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T-ara’s agency Core Contents to debut 9-member group in September, member ‘little Goo Hara’ revealed!

Girlgroup T-ara’s agency Core Contents Media is set to debut a new group coming Autumn.

Core Contents told MTStarNews on 21st June, “We are preparing a new group who will display new charms. We have not decided on the number of members or when they will debut yet.”

But the official added, “Currently the chances are high that it would be a 9-member group, we are still deciding whether to debut the group as a girlgroup or a mixed group. If things are decided, they should debut in September.”

The agency also revealed a member of the group And she is Jin HyeWon, also known as ‘little Goo Hara’.

Jin HyeWon was seen with other stars like T-ara, Hong JinYeong, Black Pearl and Davichi at Core Content’s office building as they cheered the South Korean team on for their World Cup match against the Argentina team on 17th June.

Back then, when the photos of Jin HyeWon were circulated on the internet, many netizens have pointed out that she had looked like Goo Hara. And she had hence earned the nickname of ‘little Goo Hara’.

Jin HyeWon is known to be 15 years old and is 168cm tall. She specialises in dancing and have been learning it since she was 7 years old.

S: MTStarNews

47 Responses

  1. […] Jin HyeWon made her first appearance at Core Content’s office on 17th June together with the o…. And even before her debut in the agency’s upcoming group, the girl has garnered much interests for her resemblance to KARA Goo hara. […]

  2. […] Jin HyeWon made her first appearance at Core Content’s office on 17th June together with the o…. And even before her debut in the agency’s upcoming group, the girl has garnered much interests for her resemblance to KARA Goo hara. […]

  3. I think CCM should debut mixed group (I think mixed group are new fresh in K-POP that I want to see this.)

  4. Really embarrassing -.-”
    they want to make a 2nd SNSD.!!

  5. i think this story made only to garner people attention.she really don’t look like goo hara.they only make story to became fame..i sick with many idol group debut nowdays.is it what we have now already enough?please..please don’t say she like goo hara and stop adding new idol group…really tired of this..

  6. Well it’s from core contents media so there’s a huge possibility that the girl’s gonna be more talented than Hara, sadly. Hara has big on that charms department (which is like really important in the idol industry) anyway.

  7. I’m an avid SNSD fan but I ain’t gonna judge these girls coz the company is the one to decide.

    However, if the 9 members turned out to be true. Obviously, Core Contents as a part of MNET makes an effort to take advantage of SNSD’s absence from homeland.
    Esp the fact that MNET n SM have a beef between them so from business perspective, the motive makes sense.

    However, the girls only want to achieve their dreams so they don’t deserve any shallow judgements before their debut.
    Snsd went through the same thing of being bashed for the female SJ label….

    Good luck to them…
    I hope CC will promote T-ara better though esp Soyeon…^^

    • I’m thinking of the same thing.. but i’m not going to judge them first.. Although i’m a big snsd fan, I’m not that worried since SNSD worked so hard to reach where they are right now and Sones are very loyal. So hopefully these girl work as hard to reach their own dream.

      I’m not a fan of MNet but I still support some of the artist under them. I’m just curious why do they have to pick nine members??

  8. She’s a pretty young girl.
    Though netizens calling her ‘lil’ Goo Hara’ is just not right.
    I really don’t like the 9-member idea since they will be compared to Korea’s SNSD the most. Yeah yeah SNSD was also compared to Japan’s Morning Musume…well I hope they do well with their debut and wish them luck. (=

  9. oh yeah.. whatever, i just hope this girl has more talent than Hara, lmao
    at least can sing, can dance ? just don’t stand there with a fucking fake smile and cover her plastic surgery face whole the time..?

    • do you know what plastic surgery is at all?
      do you? ugh haters with sour lives. annoying.

      • Agree with you… Many haters are very ignorant to the fact about plastic surgery. Ignorant to the point of getting on my nerves.
        The constant plastic accusations are ridiculous n the victims are always people like Hara or SNSD when in fact all of them don’t look plastic at all.
        They need to learn more about plastic n cosmetic surgery.
        They need to google Dolly Patron for a reference to learning about Plastic Surgery…

  10. when goo hara was “little” and haven’t done plastic surgery yet, she was WAY UGLIER than this girl !

    • lol. whatever. you need to like get your facts right.
      She didn’t get no plastic surgery.
      It’s called cosmetic surgery..she just had her eyelids enhanced more…did she get a new nose? boob? fat added to her face?! uh noooooo.

      And everyone has bad pics taken when they were little.
      Plus, she was adorable when she was young. UGLY?! check yourself in the mirror before you say something.

      • is cosmetic surgery any different from plastic surgery? come to think about it, it’s almost the same. it doesn’t matter how small it is.

        i know you’re defending hara but don’t come across as a too defensive fan. i for one could care less about what she did, the girl is adorable since day one anyway.

      • @boom your right. but all this calling her ‘plastic’ is getting super annoying. yet she didn’t get any thing added just enhanced her eyelids & correct her teeth which is cosmetic surgery.

        Understand the Difference Between Cosmetic Surgery and Plastic Surgery

        Cosmetic surgery is a subspecialty that uniquely restricts itself to the enhancement of appearance through surgical and medical techniques. It is specifically concerned with maintaining normal appearance, restoring it, or enhancing it toward some aesthetic ideal. Cosmetic surgery is a multi-disciplinary and comprehensive approach directed to all areas of the head, neck and body. Cosmetic surgery is practiced by surgeons from a variety of disciplines including board-certified dermatologists, general surgeons, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, ophthalmologists, otolaryngologists, plastic surgeons and physicians from other fields. All of these disciplines hove contributed to the vital growth of cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery is primarily learned during a surgeon’s post residency through ongoing continuing education, training, and experience.

        Unlike cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery deals with the repair, reconstruction or replacement of physical defects of form or function involving the skin, musculoskeletal system, crainomaxillofacial structure, hand extremities, breast and trunk and external genitalia. While board certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery may evidence a physician competent in “plastic surgery,” it does not evidence competency in “cosmetic surgery” nor does it demonstrate more “cosmetic surgery” education, training or experience than that of a board-certified dermatologist, general surgeon, oral and maxillofacial surgeon, otolaryngologists or ophthalmologist.

    • Even if she did minor enhancements at least she admitted it unlike all the other Korean celebritys that deny it and in the end had their whole faces done.

  11. mixed group please!

  12. Black pearl??
    It’s also a girlband right??
    Poor them..

  13. 15? seriously? i hate how the ages keep getting younger…these kids should just go to school get a full education and then become a singer~

  14. The idol world is already overpopulated. People are debuting left and right!
    I miss the old kpop….

  15. Seems like Core Contents going for a mix of snsd and kara. =S

    The girl haven’t debuted and already her name’s attached to Goo Hara and Snsd.

  16. ughhh another girl group :/
    I want more boy groups.

  17. Are they trying to make the 2nd SNSD ?

    • nobody can replace snsd 🙂

    • Hope not. No need for another talentless group who always tries too hard to be cute.

      • YEAH… a “talentless group” who has outstanding vocalists n dancers in it. Praised by many colleagues…
        Unless you’re someone like The One, ParkHyoShin or LeeSeungChul, ur definition of talent will stay a joke… FYI, they praised some of the girls for the outstanding singing ability.

  18. they probably said that to arouse more attention

  19. if she is little hara then she is also little little namie amuro

  20. well she has the same round face and kinda the same features, but with a lot of make up, she’ll probably REALLY look like her.

  21. Hara is cuter!
    She looks a bit like T-ara Hyomin in the 2nd pic

    • Hyomin is way better than ‘little Goo hara’
      hyomin is a talented girl unlike hara who is just a pretty face.

      • if you like hyomin…great, but why attack goo hara. hara is funny, adorable, and also talented. you can be a fan of someone without trashing someone else.

      • sorry but Hara is a talentless girl. she is only the face of kara.
        Hara cant sing and dance like hyomin or sunye.

      • Agree with soheechul
        Hara sucks!

      • Hara may not be a good singer but she owns the entire T-ara when it comes to dancing. So it balances out. Chill, guys.

      • lol everyone knows that T-ara CAN’T dance. Hara will eat T-ara when it comes to variety!

      • Without singing skills she is the most popular in kara because of her beauty and personality. So stop comparing her to hyomin when she is more popular than her.

  22. looks nothing like hara.

  23. it seems like she has a stalker o.o

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