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EunHyuk, “I had been in a love triangle with another celebrity before”

Super Junior EunHyuk reveals that he had been in a love triangle with a celebrity before.

EunHyuk was on KBS Happy Together 3 aired on 24th June when he said that he had been sent a wrong text message to his ex-girlfriend before.

He said, “I used to have a girlfriend. And I found out that she had been meeting another male celebrity before she was dating me.”

He added, “And once, I was watching a music show, and it was her ex-boyfriend’s performance. She then sent the wrong text message to me which was meant to be for her ex-boyfriend who was performing then on the show. And the content to the text message was that she was thinking back about their relationship back then.”

EunHyuk said, “I was so angry, I went to the gents at the broadcast centre and I hurt my hands in the midst to taking out my anger.”


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  1. This is one of the post I’ve visited with the DUMBEST/SHALLOWEST COMMENTS ON PLANET EARTH.
    Arguing about stuffs like: How can you not add in a Korean term in the midst of an english sentence (e.g you can’t say *inserts name* oppa, you have to say “inserts name* “brother” LMAO, you can’t say *inserts name* hwaiting, you have to say *inserts name* work hard) and how ugly a celebrity is just because you do not really take fancy to him/her.
    To all shallow people out there, Korea doesn’t base on solely looks though I must say it does play a part.
    On the other hand, you must have talent, and when I say talent, I mean ALL-ROUNDED TALENT — Which consists of singing, dancing, acting, MC-ing, comedian and so on and so forth.
    If you are a handsome piece of wooden block who stand there and does nothing else but looking handsome all day long, I would be very happy to recommend you to a modeling agency.
    You would go far in that line if you’re photogenic, but here, in the entertainment industry, of KOREA… Sorry, no. This place wouldn’t be a place for you.
    And back to the above guy which people are criticizing, he may not have the No.1 looks in SuJu, but definitely,
    Hands down.

    • Agreed with the last part. Now your essay on the other hand…

    • I just had to comment on something… πŸ˜€
      “If you are a handsome piece of wooden block who stand there and does nothing else but looking handsome all day long” Why does this sound like Daniel Henney LOL. But girls still love him!
      Sorry, he is probably trying to improve his skills, but I couldn’t resist taking a dig haha.

      Another off-topic comment on modeling – a decent model shouldn’t just stand there and look good. I remember an older photoshoot Hyori did – she looked good, she had different poses, but after seeing 5 photos I was quite perturbed by how she had the exact same expression it was almost scary. That is unfortunately the same for some kpop idols in their photoshoots.

  2. i agree with those above
    he’s ugly and he’s not even tall
    but he dances the best among suju

  3. im sorry but to me Eunhyuk is CUTE/HOT.. i love him no matter what other people think.. so he may not be HOT like some of the other guys of kpop but to me he IS.. i just feel bad for him.. but he deserves better anyways..

  4. Why are you people arguing about his looks?? Grow up will you…Dear lord!! Haven’t you realized that every person in the world likes different things. There are different tastes and colors and flavors so we all can have our favorite.

    Some of us think EunHyukie is very attractive and that’s our taste; some of you don’t think he’s attractive and that is your taste. Some people like strawberry, some hate it. Some people like winter some, detest it. Some people like blond guys/girls, others don’t. Some like guys with muscles, some don’t. That’s the reality of it.


  5. dance wanna get down

  6. I wonder whether this is true… but I saw on allkpop that netizens were speculating that Young Saeng from SS501 was the girl’s ex-bf… has anyone else heard anything about this?


    come to KSA and chose any pretty girl you want not just you all the SJ
    me i’ll going to chose my everything Teukie


  8. yaaa~!
    the girlfriend is also a celebrity too ~!

  9. poor baby….the angry hyukkie is as well smhw smexy πŸ˜€

  10. pff so many comments here, and not even half of them are about the article.

  11. Rapper wannabe.

  12. LOL @ Eltoshen! Okay, i know deep down that you love him, no need to show it like that. hahaha…

    Well, he’s not handsome like Siwon, but he’s not ugly either. He’s not really my fave SuJu member, but he’s got the “it” factor to make people love him. He’s charming IMO.

    • I like Eunhyuk.

      I admit it. I just don’t find him physically attractive, is all.

  13. I hope idols will only date idols.
    It kind of break my heart when they date a normal person…..

  14. He deserves so much better. And Eunhyuk is pretty hot, and he’s an all around great guy, funny smart talented dedicated and so much more. I’d take him over Siwon anyday

  15. That other guy EunHyuk’s ex- was dating behind his back was Taec, he DOES get around. Poor EunHyuk, he must have bruised his knuckles punching the bathroom tiles while envisioning Taec’s sneering face grinning at him! Poor Guy! I’m sure EunHyuk would’ve liked to punch Taec right in his face but then he’d have to settle at the police station! Oh Well, Taec’ll get his soon…..
    Ke Ke Ke~~~

    • how do you know its taec? you shouldn’t make assumptions if you don’t know anything for sure….

    • Lol same here too when I first read the girlfriend’s ex I immediately thought of Taec.
      Poor Eunhyuk though 😦 hope he’ll find a better girl that’s faithful to him πŸ™‚

      • why are you all thinking of taec?
        its not like its him for sure…
        it could be any guy singer, why taec?

    • wtf, lol. Taec didn’t even debut when he was dating this ex-gf of his.

      Nice try, though.

      • Lol how do u know if it didnt happen after Taec debuted?

      • Because on the show he said it was when he was MCing for a music show (MCountdown) and 2PM didn’t debut yet.

  16. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Tee O, ELF West Borneo. ELF West Borneo said: Eunhyukhave been on a love triangle with another celeb bfore O.O but poor him http://bit.ly/9LVcpj […]

  17. no eunhyuk you lie πŸ™‚

  18. what 😯

    sorry EunHyuk oppa 😦

    BUT , I can not believe it, so just imagine the command (that you have a girlfriend 😳 )

    And her conduct was stupid really , i think she do it that without her brain πŸ˜†

    sorry oppa ,all this story so weird , incredible , funny for me

    ya , and who these stupid girl do not want to be his girlfriend??

    • Don’t call him oppa.

      Please, no.

      • WHY ???

        do not say you are jealous?? ???

        because if this is the reason, I will jump from our building

        πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

      • Oppa only works when you use full out korean. Otherwise, you look like a tryhard.

      • ^ Personnaly, I never use words like “oppa” or “unni” etc. But you can’t stop ppl from using it. it’s their choices.

      • That’s why I said “Please”

    • dont kid yourself Eltoshen, your “please” was not used as a notion of respect.

      are you on your rag or something? peeople have been using oppa or unni since forever, even when not speaking in hangul. why come out now and try to oppose it?

  19. he may not be the best looking guy but he is really funny and he can dance and rap very well. he’ll make a great boyfriend because he’ll make you laugh nonstop.

  20. -comment taken down-

  21. poor dude but honestly, I must say that EunHyuk guy is ugly.

    • UGLY!!! that is harsh u must want some attention

      beside it is not always about he look Eunhuyk oppa have the kindest heart in Kpop and he is so cool πŸ™‚

      • He is not ugly. He’s gotten very handsome the last couple of years. Besides, his has an amazing heart. He’s caring, sensitive, dorky :D, funny… such a sweetheart. Plus he’s sexy as hell and is a mean dancer.

      • you must be blind or a lier.
        lets be honest here, EunHyuk is UGLY and this is not bad.

      • I like suju but I’ll be honest here..Eunhuyk oppa is fugly

    • he is not UGLY maybe beczuse his new hair cut i didnt like it
      but i dont think he is ugly at all

      but i feel sad for him i wish i can know that girl or atleast the maleidol

    • you may think he’s ugly but 10,000 or more thinks he’s gorgeous ..

    • agree he is ugly lol.

    • yep he’s pretty ugly

    • He may not be your type but he is definitely someone’s type.

      You also have to count in his very humorous personality. I think most girls would take a man who has a good personality and a sweet temperament over a man who has looks – looks fade. If you have looks but no personality and no opinions, you will bore every person around you. Relationships,&/or falling in love, is 90% mental and 10% skill.

    • He’s a butterface, but he’s got the dancing down.

    • Yea he really is.

    • Siwon1: Totally agree with u.
      EunHyuk is funny and all but honestly, he IS ugly.

    • his funny guy i like him he can dance

      but yeah his ugly =/ like his no siwon

    • IMO.. It’s true that he is doesn’t have that handsome-type face. His face is originally more of the cute-type face.
      However, I do agree that his hair do in BONAMANA promotion doesn’t support that cute image.
      His eyebrow as well. The shaved-eyebrow make him look scary.

      Still, I love him.
      I just don’t like the current style.

    • there are bigger issues at hand and you people are

      arguing over a matter of baseless opinions? oh btw, never knew how shallow you girl kpop fans are. to be quite honest, i bet none of you are that gorgeous either… if we’re being bloodily honest

      • It’s wrong to take appearances into account?

        That’s what KPOP is based off of. You can’t blame fans for being shallow when the process in choosing these idols was mainly for the looks as well.

      • it isnt wrong, but what good does it do to say, “i agree, i think hes ugly” or even say hes ugly to begin with?

        some things are better left unsaid. learn morality. if freedom of speech encompasses everything while disregarding morals, why not spit on the shoes of an old lady and say “youre old and getting really ugly bc of your wrinkles”?

    • “The shaved-eyebrow make him look scary.” Agree
      his clown make-up was really scary and awful in bonamana promotions.

      siwon,heechul and donghae are the only ones in suju who are handsome.

    • Why people says ugly when they dont want/fav a particular person? are they fav person are? yaak! and pls b4 they say ugly, pls see their self first in the mirror noh!

  22. aw! it feel sorry for him. but it’s okay, she doesn’t deserve him.

  23. LOL esa chica si sabe como hacerla πŸ™‚

    • that girl is really something.
      but I heard about that rapper wannabe aka Eunhyuk is a player.

      • I heard that SS501 YoungSaeng was the other guy.
        at least YoungSaeng is hotter than Eunhyuk.

  24. It’s possible to send wrong text messages; it happens to me all the time.

    But man, poor Eunhyuk 😦

  25. This just confirms that a bunch of idols are dating each other! hehehe
    Now I’m really curious who the different couples are.

  26. It’s ok Hyukjae. You’ll eventually find a much better love.

  27. -comment taken down-

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