in the water, she suffered much during the filming.”

JiYeon also commented, “I drank about half the water at the swimming pool.”

The movie is set to be released in late July.



12 Responses

  1. I think this is the best for the sport

  2. one-piece swimsuit makes people look like flat chested, actually it makes people have no curve [?] even if it doesn’t, Ji Yeon is still pretty ❤

    • about the one-piece swimsuit, i don’t think so. it depends of the body. (i worked in a swimsuit shop lol)

      but hey, JiYeon is pretty no matter what ^^

  3. she’s kinda really flat chested.. it’s all good though ! she’s pretty and she does have talent 🙂

  4. the girl in yellow looks like kim taehee

    • hahaha~~when she debuted they called her the ‘lttle kim taehee”
      ==that is jiyeon..

  5. her eyes are o.O

  6. i read that as ‘beer belly’

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