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Jung YongHwa, “Sudden increase in anti-fans numbers? It was like a punishment”

C.N Blue Jung YongHwa talks about his feelings towards his anti-fans.

Jung YongHwa was on KBS 2TV WinWin aired on 22nd June when he talked about the rise in number of his anti-fans after filming the drama ‘You’re Beautiful’, “There are a few unpleasant things.”

He continued, “To start with, antis said that my image in the drama looks like I could not sing. Back then, in order to break the prejudice, I practised harder than when I was a trainee. But more unpleasant things followed after that and I was sad that I have even more anti fans. When I was filming that drama, I didn’t have anti fans. But when I do what I wanted to do more which is singing, I have to accept all the criticisms – I have felt really bad.”

Jung YongHwa, “Anti fans turn out to be like a whip to me.”


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  1. i never knew he had anti-fans? what they got to hate him for?…i tot he did well in the drama as well as the singing? wat happened?
    LOL anyway, like just wat u guys said, with more anti-fans, he will gain more popularity! Yonghwa, hwaiting~

  2. You know you’re really famous when you have anti-fans =D and a wiki page xD

  3. I think he’s an amazing singer. But C.N. Blue seems to have anti fans because their music isn’t exactly mainstream kpop, so there are some people that don’t like them. I myself love C.N. Blue and they’re like a breath of fresh air in the kpop scene; it’s nice to watch them perform on music shows and listen to their music.

  4. Whatever those antis say, they can’t deny the reality that

  5. You won’t be called popular, unless you have anti fans. That’s all i can say.

  6. HOW can anyone whip a CUTE ADORABLE kid like YongHwa? Now if it were Taec they were whipping………..
    Ke Ke Ke~~~~

  7. yong ..be stronger….we love you ..fighting!!

  8. […] to Kbites Filed under OH! KPOP ← Kim HyungJoon relieves fans’ worries via his […]

  9. this is why beyonce doesn’t use the internet much. see no evil hear no evil

  10. I think when u got antis that mean u start to become famous.
    Chill yonghwa, I like u and accept ur talented <333

  11. they’re just jealous .. -,-
    Yonghwa fighting!

  12. I agree it’s normal to have anti-fans.
    There will always be someone who just doesn’t like you.
    It may be a reasonable reason or an irrational reason or just because they don’t like you =/.

  13. It`s easier said than done, but he should try and feel secure in the love of his real fans…I want to watch his drama ASAP

  14. Having anti fans is NORMAL.

    • Agreed. It’s just something that any trainee and celebrities need to come in term with.

    • Normal? Korean anti-fans seem particularly irrational and crazed relative to “anti-fans” elsewhere, and they impose quite a bit more damage on their target.

      I think there should be some legislation against anti-fan cyber-bullying practices, such as sending threatening letters, making false slanderous claims, posting phone numbers and addresses of the celebrities’ family members online, and stalking (which is practiced by both fans and anti-fans).

      • Perhaps they could….after all, Korea has banned uploading of music files onto blogs for illegal downloading!

        But remember, South Korea has amazing internet access, so compared to most countries on Earth, they are on a different level. They know whats popular because Naver or Nate is their homepage and it shows whats up, whats happening, who failed, who triumphed, etc. etc.

        Although consider YouTube, there are more irrational “fans/antifans” there lololol although many of them suck at typing in English…………

    • It’s normal, but the anti-fans themselves are really fucked up mentally.

    • Agree with Little. Lee Hong Ki himself has 7000 anti fans and he appreciate it, lol

  15. he had anti fans? for acting before singing? this is so not making sense lol.
    anw CNBLUE’s doing really well on charts recently so im sure most antis have become fans :>

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