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Criticisms mounting against Kwon SangWoo with news of fleeing after car accident

With news that top actor Kwon SangWoo said to have dumped his car and fled after getting into a car accident, criticisms from netizens have been mounting.

According to KangNam police station on 24th June, Kwon SangWoo’s car was said to have bumped into a car pulled up at the side of the road in KangNamGoo CheongDamDong previously on 12th June when on his way home. And seeing a police car following up from behind, the actor was said to have fled in his car for over 300m, before he get off his car and fled.

Kwon’s legal representative told the police during the investigation after the accident that he was flustered to see the police after his car bumped into another car. But he was not drunk when the accident happened.

Because there was no way the police could test for any alcohol assumption in the actor since much time had passed, the police will be charging the actor with fleeing after the accident.

Some of netizens’ reactions to the news are:

  • “What! Of all things, fleeing after the accident ..(Mi****)”
  • “I smell alcohol in this accident (Ss***)”
  • “Doesn’t he feel embarrassed for his baby?(타**)”
  • “If he has a clear conscious, why didn’t he appear straight after the accident?(명랑활***)”

Meanwhile, this accident is expected to affect the actor’s image greatly even though his recent movie ‘Into the gunfire’ is said to be going very well in the box offices.

S: Asiae


11 Responses

  1. Sang-Woo was STINKING DRUNK when he bumped the other car so he fled and now faces a stricter and larger penalty! WHAT a MAROON!!!!!


    KSW OPPA 😳

    thank god if he fine 🙂

    __# “Doesn’t he feel embarrassed for his baby?(타**)”

    <<<<<< go to the hell

  3. Oh noooooo
    I adore KSW oppa, but to escape is very badly it doesn’t have justification, I hope that it doesn’t affect the movie

  4. he was drunk for sure.

  5. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo, mai彡rss. mai彡rss said: K Bites: Criticisms mounting against Kwon SangWoo with news of fleeing after car accident http://bit.ly/9kScIX […]

  6. it was a bump…why run?

  7. Don’t drop the soap

  8. seriously? what a tool

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