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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

    Check out the song 'Itsu Datte Kimi Ni'.

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Big Bang TaeYang releases teaser to ‘Solar (Intro)’ off upcoming 1st full length album!

The teaser snippet to track ‘Solar (Intro)’ off Big Bang TaeYang’s upcoming 1st full length album ‘Solar’ has been released on his official homepage (http://www.ygbigbang.com/taeyang/) on 24th June.

The album is set to be released on 1st July. Go under the cut for the album tracklist revealed!


58 Responses

  1. i just bulrted out, “OHMYGOSH, IT’S BEAUTIFUUU~L!” after hearing it. hehe.
    this, i can’t wait. likewise to the mv.
    taeyang, i’ll b anticipating. 🙂

  2. It sounds a bit like Usher’s Love in this club 😮

    But I’m definitely is looking forward to the release!!

  3. <333333333333333 *spazz* !_! i can't wait for his album to come out. This teaser already got me hooked!

  4. Yes.. I’m ready for Sollo.. hahaha.. just kidding..

    I’m saying YEAH for SOLAR!!!!!

  5. hhhmm
    cant wait for his album
    SOL the best

  6. Oh my God for a second there I thought I was listening to Usher sing its in english. Dang Tae yang sure has a nice voice. Loves it!

  7. this is gonna be the greatest album ever created !!!! xD
    His heavenly voice just melts!

  8. OMFG!!!!!!!!!!
    I died and went to heaven where there only YB XD
    and his engrish is actually english now!!!
    i like and i would say love this intro XD
    I am so ready for SOLAR!! so he needs to b back now
    theres no need for next month anymore~~

    jus one problem…he needa shave though

  9. omg, that was just AMAZING. Im speechless right now. Ohhhh i cant wait!!!

  10. This Intro is so Beautiful *U*

    Taeyang is GREAT as ever

    FIGHTING !!!

  11. I’m so ready!!! July 1 please be here as in now! LOL!!! Can’t wait!!! I can’t believe trolls transfered from AKP to here. Feel so bad for Sookie.

  12. I think this album will show a different side of Taeyang. His Hot album cover was all black and silver – very male/cool. And the songs in the album reflect that. But this album will probably be a combination of the church boy and bad boy part of him. So it looks very pristine and white. So the intro of the album has little children laughing in the background. I think some of his songs will be very light hearted and not as heavy. I just hope its not too poppy.

  13. yes,yes,yes~im ready taeyang!!bring it on~he’s sound awesome~*excited*

  14. reminds me of chris brown? BUT BETTER 🙂 <333

    • oh chris brown’s crawl?

    • Chris Brown’s music is pretty good though, espeically his mid-tempo RNB music.

      I pirate his music though, since he beats women.

  15. Baby, I’m ready, so ready, been ready.
    His (all of BB’s) intros are worthy of full songs!

    Of course, a preview of a song, brings all these BS comments. STFU, when BB or anyone from BB releases something, comments explode like WWIII. Let’s enjoy this, cause let’s face it theres not much ‘good’ music in K-pop right now.

  16. nice intro.
    great sound.
    can’t wait.
    so ready.

  17. oh GOD,,,help me with all of this comeback while this is my hardest time 4 me cuz i must finish my final project first…..T___T THIS IS KILL ME >O<

  18. OH MY GOD…I LOVE LOVE IT! as long as there’s good music, I’m there. Shut up haters!

  19. one word,,,,”WOOOOOAAAAAHHHHHH”

  20. Taeyang all the way, i can’t wait for other songs

  21. a great intro! i already love it! now i really want to hear i need a girl!

  22. YG family does have the best intros! They never disappoint, just like Taeyang! The answer to the question is….I am definitely ready for Solar! Dot know if my heart can take all this teasing though, please don’t let me die before this album is released! 🙂

  23. FCUK YES TAEYANG WE’RE FREAKIN READY. 😀 Ever since you’re last single came out!

    He’s so gonna pwn this summer!

  24. nice intro i wish more intro is like this i think this is the best intro so far in Korea.

  25. sexy album i want it! the deluxe come to me!!!!!

  26. OMG YESS! im so freakin readyy! YB ❤

  27. Omfg yesssss, Taeyang’s voice is so beautiful.
    I’m loving the intro!!!!

    So sexy!

  28. Man, Taeyang always has the best songs. I don’t care much for BB but Taeyang would be a great soloist. I’m still addicted to his song “wedding dress”, i have no idea how this song didn’t get 12 weeks at no.1 haha (slightly exaggerating but it really is such a beautiful song).

    • the song dun even enter no.1 spot right?

      I thought he says ” Are you ready for solo” instead of SOLAR hahaXD

      • it did enter #1 for 1 day in one chart i think.

      • Rofl, I thought he said ” SOL LOVE ” at first….

      • Yeah i know the song did bad XD but it’s sooo good.

        Anyways i’m anticipating great things from Taeyang, don’t let me down.

      • I think he kind of meant for it to sound like ‘SOL-Love’
        Cause his name is also SOL, and he is giving fans his love. And his album name is Solar. Choice37 (along w/ Taeyang) produced this track, and Choice37 is clever with wording.

  29. it’s on repeat

  30. Something I LOVE about YG are the intros to their albums.

    Am I ready for SOLAR? Yes, Taeyang. I’ve been ready since HOT came out two years ago lmao

  31. flagiarize again?

    taeyang songs sound the same

  32. LOVE IT ..
    Yeah i’m ready for Solar 😀

  33. The intro of this song, sounds familiar to me…

    • of what?!!!…..no matter what it is this sound good I bet all of his songs are all worth to listen to.

    • most of the RnB songs sound the same anyway just like ballad

      but anyway his voice OMG, so sexy
      I’m ready
      bring it on my sexy hubby

    • i think it sounds a bit of IYAZ’s SOLO..but just a very tiny note/beat..not a big deal though..

      Taeyang’s english has improved a lot! i’m so excited for SOLAR!!!

      • The song’s melody I think is pretty original, but I think it’s the fact that when he says ‘SOLAR’, his accent comes through (even though it’s pretty good already) and I couldn’t help but think he was saying ‘SOLO’… so I thought of Jason Derulo lol. Damn JAY-SUNNNN DERUUULOOOOOH!

        Anyway, love the english bro! He is sounding beauuuutiful. 🙂 CANNOT WAIT!! YG Family~~

      • did anyone else take notice that its nearly a full minute of yb singing/voicing in ENGLISH? good stuff

  34. omo this song sounds special and nice!

  35. The english in the beginning and the background noises reminded me of you and I and the singing after reminded me of usher . Other than that yes taeyang i’m ready for solar.

  36. wow sound good is like being in church can’t wait for July 1.

  37. ❤ ❤ ❤ Time to spazz!!!
    Hahaa, it's definitely different from his usual intro songs. The kids laughing part was pretty random but cute.
    And YES, I'm ready for SOLAR.

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