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Upcoming JYP girlgroup miss A unveiled!

The veil to JYP Entertainment’s upcoming girlgroup miss A has been lifted.

JYP Entertainment revealed on 23rd June, “New group miss A will debut under our sub-label AQ Entertainment in early July.”

Already before their debut, miss A has been chosen as model for Samsung Anycall advertisement in China. The members of the group consist of Fei, Jia Suzy and Min (who has been receiving training in JYP Entertainment for more than 7 years.”

The girls are talented in areas like singing and dancing as well as languages. For their activities, they will be promoting in the Asian music market with Korea and China markets as their main focus.


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  1. i’m looking forward to this group since MIN who i have been waiting for 7-8 years has come along. this group is going to spark like fire..,

  2. Nicee, i cannot wait. (:

  3. Can someone let me know who is Min and what’s the issue about she in US and else, please?
    I’m new to love jype artist, please let me know~
    thanks before~
    jia n fei is WG lim’s friend right?

    • She was going to debut in USA as solo artist, but then suddently the debut was canceled and there were many mean rumours about why she didn’t debut at the time.

  4. i waited sooo long 🙂
    yeahhhhhhh MIN is BACK !!!!

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  6. holy shit!! is that MIN?!!! This is going to be epic!! I hope they promote in Japan as well.


    Gurl I’ve been waiting for You!! i knew you never left!!
    Min, Jia & Fei Fei are dance beast’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Min is one of Sunyes & Jokwons close friends!!
    The 3 of them joined JYPE in 2001.

    I honestly don’t know why everyone says Kwon trained for 8 years he trained from 2001 to july 2008 that’s roughly 7 not 8.
    Sunye trained for 5 years & a few months (2001 – Feb 2007)
    And Min my girl has trained for over 8 years!! (2001 – Will debut July 2010)

    Jia & Fei are awesome as well!!
    I’ll wait for the maknae to show me what she’s got, I’ve seen a little bit but not enough to impress me…yet.

    Wonder Girls, 2AM, 2PM, JOO, JYP & Miss A Fighting!!!

    JYP Family Fighting!!!!

  8. there are a lot of new girl groups in korea and even though i’m not interested in them, i don’t know why but i can’t wait for MissA^^ they look classy, and i liked their samsung cf

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  10. OMG now Min is also in the group Im so happy for her she is so talented along with the other members lol I believe this group will be Korea best idol dance group I dont know about Suzy but Min Fei and Jia are really I mean really good dancers I think these girls will do very well in Korea and China

    • exactly my opinion. Those three for sure can dance. And I mean like REALLY dance.

  11. OMG MIN!!!! finallly some real talent!

  12. it’ll be great, i guess.

  13. daaaaamnn i’m finding these girls hot P:

  14. Go girls!! I think this group’s got some strong vibes… All the best for them!!

  15. Finally, she gets to debut and didn’t let her talent go to waste! There were rumors going around that she got pregnant but rumors are rumors.

  16. AQ Ent?? Another sub-label? o__O Why can’t they be under JYPE’s label eh?

    Geez, 7 years for that one girl, Min. O:

    • yeah i wonder how many sub-label are there?
      so far CUBE,BIG HIT and now AQ

      i think this group will do well because they’re in jyp

      • i believe AQ is very much affiliated to JYPE, unlike the other three.

        i mean, Sunye, Jokwon, JYPE’s female choreo and other staff tweeted to show their support for Miss A. So they’re pretty much in the jype family.
        you might argue that sunye is min’s bestfriend, but dj of beast and hyuna are close to jype people, but they rarely ever mention/promo them.

        i think they’re under the sub-label because it’s no longer JYP producing them.

      • I think CUBE isn’t JYPE sub label..
        B’cos the owner is a former JYPE staff, people assumed CUBE as JYPE sub-label.. So people think that CUBE is JYPE sub label..
        And i agree w/ wanajumat if CUBE is JYPE sub-label i think they’re gonna promo each other openly..

      • now im not sure if cube is still under jyp or not but if i remember correctly 2am debut under cube before moved back to jyp but now they under big hit, but still consider as jyp artist
        so i guess now CUBE is not part of JYP anymore

      • I think JYPE is debuting them under a sub-label because right now JYPE is facing credibily issues, the image that general public has of JYPE is not very good. So if MIss A debuting under JYPE will bring negative press for them. So the best for them is to debut under a sub-unit and don’t be directly associated with JYPE.

        I saw their commercial and they look pretty cool. Min is a very popular trainee because she was supposed to debut as solo artist in USA as Lil’ John (is that his name?) protege. She’s known to be a good dancer, but I wish someoen from JYPE tell her to delete her MYSPACE because the things she wrote there are far more scandalous than Jay’s old messages about his trainee life in Korea, and Min’s predebut pictures are very sexual and scandalous (if people went mad over HyunAh over her stage clothes, imagine waht people will say about Min when they see her off-stage, regular daily clothes ¬¬). If Min doesn’t delete her MYSPACE, she’ll become Jessica HO number 2.

    • Reminds me of Jo Kwon and his 8 years under JYPE.

  17. HOLY SHIT ITS MIN! excitex10000

  18. i hope they’re diff from the other girls -.- Every group must have something special soo…I’ll be waiting.

  19. I saw a pre debute picture of Fei and Sunmi when they were JYP trainee and was shocked, i didn’t know some of the members in this group have been training for soo long! I think they’ll do well, they definietly can dance.

    Also is the forth membet really Min! I’m shocked if it’s true, i though she was out of JYP aiish i shouldn’t belive rumours.

  20. Sooooo…. thats what happened to Min. I’m so glad all those rumors about her were untrue. Good for her. Too bad they wasted so much money on her US debut and nothing ever came of it.

  21. Min?? JYP MIN the winner of LITTLE WINNERS with Hyoyeon?? AW! DAEBAK!

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  23. This group will definitely be an impressive dance group. I know Min can dance very well. Also Fei and Jia are very good dancers too. I’m not too sure about Suzy’s dance skills cuz I havent seen her dancing that much yet. But seems like a very promising group. Cant wait.

  24. their style reminds me of jewelry

    I smell a lot of talent from these girls, but I fear they will be underrated gems, just like secret :/

    Prove me wrong, JYP

  25. interesting….

  26. min as in the girl that was supposed to debut in america?
    if it is O_O
    im totally interested then

  27. lol. girl in pink hair. this should be interesting. 🙂

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