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4Minute HyunA on ‘over revealing’ clothes on stage, “It is just part of the performance”

4Minute HyunA speaks up about criticisms that she has been exposing too much on stage.

4Minute HyunA had performed in a red outfit previously on 17th June during South Korea’s World Cup match against the Argentina team. Her revealing costume had garnered much attention from netizens. Some commented, “Even though it is good that they are cheering for the national team, the outfit is too revealing.”

And about criticisms that her costumes are much revealing as compared to the other members, HyunA spoke up about it during the girls’ recent interview with TVDaily, “Outfits are just part of the performances.”

She added, “I think as a singer, one should be able to pull off various types of stage outfits. On the international stage, outfits and costumes are just a part of a performance, but it is sad that in South Korea where the culture is more conservative, outfits like these become controversial.”

She continued, “I want to show that I can pull off the concepts on stage. I hope everyone will think of the outfits as just part of the performances.”

Meanwhile, 4Minute is promoting their latest song ‘HuH’.


41 Responses

  1. Why do people make such a big fuss about it? if she wants to wear something let her wear it. Gezz its like 15 year olds wearing bootie shorts where you can see there butt cheeks.


    why go after hyunA?

  3. Who the hell cares? Lether wear what she wants to :/

  4. […] 18-year-old recently also spoke up about how her stage outfit is just a part of her performance. Go under the cut for more photos and Korean netizens’ […]

  5. […] 18-year-old recently also spoke up about how her stage outfit is just a part of her performance. Go under the cut for more photos and Korean netizens’ […]

  6. well at least she’s got the body to pull off the clothes. plus she doesnt entire have the full choice to her stage wardrobe anyw. and its not like wearing bra and panties to the baseball match or smthg… *coughsGAGAcoughs*

  7. seriously,i donno why most of korean fmale singers idol or not idol r getting more ‘desperate’ to rely on sexy revealing stage outfits these days ..? r they not confident enough with their own stage showmanship

    I think they r pretty,cute,stylish n sexy enough .. dpending on d prformnces
    Yea ..truly agree dat mayb sumday artists wud prform on stage only with strings attached 2 their bodies ..lol

    Please ..fmale idols,u r much precious than dat

  8. dude .____.
    SISTAR Hyolim is like 1 year older than HyunAh and her outfit was exactly the same as HyunAh 😐 she even wore it for promotion of Push Push .____.
    but nobody complained .____.

    • LOL it just mean that she just cannot pull of the sexy aura and she is just like a toddler trying to wear heels.

      don’t blame her people, she’s already pointing her fingers at her company by saying it is for the performance.

      Probably her company thinks that men will prefer this kind of image that’s why they are pushing it.

    • yes but she wore a sport bra/cover up bra while Hyuna wore a normal bra

  9. agree with hyuna.

  10. some people overexaggerate with the comments too much . Just be happy she wasnt wearing undies ! Hyunah is a strong and awesome performer and tries her best to give you guys a better performance . Some of you just give her crap back :/ Please dont hate me though . Just my opinion

  11. Hyuna is a smart and cute girl. She can most certainly pull off those outfits, and they’re not THAT revealing. :]

  12. I personally think that clothes-wise, almost everything she had worn was okay and not worth a single controversial discussion.

    I think issue here is how she wears it, y’know? There are ppl there who can wear a bra and not give off a sleazy vibe. I’m not saying HyunA gives off that vibe, but there are certain instances there that ppl feel a bit uncomfortable with how she’s bringing it. This goes as we other young kpoppers, too.

    She shouldn’t be sad at how “Korea” seem to criticize — almost every girl performer at her age in the world get the hit.

    • Mmm agree with what you said – her clothes are not revealing to the point where I’d be shocked. It’s the way she wears it – if Jihyun wore the same outfit, the complaints may not be that much.

      I think HyunA tries to give too much sexy vibes onstage – together with the outfit, it probably annoys some people. But good for her fans LOL. And yeah, she shouldn’t take it to heart that badly – even Hyori was criticized back in the days (if I recall correctly).

    • You know I agree. I think it’s about the way the outfit was worn. I don’t mean to drag others into the argument, but Minzy wore a top similar to Hyuna’s in the Fire MV. Even though the side slit wasn’t as large as Hyuna’s you could still see her bra. Mind you, Minzy is 15/16 AND she was pumping her chest in the shot as well…. yet you don’t see people complaining about that either.

      IMHO I can’t really comment on whether or not it was appropriate; I’m not from Korea so I don’t know what they would consider as overtly sexual etc etc. My only concern is that if it IS inappropriate (as it seems from the netizens’ reactions), then I think it’s ridiculous to only target the one person.

  13. But people complaining are those korean (netizen) people, if u dress like this, the song/MV w/ hitting, with gun and killing scene, etc.., they will…So i hope entertainment industry in general will be careful next time… Im not against those artist who wear sexy one, coz in my country they more rvealing than in korea… is just that we are diff. culture.

  14. Honestly I didn’t see her clothes very revealing but it is Korea not USA, and always she will be judged for hers way of dressing

  15. i dont think HER outfit was TOO revealing. but i dont agree with her comment one bit. in my opinion, korea is ‘just right’ when it comes to ‘revealing’ clothes. not too much showing, but not too much covering. i dont think ppl should get use to wearing more and more ‘skin-visible’ clothing, cause soon, stars are just going to be hanging some ‘strings’ around their body during performances..

  16. gosh what she wore was not the most revealing outfit ever.

  17. she needs to keep doing what she’s doing and not listen to those criticizing her because she is keeping 4minute alive

    • lol definitely.

      love the other girls, but it’s obvious that hyuna’s outshining them.

  18. I think the only reason why they criticized her this time was because of the fact you could see her bra. Her outfit was not bad, but she should have wore something underneath the shirt.

  19. ugh, let the girl dress as she wants. you aren’t forced to look.

  20. I kind of agree with her, but i think she’s kind of missing the issue..

    she’s only ..what, 18/19? now she’s legal (kind of) and its ‘okay’ to wear such things, but she’s still considered a little ‘young’ to be going out and rocking certian outfits. she can pull it off – there’s no question, but its more of an age issue. give her a few years and everyone can shut up.. but for now, she’s still gotta be mindful of her young age. things liek this even happens to international pop acts like Miley Cyrus, who always gets booked for her ‘controversial’ outfits because she’s too young.

    it may be stage performances and all, but then again, you gotta watch the message your sending. no one said hyuna or anyone else HAD to be a role model, but its unfortunate that the public will view them like that. if shes going to influence the masses and her young fans, she has to be careful. I personally didnt care too much for what she wears, but its obvious she’d get flack for it (especially in such a conservative culture).

    the thing with Hyuna is that she DOESN’T need to wear such clothing to be sexy during performances. she just naturally is when she performs.

    Personally, i don’t really like Hyuna, but i don’t dislike her either. I do admire how she can come off so strong and look good in anything. I just think its unfortunate how her clothing choices attract more attention then the fact she has great stage presence and owns most performances.

    anyway.. thats my 2 cents worth of an essay.

    • agree
      Miley cyrus17 and lives in the US and she got criticized for her revealing outfit,and inappropiate for a 17 year olds where most of her fans are young so in a way Hyuna is in the wrong here

      this problem happened so many time before but her stylish still dont take this into consideration and still put her in this sort of clothes. very dissappointed with her stylish

    • Haha, great comparison!

      Yes, they are both 17 (or 18 if their birthday has passed this year) because they were born in 1992.

      Sorry if anyone thinks I sound too redundant, but I, too feel that they have the capability to pull off such outfits but it doesn’t exactly prove to the general public that Hyuna, her stylist and/or company, is mindful of what the netizens will think.
      And true, we’re all supposed to “not care what others think” but in Korea where one’s reputation can go downhill in a matter of days (i.e. Jay & Tablo –sorry to bring them up here ><) via the power of the netizens, one MUST tread carefully! =/

  21. oh please her clothes arent that revealing at all
    they should check out the artists in the US like lady gaga or katy perry. they wear much more revealing clothes. its just that korea is more conservative

    also lee hyori also wore some revealing clothes before so i dont hear anything about her. what hyuna wear is waaay more tame

    • well you noe it is KOREA and not US… and for lee hyori she is 30 year old ,she is old enough to wear revealing clother if she wants to so ofcourse nobody will say anything about her… and hyuna is only 17 and that is quite young… but personally i didnt think the outfit was that revealing it is just better to wear a tank top over the bra…but we all noe in KOREA neitizens tend to be a little overreacting sometimes…

  22. It’s not THAT sad. It’s part of your culture and always has been. If international stars started smoking crack on stage, you’ll probably do it too huh? Of course, because it looks soooo coool. Okay, you’ve proven that you can pull it off. Now please cover up.

    • are you guys kidding me? what year do you live in. its not like she 13 or something. more people wear a lot more revealing clothing all the time.. hyori for example.

      • why the hell are you bringing hyori in she is 29 or 20 she is old enough to wear what she wants to.. but hyuna is like 17 well i dont noe what is the legal age in korea but i think 17 is still consider young..

      • Certain don’t compare Hyori with Hyuna she has 30 not 18, therefore she can dress like want and nobody says anything to him

      • *29 or 30 * my bad typo…

      • By the way Mary C, Hyuna is 19.

      • 19 in Korea NyNy !

        She was born in 1992, which means she is at least 17 or 18 if her birthday has passed.

  23. sad to hear her opinion about this matter :/

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