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[Photo Spam] Celebrities attending WG SunYe father’s wake

With the unfateful news of WonderGirls leader SunYe father’s passing earlier today, many Korean celebrities have also attended his wake and paid their last respect.

Some of the celebrities spotted at the wake includes WonderGirls ex-member SunMi, 2AM Jo Kwon, Super Junior DongHae and HeeChul, Park ShinHye and Park KyungRim. The rest of the 2AM and 2PM members are also set to attend the wake.

Go under the cut for more photos.

Friend of over 10 years, Jo Kwon also wrote on his Twitter on 24th June, “That child was a child who was blessed. Amen. Yesterday there was nothing I could do. But only to call for the Lord to be with her…”

WonderGirls ex-member SunMi was also said to have attended the wake, however no photos were released through the media. There are news reports saying that SunMi alone and with no makeup, and left quietly after that.

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  1. How come i see the tear in DOnghae’s eyes
    his eyes looks red and i can see his sad
    i don’t know his affection to Sunye in Come to Play is real or Scripted but at least they’re friends.
    Accorrding to DongHae’s fans. he is very innocent just like a kid. i doubt he would be so agressive to Sunye because of the sake of rating.
    You can tell lie but his eyes and some his action can’t lie…
    i’m not shipper but i do think they’re friend and He is a fan of her as he said.
    DongHae must know SunYe’s lost well.. and no need to look sad or depressed when you’re sad…

  2. every tears equal to a smile
    this will make her a stronger person
    she’ll be really successful someday
    you have our love sunye, stay strong
    im kinda worried about her grandma as well since she’s a little old

  3. […] here for pictures. Once again, I’m terribly sorry for her loss. We all wish that we could be there […]

  4. taking pictures at a funeral is rather disrespectful, i hope the reporter didn’t have a field day over this, or i’d be flippin mad…

    stay strong Sunye, our prayers are always with you and your family.

  5. don’t make such a big fuss on donghae guys. his dad passed away too, so yeah…
    glad that sunye’s got her friends’ visiting the wake of her father.
    i hope jay comes too. πŸ™‚

    sunye, this is just a trial to go to. God will always be with you wherever you are. remember that you’ve been blessed. be strong.

    sunye and sunye’s family fighting. i’ll be praying for your father.

  6. Oh Sunye..


    I’m so very sad right now.

    Your Father is in a better place now though.

    Dear Sunye be strong, you are NEVER alone, Wonderfuls will walk with you.

  7. poor girl, it’s sad that reporters had to be there to make money off of this situation. i really think it wasn’t appropriate for them to intrude on her mourning and take so many pictures of these celebrities.

    it’s just not nice.

  8. idk about this picture that ur giving a fuzz about..but i saw one picture,,his whole face was crumpled like he was in pain in the inside..and i dont see anything wrong w/ the pic..mind you, donghae wud not have wasted his time going there if he does not feel sympathy and pain as well.he was there to give his condolonces to sunye who he has just gotten to know..i think donghae as well should be given respect..gosh!

    sunye, condolonces..

  9. Sunye… TT.TT
    I believe she’ll get through this. She’s such a strong woman.
    Jokwon is one of the nicest friend i’ve ever witnessed.
    His prayer will definitely help Sunye get through this.
    No one can do anything, just pray for the LORD to support her and then time will heal her pain.

    God bless you, Leader Min!

  10. i pray for you and your family ❀

    you deserve absolutely everything everyone else takes for granted. yet, youre here standing alone, crying behind closed doors and the people following your every move do not know how you truly feel. your just a pawn, a toy for our entertainment through many eyes and yet you put on a false sense of joy just to make us happy. but youre crying, mourning the loss of ones we always take for granted. you deserve everything and much more. my blessings goes out to you and your family. a comment is all i can give you, but ill continue to support your every decision sunye

  11. wooow. i didn’t expect that Donghae would come!
    Oh Geez, looks like Donghae is really in love with Sun Ye rite? Since they wore couple ring on mucore past 2 weeks. also they are couple on COME TO PLAY. they even exchange numbers (handphone) and calling each other……

  12. wait i don’t get it, sumni didn’t have make up so the
    news reporter people didn’t take pictures?
    RIP Sunye’s dad. i hope she feels better soon.

  13. whos the girl in pony tail hugging sunye on the second pic… TT_TT everytime i read the article I cant help but cry…Sunye is an orphan… hiks πŸ˜₯ jokwon lookes like he’s gonna burst out in tears. He needs to be strong for his best friend. Suju came? did they become close after come to play. Nice to see all these artist come and support her.

    • ppl think the girl in the pony tail is sunmi. But we’re not exactly sure since we dont see the face.

  14. It’s great that other celebrities came to pay their respects. My condolences Sunye…

  15. Jo Kwon is here for his best friend of course ! I feel so sorry for her…losing her parents at such a young age. Sun Ye Fighting !

  16. My condolences to sunye & her family
    Sunye unnie Fighting!

    sunye & sunmi aren’t they sisters??

  17. Actually I saw other pics of DH without the jacket and he has a sadder expression. Maybe these are picks of him arriving so he is greeting other people respectfully. He is there like everyone else to pay his respects and being supportive of Sunye. He knows what it’s like to lose a dad. Let’s not lose focus on what really matters. Sunye be strong.
    Sunhae FTW!!! I ship this more and more.

  18. respect for heechul and donghae! u guys are arguing for his expression!!!! the guy is there doesn’t it mean anything to you! i’m not his fan but i thank him for coming!
    sun ye fighting baby we love you

  19. i feel bad. I hope everybody stays strong no matter what. =(

  20. the main focus of this article is on sunye and her father.
    i see no point of focusing on donghae’s expression.
    he understood best what is sunye going through. he lost his father in 2006 and he knows how to go about accepting it.
    i am sure he consoled sunye and encouraged her to be well and all.
    there’s no point in commenting how his expression was.

    Fans will always be there for you.
    You will never be alone πŸ˜€

  21. to all the insensitive shallow people in here..there are times where you need to shut it for once and be a human being. Especially in this kind of situation where someone lost her loved one. What is wrong with donghaes’ expression? He is sad i’m sure of it. But he just doesn’t want to show it to the public. He lost his father too. Donghae knows exactly how sunye feels. Donghae i’m sure is really really sad right now. I hope sunye will get through this. As i have said in the latter article i’m sure she will. Because she is a strong person.

  22. Sun Mi who also lost her biological father when she was young, would also be a good supporter to sun ye. she also understands.

    be strong sun ye!

  23. Hmmm..sadly as long as newspaper circulation and TV ratings goes up,the press will be there.US UK Korea it’s the same ,morbid as it may sound,people are just curious who will be there to pay their respect.

  24. My deepest condolences to Sunye ):
    Stay strong & brave leader.
    Loads of love.

    Sunye Fighting!

  25. please help us trend #bestrongsunye on twitter as a support for her..

  26. SUNYE FIGHTING!!! Stay strong leader!
    omg looking at sunye in those pictures are heartbreaking

  27. How come someone’s father’s wake has to be reported on the news? is there no longger such a thing as privacy?

  28. Jokwon looks damn sad

  29. My condolences 2 sunye n her family..Be strong gal,..I know losin some1 dear n close 2 u iz a painful experience..Aniwae,wif support frm every1 who loves n cares abt u may u hav de courage 2 move on wif ur life..Even if it’s a rocky road ahead,i’m sure u cn do it..

  30. the media should leave her alone. I dunno, I always feel that it is a family and friends thing. Sigh.

  31. She’s Smiling but she’s sad ..
    she’s strong girl ..
    Sunye Fighting we love you and support you ..
    be strong forever ..

  32. sunye unnie ❀
    min leader…you are the strongest person i know.
    stay strong. i know you can.

    i hope she gets a long break..she really needs it.

    and i hope the jype family and her other friends and family shower her with love..she deserves it so much ❀

  33. be strong sun ye! we will be praying.

  34. unnie stay strong T_T

  35. i hope Sunye and her family get better

  36. Such a strong girl.

    My sincere condolences to sunye and her family.

  37. poor girl, she’s my most fav girl member in girl groups. And now, she’s already an orphan. I hope she will be strong!

    I don’t know PSH is close with Sunye

  38. Be strong our Wonder Leader…
    God bless you…

  39. it breaks my heart to see Sunye crying and weak. keep your head up girl and be strong!

  40. poor girl. the only person she has left is her grandmother. I can only wish her the best, and pray for the lord to be at her side. stay strong young sunye (: you’re such an inspiration for still being able to go on and achieve your dream, after everything that’s happened. keep your head up girl – the kpop community is here for you!

  41. WTF, DongHae’ expression is :s

    • it seems like he isn’t feeling sad.
      Donghae oppa don’t be rude.

      • srsly. sunye’s dad passed away and you guys fuss over how donghae looked? cmon.

      • donghae would understand the most out of all of them. he’s actually been in her shoes before. cameras are all over the place, what do you expect from him?

    • not defending him, but is it a requirement to be depressed looking. i would think from personal experience donghae doesnt shed tears or show sad expressions as easily anymore.

      • you guys..donghae’s father passed away in 2006…he probably understands better than any of those people…

    • its not like he’s jumping for joy. his own father passed away from cancer a couple of years ago. i’m sure he is just giving a passing small smile to the photographers like sunye did earlier. even my mom passed away from cancer and at her wake there were moments when i would smile or laugh at something someone said. you don’t have to look like your depressed every second.

      anyway…. i hope that she gets all the rest, love and peace that she needs now. prayers to her and her family.

    • I bet Donghae’s one of the guys that is hurting the most. His dad passed away a few years ago and going to SunYe’s father’s funeral probably reminds him of his dad’s funeral.

      Sunye fighting. I feel really sorry for her. Her mother and grandfather passed away not long ago. Now it’s her father who passed away. She only has her grandma with her. Poor girl. 😦

      Nice to see people going there to support her. Kwon looks really sad since he’s Sunye’s best friend, he probably knows the pain she and her father been through.

      • Sunye fighting !!!
        donghae-oppa fighting !!!
        sunhae fighting !!!
        God bless u ..

    • WTF?!! You can definitely tell that there are reporters or camera man somewhere, he’s prolly smiling at them but you can clearly tell that he really feels sorry for sunye thats why he went to the funeral. gosh!

    • when i first see Donghae’s picture rather than judging his expression it seems like he’s trying not to be sad. altho it seems like he’s smiling he always have a smiling face even when he’s upset or mad.. But his eyes said otherwise..

      • guys look at his eyes! he is really in pain!, remember he likes sunye and he lost her father too and in this media they can`t be together with them the time they want and that makes them more weak! RIP sunye`s father sunye u r strong u can do it god bless u

  42. deepest condolence to Sunye…be strong girl! T___T

  43. People said that jay coming too .. Is that right?

    • well..
      actually..i’m hoping that he will..
      coz…i think.. Jay and sunye kinda close too right?
      pardon me if i’m wrong..

    • Jay and Sunye are REAL

    • I don’t see why not Jaebum shouldn’t come. He has no grudge with her hell they were very close during their trainee day so he should be there.

    • i think so.
      i would assume because all three leaders are really close.
      jokwon, sunye & jay.

  44. Jo Kwon is like about to cry!!
    Poor Sumi..
    RIP sunye daddy..
    All WG members should come back to korea with her

  45. condolences to sunye & friends & family 😦

  46. Jo Kwon~ I love him so much

  47. that’s sunmi

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