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4Minute gives preview to performance of followup hit with ‘HuH’ perf on 25th June

4Minute shows a preview to the performance of their followup hit at the end of their recent live performance of ‘HuH’.

4Minute performed the hit ‘HuH’ on KBS Music Bank on 25th June. What caught the attention of many is at the end of the performance, the girls gave a preview to the performance of their followup hit. Currently, 4Minute is preparing and practising their followup hit to be promoted after promotions for ‘HuH’ end.

4Minute said, “The ending is different from before. There is a part which shows the dance to our followup hit. We plans to show a song and performances with our followup hit which will surprise everyone.”



24 Responses

  1. i hope their follow-up single will be “candy funky” this time..just like when they debuted. i mean, yeah..you know? 😛

    i think these girls need a rest since most of them stayed with Sun Ye and others are tired..

  2. Here’s some quick caps of past perfs:

    June 26th cap:

    Now I can see there’s a SLIGHT diff, but I wouldn’t have really noticed til I actually had to do this. Hehe

    Kbites was the first to clue me in about the diff ending too.

    I really hope their next song is Invitation. ❤ Or maybe Bababa, but Invitation is my fave track of their album. ^^

  3. dude…unless someone caps it lol I have no idea what the difference is >>

  4. Im lovin 4minute’s dance choreo and music style so edgy to me…not a fan b4 but now I love them.

  5. HyunA spent all night wt Sun Ye
    She is emotional girl and very close to Sun Ye, today she look so sad
    And maybe because she wt Sun Ye at the wake for a long time so she dont have tome to practice Chitty Bang Bang too, poor HyunA

    • yup after spending all night at Sun Ye’s Father’s Funeral with CUBE’s CEO they had to continue filming the MV for their follow up song, so the girls are very tired.

  6. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo, mai彡rss. mai彡rss said: K Bites: 4Minute gives preview to performance of followup hit with ‘HuH’ perf on 25th June http://bit.ly/bzzBDu […]

  7. It’s jiyoon not jooyeon

  8. whats wrong with Hyuna is she ill
    she is not as energetic as she used to be.
    poor baby

    i love jooyeon she so fierce n sexy (so is hyuna)
    but i dont like hyunas blong hair, i prefer her ginger ^,^

  9. Only hyuna and jooyeon are the best. all sucks

  10. They do another movement a the end pay attention^^

  11. I don’t see what’s different at the end of the performance ? =/

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