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TaecYeon speaks up, “Scandal with YoonA? That’s not true at all”

Ok TaecYeon speaks out about rumours of love relationship between So Nyeo Shi Dae YoonA and himself.

TaecYeon was on KBS 2TV WinWin aired 22nd June when he talked about the rumours, “Since we have been filming CF together late last year, we have been asked by many if we are really dating. But that’s not true.”

He added, “And because of these scandals, our relationship has become uncomfortable. Besides our program on SBS, we don’t meet at all. We have become more wary.”



87 Responses

  1. taecyeon I HATE U SO MUCH…….T_____T
    STAY AWAY FROM YOONA……!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yoona inappropriate for you…..!!!!!!!!!
    Yoona too nice and pretty .. wkwkwkw

  2. taec, you’re a very. very. bad boy

  3. haha,no way man
    if not why they did the love scene in FO?
    AHAHHA come on -____-

  4. After thinking about it…

    Yoona has never talked about Taec anymore. Even when SNSD appeared in WinWin, Taec was nowhere to be referred to.

    Why does Taec always talk about it?

  5. ha ha so many comments…and this is why Taecyoona exists… because it gets attention…. this is why hating on something is pointless. It only brings even more attention…. and so other people start wondering why people are hating on something. Then, if they are interested enough they look up the people who are being hated on and might end up liking what you hated on. LOL Haters. YOU R GOOD JOB…. Keep doing your thing. It entertains me.

  6. Yoon-Taec, whatever you are… please go away. we’re all sick of it now!

  7. yeah right…I wouldn’t be suprise if one of those FBI (K-netizens) one day releases a picture of them together behind the scene…whatever Taec….the more u say that u are not, it is more evident that u are dating!

  8. rain’s topless more than taec. i don’t see people calling him a stripper, for fucks sake.

    • AHAHAHAH!!!

    • Actually i’ve seen some people calling Rain manwhore before…lol

    • People don’t complain about Rain ripping his shirt because Rain is the original sexy beast! 😀 And nobody can compete with Korea’s number 1 popstar!

      And Rain knows how rip his shirt in a natural charismatic sexy way:

      Go Rain! 😀

  9. my TOP 4

    1.taec is a stripper ( yoona is in love with a stripperrrr… )
    2.taec and yoona have no chemistry
    3.taec should have left 2pm
    4.taec is more popular than other members

    1,2,4 ok i agree but come on no 3 is lil bit t2 much

    -he is a stripper (keep you close on ! PLS)

    -taec and yoona wow you have really no chemistry
    but i feel bad for you two because FO2 PDs are stupid to write you more love lines ( i just watched ONE episode and i am already sick of it because of the focus on the love line
    hello i wanne see more of the other members and the guests ( i dont wanne see how yoona screams about 2 min because of a chicken or how she tries to coke rice !!
    and the love line is BORING !!!
    i wanne see more kwon and heechul ( freaks who are funny ) — PD go change the script or get FO 1 back to save your show !
    – its sad that JAy left
    but i know he will rock the world without 2pm
    i am not a hater or a fan but i think that Jay is really talented and he is better off without 2pm
    but there is no need to say that taec should have left !
    harsh !

    – yep taec overshadows all the other members right now
    but i think his time is up ( like khuns time was up in the past)
    taec took over khuns and jay´s place but now i think people are tired of him
    they had enough they dont want to see his body anymore
    and his love line damaged his status or image

  10. … The funny thing about comments here regarding Taec… There are always comments about his teeth ^^;
    Oppa, if you want people to believe you, then walk your talk. And don’t try too hard.
    People are most loved when they are being humble and themselves.
    Rumours go by quickly ^^

    • LOL I can’t help but agree with you… especially on that ‘teeth’ comment… XDD

  11. yeah stop acting like u are if u really wanna avoid the scandal. whats the point in saying ur not and then continue the whole scandal on FO2 lol

  12. He just needs to stfu with his squirrel teeth. If he is 2PM new leader then I feel sorry for those fools because they will never get out of his shadow because everyone is milking him right now…who’s getting all the deals?

    • Wouldn’t it be Junho? SInce he’s the next oldest after Jaebum I think. Plus I think he has more training.

      • it’s junsu my dear..
        junho is far away from being the oldest..
        he’s like the 2nd from the bottom after old maknae chansung..
        he’s born in 1990.. lol..

  13. lol at the people. you do guys know that shows are created by the writers and the stars just ACT on it? TRUE. the loveline in FO2 is becoming really annoying but i wouldn’t blame it on them. if you have problems with it. blame it on SBS not on Taec and Yoona.

    Some act like they know these idols personally but in the end, PEOPLE should face it. we don’t anything about them. i’m tired of some who constantly bash on idols like they have known them for a long time. everyone should always remember,there is always a two side in a story and for us who are miles away from them, judging by just mere information in the internet is nothing.

  14. He looks like a Korean Harry Potter.

  15. he looks like a player to me..first he said he likes yubin. Then YUri and Yoona. I don’t know what to expect from this guy. He said he never dated. Hello Taec?? Netizens dug up your past..and apparently they found out that he dated an american blonde girl. Busted!!

    • Not only a player but he looks like a traitor to me as well.. I don’t know why… It’s just an instinct feeling
      (don’t get me wrong.. i had this feeling even before 2PM = 6 members)

  16. lol..he is saying its not true at all cause he’s been reading hate comments in Kbites and AKpop about them..TaecYoon =FAIL

    as much as i love 2PM, Taecyeon is really getting on my nerves lately.. o.O

  17. @lol

    oh come on not all korean like thaat
    there culture is alot different and pure
    i know so many idols dont have BF or GF

    • there culture is no different then other cultures. they are all getting influence by mainstream music in other words they are getting influence by american culture which obviously in america we are all sexified up. so let’s be real there culture yeah pure & innocent in the past but times have changed.
      they following along what everyone else is doing..so yes i’m sure they “taecyoona” have already done it.
      & i’m sure they not the only ones,.

  18. Then stop milking it.

    • Amen.

    • ehehehe I agree with you!
      The only reason this scandal exists is because JYPE-SMEnt, PDs, and most of all, Taecyeon and Yoona, keep milking from it and trying to promote it. But they failed because this pairing recieves a lot of hate because they have NO chemistry, the scandal started in a very WTF way and it looks pretty fake.

  19. Oh come off it, they are SO together.

    Either way, I’m over them. I never even watch them but they’re in the ‘news’ ALL the time. I don’t care if they’re together, if they are: good, so be it and let’s just leave the issue as is, yeah? If not… I don’t really care either. Lol.

  20. Despite I love 2PM, one sentence tells me that he’s lying:

    “And because of these scandals, our relationship has become uncomfortable.”

    If that’s the case, look how close they are on Family Outing 2, if he really wanted to avoid it, he shouldn’t have done FO2. Unless Taec gets his act back together despite I have still have respect for him, he better just stay clear of her.

    The scandals are more like making him get together with Yoona.

  21. they have no chemistry at all..
    i always see him as a guy who always tries sooo hard to fill the empty spot of their former leader..
    idk why he is still explaining..the people didn’t bite their love scheme, it’s obvious in the FO’s rating..
    maybe after trying too hard he realized that it’s useless so he now speaks out..

  22. FO2, just like *any* Korean variety show (and probably most variety shows in the world anyways) is SCRIPTED. FO was scripted too. Recently the TaecYoon couple is not a hot issue like some people think it is. It’s really only allkpop, other similar English blogs and a few small internet corners in Korea the ones that are trying to make it seem as it was a big scandal, when it’s not (anymore). But oh well, some times people like that kind of gossip, so whatever.

  23. Taec buck teeth….

  24. bullcrap. i bet he already hit that.
    in words of hyori “If an idol say they aren’t dating then they are lying”
    so yeah you lying fool…you probably not dating her but i’m sure you already had a piece of the pie.
    Let’s get real ppl these idols are HUMAN BEINGS & like all Humans they got urges & they grow up & wanna experience things so I bet half if not most of the popular idols have already done it. They are not all so pure & innocent lil’children.

  25. This is one rumor blown out of proportion.
    The 2 hv no chemistry. I don’t think the companies will agree having lovelines between them if the relationship is real. Usually, the real couples are hidden perfectly…lol

    FO PD totally exaggerate this scandal and I’ll be happier if yoona leave the show for japanese promotion.

  26. I don’t care why didn’t he leave 2PM instead of Jaebum. :L

    • ^ The truth, we can only dream.

    • -Agrees-

    • I’d rather Jaebum left instead of seeing jay ripping his shirt on stage 24/7.
      He’s better off without 2pm now so don’t drag him.

    • @Eerrr, jun, ., : Uh…no. What if it was the same with Jay and he had deal with this similar problem but with…I don’t know…Jessica?!

      I can’t help but think whether or not your an ex 2PM fan or just don’t care about them so you may make these comments. This scandal is out of control that irriates me but I wouldn’t wish for Taec to just leave instead of Jay. I would’ve liked it if 2PM was as they were back during Idol Army because now, all their ex-fans and haters are building up a negative impression of the members and it’s pissing me off. 😡

      • “, all their ex-fans and haters are building up a negative impression of the members and it’s pissing me off. ”


      • “… because now, all their ex-fans and haters are building up a negative impression of the members and it’s pissing me off. >:(”

        Nope. They damaged their reputation by themselves.

      • ^ lol hope you’re kidding.
        The anti build a reputation. Taec wasn’t the first to have a scandal in the Kpop history.

      • ^ oh please as an ex fan I am sick and tired of the way they treat their own member and turning their backs on them. They’ve ruined their image themselves. They are desperate, Taec is an asshole go read his twitter if you don’t believe me. What about the other people in the group? Changsung, Junsu and Junho never has any screen time. 2PM is only ever about Taec now :L even when Nickhun was the most loved and promoted of the 7 it did not drag on as long as this.

      • The only love scandal Jay had was with SunYe, but him and Sunye didn’t milked from it so soon the scandal went out of spotlight. And their scandal actually had a lot of believable proofs that is was real.

        Taecyeon’s scandal with Yoona doesn’t make sense at all. It started so out of no where. They never had the hots for eachother, they hardly ever interacted and then after 1(!) performance the scandal starts even with nobody wondering about them. And after that, PDs started pairing these 2.

        If Taecyeon and Yoona scandal looked believable or if despite being obviously fake they had onscreen chemistry like some of WGM’s couples had, people wouldn’t mind. But they have NO chemistry. A scandal between Taecyeon and Sunny or Taecyeon and Yuri would be way more interesting and fun to watch.

        “This scandal is out of control that irriates me”
        The scandal is out of control because they (Yoona, taec, Sm/JYPE, PDs) keep adding fire to it.
        Taecyeon says the rumours is not true but he buys her ring, performe, and play all the love lines he’s given.

        all their ex-fans and haters are building up a negative impression of the members and it’s pissing me off. 😡
        The members are the ones that build their positive or negative images (fans just react to what they see). Do you see people hating on Khun, Junsu, Junho, Chansung and Wooyoung as much as they hate on Taecyeon?
        If Taecyeon image is that bad compared to the other members of 2PM, is because Taec himself build this negative image for him.

  27. hmmm.. don’t worry taec.. rumours will disappear..

  28. we knew it yearss agoo. they have zero chemistry. and we’re not accusing u two dating. but we ask u two for god’s sake to stop as if anything happen between u two.. so fakee

  29. ughh I’m so tired of Taecyeon “news” :/

  30. Whatever you say little ‘organism’, TaecYoon sucks anyway~

    KhunA ftw! ❤

    • yeah taecyoon sucks and ugly hahaha
      i hate him so much i want to kill him to death
      god ~ why ppl luv him

      • I hope you know you have issues that need to be dealt with.

      • and you know what? youre ugly too 😀 dont believe me? look in the mirror:)
        if you dont like him then dont post such a foolish comment, you know..maybe some taec fans will take revenge on you ;D

    • @SunmiJJANG: WTF? Khun and Yoona…¬_¬

      @cute boy: You have issues. You’re obviously saying that to let off some steam.

      @kathy: Agreed.

      • KhunA stopped existing after Taec replaced Khun as the most “popular” member. Which in itself is an insult to Yoona, who seems to just be paired up with whoever’s popular and not because of chemistry or the course of nature.

    • wtf just shut your mouth please
      which world are you living in this will never NEVER and again NEVER EVER HAPPEN hate people like you lol

  31. lol simple advice if u don’t want people to think that u guys are lovers then stop acting like u are

    • Well it’s all about business.

    • love ur comment

    • OR maybe people are overreacting? it does work both ways

      • Overreacting? They’re literally everywhere. It doesn’t work both ways this time.

      • it does. the media is infamous for purposely instigating. purposely twisting stories to make them more juicy.

        if i was friends with a giirl like yoona, as attractive and as chill to be around, i’d hang out with her more often. friends or something more, the base is friendship. if i was in taec’s spot, i’d want to chill with her but it sucks because youre ridiculed constantly for trying to publicize yourself or steal spotlight when in reality, you just want to hang.


      • Yeah, netizens and media love to overreact, it makes business.

        Although in Korea having a bf/gf is really important, many of these relationships are very lighthearted or just sweet.
        Thus, a relationship between the two seems pretty… “sweet” because they look out for each other and they are both really popular.
        And… people jump to conclusions by piecing two and two together sigh…..

        It sucks to be them.
        If I met a guy like Taec (or was a guy and met a girl like Yoona), no duh I would hang out with him! Unfortunately, these two don’t have that luxury~
        …and now it is awkward LOL!

  32. He already has a girlfriend so haha.

  33. k.

    • TaecYeon = stripper idol

      • Agree with yoobinah.
        is always taecyeon..taecyeon..taecyeon.
        he is just a stripper idol ewwww.

        there are other 2pm boys who are more talented than taecyeon, like junsu and junho.I want more of them TT__TT

    Ke Ke Ke~~~

  35. whatever..he could be dating her or not, nobodys gonna believe him anyway considering the love ties with the CFs and family outing..even though they most likely used the love line for ratings the damage is done..the media wont leave them alone now lol

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