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f(x), “As compared to the dream of winning #1 on music shows, we want to be Asia’s top pop dance girlgroup”

Girlgroup f(x) reveals a goal that they treasure more than winning #1 on music shows.

f(x) was on MBC Golden Fishery aired on 24th June. This is the 2nd part to their appearance on the show.

The members were asked on the show, “How do you feel seeing So Nyeo Shi Dae winning #1?” They answered, “Of course we have though of wanting to win #1. But it can’t be helped if we can’t do it. Even though it is not that we don’t have the greed to, but we have our own goals too.”

Leader Victoria said, “Our goal is to be the best pop dance girlgroup in Asia. #1 is of course good but if we can’t do it, we will aim to fulfil our goal.”

Meanwhile, the girls’ most recent hit is ‘NU ABO’ off their 1st minialbum and it has received much love from music fans after its released.

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54 Responses

  1. there is a REASON why they still haven’t won number 1 yet =__=

  2. […] Credit: xlemonpie @omgkpop | K Bites […]

  3. firstly, they gotta put sulli in the middle

  4. I think its hard to be in #1 when there are other groups who are already #1 like SNSD and especiallyWG their song nobody was a huge hit in all over Asia and lets not forget the groups that debut in the same year as them and who are more successful like 2NE1 ,
    T-ara , 4 minute and after school

    So far f(x) did not promote a great song even nuabo that song doesn’t make any sense the lyrics are so weird so I think what f(x) needs is promote the right song and to have the concept they will be fine

  5. There is nothing original about them~

    Wondergirls and SNSD did the cutesy concept to death, 2NE1 and 4 Minute did the fierce, bad ass chicks already and they’re kinda just hanging in limbo.

    Don’t even get me started about their music.

    Forget about Asia, first you need a solid fan base in Korea~ And even that has taken some groups a couple years… but positivity is key; may your function be to the limit of infinity.

    (yes, the most nerdiest math comment probably ever made here LOL)

    • But they do have a crossdresser…. which is original LOL

    • I think f(x) has a tomboy concept. And I don’t say that only because of Amber’s looks, I mean, the whole aura of the group seems tomboy-ish to me.

      So far the only girlgroup that I can’t categorize anywhere is T-ara, haha. But I like them so I have no problem with that ^^

      Their fancafe members count is around 61k now, I’d say that’s good for a group that only debuted last year.

      • But 2NE1 debuted last year and have a waaaaaaay larger number. Excuses excuses excuses

  6. i think their talent is being wasted with mediocre songs. When I first saw them I Lachata, I had high hopes for them. They looked pretty solid as a group. I hope SM gives them a good song. Right now, they’re going for the cute concept. While it worked for SNSD, I don’t think they should follow the same route. It’s like SM initially wanted them to be this fierce group but it was a half hearted effort so they balked and made them comeback to be more cutesy to fit the SM mold more. I hope SM invests more into them like they did with Shinee. These girls and Shinee are the future of SM.

  7. They will have their time.

    I personally think that it’s not only the songs. It might be their sister group but it’s hard to really advance with SNSD around, and brother groups like SuJu and Shinee whom all have very solid fanbases already, even those very fans are more than willing to like them as well. I feel like ppl generally like them but can’t make a full commitment yet on following them in the same devoted way they do to f(x)’s sunbaes.

  8. SNSD didn’t have many fans at first either, but their popularity suddenly skyrocketed with “Gee” that came out of nowhere. f(x) just has to find the right song.

    I can’t stop staring at that ugly outfit combo they dressed Amber in. Better stylists wouldn’t do any harm either..

    • ur wrong yes they had many antis in 2007-2008 but SNSD had a better start comparing to f(X) they have sold 100000 copies with their debut album plus they have won awards but back in 2007-2008 WG were korea top female group its like 2NE1 and 4minute both group did well and won awards but one group was more popular than the other

    • Gee indeed made them be the #1 girl group in korea but they won their first award in 2007 with their debut song Into The New World. They also won several award with Girls’Generation (2007) their second song and some others with Kissing You in early 2008. So compare to f(x) , SNSD did way better.

  9. Good luck on that.. cause there is many other girl groups out there that wants to be the same thing, some even better than f(x).

    Win #1 first before trying to become something bigger.

  10. nahhh…I’d rather choose 4minute as pop dancers.

  11. Gambaette kudasai, F(x) girls !! 🙂

  12. btw, have they ever won #1 on any music show?

  13. yea… it’s good to have high goals but it’s going to be a longgg while before they’re going to be anywhere near Asia’s top dance group… if they even ever make it. short-term goals first, girls?

  14. “best pop dance girlgroup in Asia”…hmmm..
    let’s see..
    Miss A is coming (will be promoting in China and Korea too)..
    it will be a tough battle for this two..
    i’m glad the kpop is giving us alot of excitement..
    they just need a better song and a better moves cause most of them are already talented..

  15. F(x) unnies are very hardworking. Good luck, girls
    F(x) hwaiting <333~

  16. Kill your unnies, SNSD et voila

  17. if f(x) wants to become Asia’s top dance girlgroup, SM needs to start showcasing some serious dance skills of theirs or its just all talk..
    seriously… i haven’t seen a dance break from them since they first debuted…

    • pop dance not break dance LOL

      • Dance breaks are where you show your dancing skills, idiot. You don;’t have to breakdance.

      • LMFAO squint suggested a dance break not break dancing, dumbass

    • @LOL clearly have no idea what dance break means… dance break its more like a dance showdown where you show off your dancing skills…… while break dance is a totally different ting…

  18. f(x) should have won at least once, but Music Bank changed their scoring system and fucked up their score. 2PM ended up winning instead despite having lower digital sales and album sales than f(x) for that week.

  19. Lol SM tsk tsk tsk you should give this group a nice song in order to win but then again there’s a lot of nice song out there who’s not winning or topping the chart,.I think its more on the impct and your fans as well why?lets say yes you have lots of fans but they are just so called fans and they dont buy your single or album then no chance at all an sometimes some shows and celebrities as well,if they uses your songs or sung it on air it means they liked it and people or fans wil start realizing omo he or she or they played that song or they liked that song i want it too i wanna listen to it…In the case of Fx they have the talent but lucking of A factor to win or be well known…

  20. well you kinda have to win lots of #1s to be considered a top group of asia … -.-

  21. F(x) position in digital charts were really good… but their album sales were really really bad.

  22. if a song like Oh! can top charts, it’ll be a matter of time before a song like Nu Abo top charts. just a few songs after though.. it takes time for fans to accumulate. luna’s got the voice in f(x) which taeyeon’s got the voice in snsd so im sure they’ll get there eventually

    • NU ABO topped charts and got #1 on music stores. They just didn’t have enough album sales to win on music shows.

  23. Um…let me see….

    I don’t think Amber and sulli can REALLY dance that well.

    And they can’t even dance that good and they want to be Asia pop dance group. Winning 1st is easy than becoming asia pop dance group anyways.

    • Why i say winning 1st is easy is because looking at their position in mubank the last time, they can easily win 1st if there is no tough competitor.

  24. Sorry but the #1 Dance Girl group in Korea right now has to be After School, their dancing ability is the best & up to bar to compete with all boy groups. They really conquer Asia when the title belongs to AS in Korea.

  25. They can do it, but that’d require a lot of dedication and less stints on variety shows. :/

  26. Seriously, Sulli towers everyone in her group lol ..
    She should have not worn heels..

  27. ^ i agree, they need to get #1 in Korea first then thinking about Asia, but its good that they aim higher

    • F(x) has one awesome song. Mr Boogie.
      Sé que esta cancion va a ser su numero 1 😀

      • OMFG I love this song.

      • Out of all of their songs in this mini album, I also found that ‘Mr. Boogie’ is much more interesting and catchy.
        I love it a lot more that NU ABO.
        Why did they choose NU ABO as the title song instead of this Mr. Boogie?
        I think f(x) could probably success more with that song.

  28. they need to be no. 1 in korea first before being acknowledge in asia

    • agree. they need to win No.1 on music shows first to be known in Asia….they still got a longgg way to go…

  29. They have a lot of ambition, which is great. But they have a long, long, long way to go… I wish them luck, they seem to be very hardworking.

    I’m expecting haters to show up soon.

    • ::SM Town::

      Former Artists:
      Fly to the Sky
      Isak n JiYeon
      Black Beat

      Current Artists:
      the Trax
      CSJH / The Grace
      Super Junior
      SNSD / Girls’ Generation

      F(x) girls, you can do it. Fighting <333!!!!

    • a long way to go indeed, but its still possible. as long as they keep your hopes high and stay humble, the sky is the limit.

  30. i think they can make it. GOOD LUCK F(X)!!!

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