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Kangin, who’s going into army, participates in Super Junior 4th repackaged album

Super Junior’s 4jib repackage album is getting attention for self-written songs by the members. The album will be released on upcoming 28th.

This repackage album has original 4jib’s 11 songs and has the follow up song “No Other,” which will be released on 25th through music sites. The album also has more powerful “Shake It Up” remix, the member’s self-written song “All My Heart” and “A Short Journey,” total of 15 songs with 4 new songs.

A ballad song composed by leader Leeteuk and Super Junior-M’s member Henry “All My Heart” excluded all sharp sounds as much as possible to deliver feeling of warm heart just like the title itself. It’s mainly by acoustic guitar to express pop feel. Since it’s Leeteuk’s first ever self-composed song, he has shown passion while making of the song even in his hectic schedule.

Also, there will be a welcoming for fans as Kangin, who is going in to army, has participated in another self-composed song by member Donghae, and lyrics by member Eunhyuk. The song, titled “A Short Journey” is a simple song with repetitive chorus and fresh melody.

This song was the last song Kangin participated before going into the army, so the money collected from digital side will be used to help people in need.

Super Junior will be on KBS “Music Bank” – Looking back on first half of the year on 25th, performing goodbye performance of 4jib title song “BONAMANA.”

9 Responses

  1. is the “No Other” track the one they collaborated with oneway? im a bit confused. LOL.

  2. All the more reason for me to buy the repackaged album.

  3. we her the song she really so so so so pretty we love her so so much we can”t waiting to see the MV if he will be like its you he will killing us
    always SJ give the word the BEEEEEEEEEEEEST

    all KSA.ELF with you our love

    thank you

  4. super junior Fighting ❤ ❤
    Kangin I MISS YOU

  5. I really miss KangIn ;_____________;

  6. can’t wait to hear the other 3 songs..

    gonna miss kangin.. all the best to kangin..

  7. THAT should knock some sense into KangIn the little turd!
    Ke Ke Ke~~~

    • wtf? he’s gg to the army what’re u on about…..
      anw what are the chances the money will go to charity. SM’ll prolly swallow it all behind their backs…

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