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Lee Teuk, “I have been in 5 love relationships before”

Super Junior Lee Teuk reveals that till present, he had been in a love relationship for 5 times.

On KBS 2TV Happy Together Super Junior members EunHyuk and LeeTeuk were guest appearances, and MC Park MiSeon asked them on the number of the times they had been in a love relationship. Lee Teuk answered 5.

EnuHyuk then responded to Lee Teuk’s answered, “If I reveal more, the dominion in the entertainment zone will change,” with a smile. He added, “I have seen Lee Teuk perform with a love bullet suddenly in the midst of a sad and heavy song.”


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    Teukie just miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine


  2. Only FIVE relationships? Girls, Guys or both? Taec has had a hundred times more relationships but no LOVE like Teuk has for his lovers! Teuk is a very nice guy and I wish he finds the right person whatever that significant other’s gender is! Taec can go and do himself an anatomical impossibility!

    • stop bringing Taec everywhere.
      you’re so full of hate about 2PM, go get yourself a blog and write your fanfics there.

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  4. I can not imagine he is in love relationship 😆

    even EnuHyuk 😆

    anyway i think that relationships was a funny relationship

    Seriously ___ Let us speak frankly (dont kill me 🙂 )

    I hope to see these stars in love relations

    This will be a wonderful

    I do not know why these fans angry when these

    things happen (especially the Korean fans)

  5. Only stupid fans believe their idols don’t date.
    some of them even think that boy idols are virgin LOL

    • I couldnt agree more.

    • agree

    • LOL true. Some fans tend to put idols on a pedestal. I doubt anyone in these groups don’t date at all. They’re mostly teenagers or in their early 20’s when having fun and partying is something you’d really wanna do. They tend to go around at these ages. And you can always make time for these things if you really want to so I don’t believe that I’m too busy for dating excuse.

      They most likely date idols/celebrities too coz dating someone outside the biz is just too time consuming.

    • Seriously. They are famous, good looking/handsome/sexy, charming, and charismatic!

      Heck, if they have never dated, I would believe that something is a little off with that person (…or they are “waiting for the right person” which may totally be true, but still! UNUSUAL MUCH?!).

    • agree with khunieLover.

      my sister belived that junsu was innocent, pure and all, until his intoxication song came.
      she was O_O when she read the lyrics. because that song describes all he does when he have sex.
      (btw, he composed and wrote that song)

  6. Now dat i know how many ex-girlfriends lee teuk had,i’m eager 2 knw bout my faves ryeowook n heechul oppa ex-girlfriends.. =p

  7. I hope Leeteuk gets married soon. Since eventually he will wanna settle down.

    *imagines little Leeteuks running around*

  8. It’s really good to hear that he’s been in a love relationship 🙂

  9. this is probably weird to say, but i could never see him dating.. he always seemed so… squared. LOOL.

    but alas, pimp teuk has appeared. now i shall wait patiently for elfs to uncover their identities!

    • ‘stalker’ ELFs known about Suju’ girlfriends..
      but they keeps that in secret.

      • That’s so cool! To protect suju and their girlfriends? Very touching 🙂

      • ^
        i have a feeling its much darker/twisted than that
        as in ‘psycho’ ELFs

      • yea they’re are lots of fans like..the only positive is that they’ll keep it a secret but the negative is that they’ll release what they know if ever comes a time when they feel betrayed or something..unfortunately it happened to 2PM

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