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4Minute HyunA covers up more after criticisms of ‘over revealing’ stage outfit

After criticisms from netizens about her ‘overly revealing’ stage outfit for her performance during South Korean team’s World Cup match against Argentina on the 17th, 4Minute HyunA was seen more ‘covered up’ for her recent performance during the national team’s match against Nigerian team.

The 18-year-old recently also spoke up about how her stage outfit is just a part of her performance. Go under the cut for more photos and Korean netizens’ responses.

Korean netizens’ comments:

  • “Right, these clothes fit a 19-year-old more than those before”
  • “I really hope the cordis will give HyunA more appropriate outfits. She is still underaged!”
  • “She looks prettier during this recent performance”
  • “This kid is scary. She don’t look like a 19-year-old at all”
  • “She should just wear a new t-shirt altogether”
  • “HyunA is really pretty. But since she is still young, she should wear appropriately”

47 Responses

  1. To me, she looks great in both the before and after.
    … I don’t like the combo of that white short underneath of red shirt.
    Maybe if she worn a tight and short tank top it would have been better? Cuz the one she wore in the before picture resembled a bra, maybe that’s what got the netizens all fired up.

  2. It’s not like she’s going around to school or to go shopping wearing these type of clothes. This is just stage clothes. Yeah she’s 19 years old, but have you seen other Disney Stars’ clothes? It’s far more revealing than HyunAh’s clothes.

  3. I like her shoes. xD

    I can see where they’re coming from, she’s still underaged and all but…

    Isn’t she revealing more with her legs? Oh wait, I forgot most girl groups wear tiny shorts and skirts…

  4. there are different times for different concepts,
    i dont think theres a need of such a outfit for world cup
    and plus the outfit’s doesnt look all that great on her >_>, coz honestly she has nothing much to show in those areas,

  5. She oozes too much sex appeal even from back in 2007 when she was in WG.
    I couldn’t believe she was 15 in irony MV. Too hot for her own good. Thus, she needs to tone it down a bit til next year maybe…

  6. yeah, i have a problem both ways.

    on one hand, i don’t want her being objectified at 17, so i’d want her to cover up. it just creeps me out that old creepy men are drooling at the sight of her.

    one the other, i don’t want other people, especially if it’s men, to tell her to cover up. that’s just objectifying her in another sense. she has a mind of her own and she can make her own decisions, if she wants to wear this, then she should be able to.

  7. hyuna, dear you don’t need to wear revealing clothes to be sexy..you are really sexy even with just a jeans and a shirt 🙂

  8. im at lost..so little girls cant show their top but totally can wear mini shorts and skirts..not even little girls..i mean look at all them korean singers..they be covering the top portion, but be showing hella down there..

    tsk tsk tsk..it doesnt make any sense..

  9. mini mini hotpants are ok but bra not?? Still don’t get korean netizens point of view she was fine before and is still after. having 20 yrs old won’t change anything…

  10. fuck society,

    as long as the privates aren’t being exhibited, who gives a fucking dam.

    just pretend there’s a beach or swimming pool right next to you, shit.

  11. my god i wish korea will be more open to sexiness and not make it taboo
    if they like wearing it and its hot or slutty or watever
    who are we to tell them its not
    this is getting out of control
    every celeb is getting picked on for small things yesungs korea’s flag on the back and her revealing bra
    she’s hot and flaunting it and thats not underage
    underage is anyone who is under 16, isn’t she 19 shes an adult in society and yet you treat her like a baby
    she wants to shed her image and yet you complain about it
    double f……… standards
    yesung wore a cropped up flag of korea
    he wore it proud
    and yet people say he did it as a way of being rebel and stuff
    he loves korea, his parents are korean, so if he didn’t like being korean, he would have left for the states
    its not like he changed nationality and sported a japanese flag on his back
    god grow some you guys

    • it’s not only in korea you know. you just can’t disregard it like that. society has its limits and standards to what appeals to them as okay or just down right inappropriate.

      you just can’t let her off with a green card so easily, i mean, if all girls(around her age) were to dress like her then sooner or later in the future, girls are gonna go prancing around with their bras and shirts and society is just gonna accept that. i mean, haven’t you noticed these past decades,. teenagers and kids these days are showing more cleavage than ever. i can’t imagine what’s it like in another decade or so.

      and u do know how kids are so easily influenced these days right? you may not realize it but it’s slowly happening and you just don’t know it.

  12. well she kinda lost the pants.

  13. HyunA looks good either way… I have don’t have a major problem with her before pictures, but I do find it ironic that she is showing more skin after than before with her short shorts.

  14. i didn’t find the before pictures inapropriate either, but of course it’s korea and they are more on the conservative side. i do however, admit she looks better in the after pictures. she looked sleeker and more chic with the straight hair and the hat was a cute touch. way more classy than the before pictures.

    p/s: south korea qualified for the next round woohooo~!!!

  15. i find her beautiful in the first pics i was like “wowwwwwww i didn’t know she was that beatiful and sexy!”. i don’t like the picture with a t-shirt…. it doesn’t have the effect lol. she’s cool hyunah! but seriously i don’t think it’s innapropriate. It’s just an outfit.

  16. i didn’t have a problem with the first outfit but i guess the second is more appropriate.
    I wish she had kept that crazy bright orange hair color she had a few weeks ago, it looked cool.

  17. I’m far from a fan but I never really had a problem with her clothes. But her outfits combined with her over-the-top dance moves / faces make things look worse than what they really are. She does look better in the after pic, though.

  18. “This kid is scary. She don’t look like a 19-year-old at all”

    AMEN TO THIS … she could pass for someone in their mid 20

  19. minji also used that kind of outfit before and she’s 2 years younger than hyunah. what an unfair world -.-

    • YUP! And she wore this last year means actually is 3 years younger than HyunA now
      She even show her bra more, reveal the bra in front also

      HyunA always get a lot of critism ><

    • well, like most said in the previous article, it’s more like HOW she wears the stuff rather than the stuff she wears by itself.

      hyuna, as we all know, is a naturally sexy lady. she exudes sexy without even trying. and even more so when she dances and performs on stage. plus her figure is curvy and thick which fills up the clothes she wears pretty nicely. therefore when she wears more skin-baring outfits, it amplifies all that to a point where ppl find it unacceptable for her age.

      minzy on the other hand is still sexy in the way she moves and curvy and naturally sexy just like hyuna…. but it comes off as more powerful and sporty rather than sexy. get what i mean? minzy comes off as more boyish and athletic therefore the sex factor isn’t as obvious. so ppl don’t complain as much except for haters and antis.

      so it’s different between the two. it is an unfair world, but not in the perspective you see it.

      • I agree.

      • yu definitely. There’s difference as to how they sport their outfits.

      • Yup, totally agree with you here. Minzy does exude a boyish and athletic image rather than sexiness so it is a different concept from HyunA.

      • “but not in the perspective you see it.”

        exactly, perspective and the way you view minji is your perspective.

        by your logic, and everyone who seems to agree, if a girl were to walk out on the streets of new york city with nothing but a lace bra and panties with a fitted cap, it isnt slutty bc theyre sporting a symbolic boyish clothing item in the fitted cap. but if another person were to wear that lace bra and panty but with no hat but a bow or hairclip or something, it is slutty?

        that whole analogy isnt made to be thought about critically. its just that standards shouldnt be disregarded because of perspective because everyone has a different outlook. a revealing outfit is a revealing outfit

      • @alife: the issue isn’t the clothes as the symbolism but the PERSON wearing them. using a lace underwear as comparison in this issue is useless because underwear is underwear and it’s not supposed to be shown in the first place. ANYONE would look slutty. doesn’t matter whether she’s wearing a fitted cap or a bow.

        but the level of sluttiness might differ depending if she’s hyuna or minzy. lets say hyuna wears the lace underwear with the fitted cap first and then tries on the bow. the effect would be the same. she would still be inapropriate. minzy would still look inapropriate, but maybe a tiny bit less slutty because the way she carries herself won’t emphasize it.

        the question right now is STAGE clothes and why one person gets more flack for wearing the same thing. so i explained that different ppl carry themselves differently. therefore making the clothes that they wear give off a different vibe. which in turn affects how the audience sees it.

        yes, both of them wear revealing clothes. i’m not gonna argue with you on that. you’re right. but the reason hyuna gets more talk for it is because in addition to the revealing clothes, she oozes sexiness along with it and minzy doesn’t get much talk simply because her sexiness is less obvious. simple as that.


    • i don’t remember Minzy wearing that type of shirt …

      CL did though

      but like naninoona, minji doesn’t perform the same way Hyuna does so it doesn’t seem as bad.

    • FYI, Minji has had her share of criticisms in the past as well. YG himself acknowledged it and would often remind her to lessen it as she’s still young. It’s not like Minzy’s walking on rainbows either. It is an unfair world but not only to HyunA — it’s pretty much the same for everybody else.

      Personally speaking tho, I have no problems with what HyunA wears in their performances.

      • agreed.

        and i too do not have a problem with hyunah. stage clothes are stage clothes and theyre accepted as being

      • agreed.

        and i too do not have a problem with hyunah. stage clothes are stage clothes and theyre accepted as being quite exotic. but i presume its more of a morality issue than anything

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  21. If you`re a good enough artist you don`t need to undress to get attention.

  22. I like the after picture. She much prettier. Like the straignt hair and still sexy covered up.

  23. truthfully, i think she looked better in the after. she suits straight hair, and the hat looks good. the shirt underneath also looked alot better. ALOT better.

  24. I didnt find her before clothes bad at all…. Maybe it because I wear stuff like that too as a dancer and I’m around her age…I dunno…I’ve seen worse from younger ones. But Korea is pretty conservative so I guess its inappropriate… Her outfit from “Change” was more revealing than this….

  25. Ugh, her make-up looks horrible in the before, and that outfit is kind of tacky. She looks much better in the after!

    • lol i find it funny that people find the “after” ensemble more “covered up.” based on the ratio of skin being revealed, i think she is revealing more skin in the second sets. as a guy in his early 20s, i can tell you, hyuna is much hotter in the second set. i will take her legs over that small patch of skin under her arms any day

  26. is that a tattoo on her shoulder?

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