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f(x) Sulli has the most ‘ajusshi’ fans and Amber received money as a gift from fans

Member Sulli has been chosen as the member with the highest number of ‘ajusshi’ fans in girlgroup f(x).

The f(x) members made appearances on MBC Golden Fishery on 24th June and they talked about that. The members did a little poll on the show and Sulli was chosen as the member with the most number of ‘ajusshi’ fans.

Meanwhile, member Amber revealed that she has received an envelop with money inside it from fans. When asked what she did with it, Amber said, “I returned it. The envelop was really thick.” And Shin JungHwan joked, “That thickness, there should be about 700K KRW inside.”


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  1. […] sixteen, Sulli had done another leggy photo shoot, and according to a poll, from amongst all the members of f(x), she has the most ajeosshi** fans. Ewww […]

  2. lol creepy yes but as long as they buy fx products and contribute to the success of the group. i wouldn’t care… as long as they don’t try to get their dirty hands on the girl. lol

    I read some ahjussi fans fanaccounts. i think some of them are nice and caring. They are supportive n helpful n quiet.
    Minus some perverted ones, I think it’s all good. ^^
    Sometimes those ahjussis are fans together with the family.
    I saw a whole family from father, mother to son like Seungyeon KARA n SNSD members.

  3. +_+ amber is so pretty in this pic

  4. it’s disconcerting that the member that looks the most like a child should be the most popular amongst old men.

    pedobears anyone?

  5. I wish they keep Amber hair color like this.

  6. i find it funny cause most of SM artists have the greatest amount of fans when it comes to ahjusshis and ahjummas as well…actually this is weird..

  7. I don’t really think it’s bad to have Ahjussi (old man) fans. Sure it sounds creepy, but they’re not different from us.
    I mean, minus those that are single and have no life o_o
    But it’s not bad to cheer for your favorite singer :\

    TVXQ, HyunJoong, SHINee, all of them have crazy Ahjumma fans.

  8. I will never understand this side of Asian culture (you know, the whole love for young, innocent girls) *shivers*.

    • There are also old women DBSK japanese fans and Ajumma fans of SHINee taemin.

      you must know that those japanese Ajumma fans have the money to contract ‘stalkers’ to follow Tohoshinki and take pictures of them. Ajumma fans also pay to know where THSK boys are and with who.. creepy

    • It’s not nearly as bad as japan though. At least in kpop there are alot o female fabs too.

    • I think its more existing and showy on East countries like Japan korea and China not very sure of other asian countries.

  9. thats creepy, huh? Whoa! Amber is lucky!

  10. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew so her fans are around the same age as her father

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