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[Photo Spam] More photos and selcas of ‘Little Goo Hara’ Jin HyeWon revealed!

More photos and selcas of confirmed member ‘Little Goo Hara’ Jin HyeWon from upcoming 9-member group under Core Contents revealed. In the photos revealed, Jin HyeWon was seen posing with T-ara member EunJung and HyoMin.

Jin HyeWon made her first appearance at Core Content’s office on 17th June together with the other Core Contents artistes. And even before her debut in the agency’s upcoming group, the girl has garnered much interests for her resemblance to KARA Goo hara.

Jin HyeWon is set to debut in a new group under Core Contents in September.


66 Responses

  1. She’s naturally cute 🙂 I thought, she’s more cute than Hara.

  2. is it just me or …
    i actually think she looks beautiful
    some of the hara fans are going a little overboard defending her xD
    come on guys this is little girl your talking smack about..

    i don’t understand what’s wrong w/ this company they’re always comparing their artist w/ popular ones
    I remember last year when they called jiyeon the next kim tae hee and all she got was smack so why do they continue to do this i don’t get at all…

  3. I can see the resemblance to Hara, but i think Hara is still much prettier.. she is kinda sweet looking thou… and Eunjung and JiYeon looks quite pretty even without makeup

  4. she’s not like Hara. Hara is WAAAAYYYYYY too pretty to be compared to her. bad eyes. those who said they looked alike must have something wrong with their eyes, dang!

    btw hara’s not natural, but still pretty 🙂

  5. Not Hara, but more like someone else.. She kind of resembles Jessica in her trainee days. just the face shape is a bit different.

  6. lets not judge her. lol her poses r funny

  7. She’s pretty and some pic she resemble Goo hara. She look like ghost goo hara. hehe weird but she’s giving me that vibe. Like those movies a tale of two sister.

  8. OH please. She looks nothing like Hara! This girl is much prettier, honestly speaking.

    I love how everybody’s kara-biased in this site. This girl is still young and doesnt have any makeup on.

    Her facial structure is prettier than Hara’s and her nose looks a lot cuter

    I have nothing against Hara, she is very pretty and sweet, but it annoys the hell outta me when people compare others based on their biasedness >:|

  9. why do i think that she really like her eyes..and try to make those aegyo thing…making me feel that she isnt real..Hara is much more beautiful and real in my opinion..

  10. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo and indah permata rahayu, mai彡rss. mai彡rss said: K Bites: [Photo Spam] More photos and selcas of ‘Little Goo Hara’ Jin HyeWon revealed! http://bit.ly/aBPBhs […]

  11. she has similar looks(big eyes, oval face, the way the hair parts) but she doesn’t look like goo hara.

  12. No offence but i don’t think she is that pretty.
    i always knew jiyeon look is not bad but she really stands out on the selca with jin hye won.

    I mean i realise jiyeon is really pretty from those selca.

  13. She looks similar to Hara, but I wouldn’t go as far as dubbing her ‘Little Hara’. That’s just an exaggeration. But hey… that’s why she’s getting the attention, right?

  14. she doesnt look like hara to me. i also find it annoying when they get these ‘little hara’ titles or ‘bom 2.0’ its so annoying. not only for the artists that are getting those nicknames but imagine how the artists they’re comparing them to feels like?
    what if she isnt as pretty in your opinion? of you just feel insulted by it?
    its a stupid w ay to garner attention and to be perfectly honest this girl isnt half as pretty as hara and im not even a fan of hara or her group.

  15. She doesn’t even look like Hara.

  16. wow i thought they were crazy when they said she was like little hara
    but from these pictures you can see a slight resemblance
    its not that obvious but i can tell why they would call her that nickname

  17. Goo Hara is still pretty new to the kpop biz, it must be pretty flattering for her to already have someone wanting to emulate her.

  18. i don’t think that she looks like goo hara o_o
    she looks more like eunjung? XDDD
    ist she really 15? Born 95?

  19. Her poses are really…fake, not plastic but fake. It’s like she planned those poses already and compare to Jiyeon & Eunjung who were letting loose, she was stiff and…fake.

  20. Why are they calling her “little Hara?”

  21. i think that she doesn’t deserve it to be called “little Goo Hara” .. She doesen’t even loook in any kind like KARA Goo Hara .. –.–

  22. i hate the “little” little boa little hyori little crap.

    • i do know its a marketing ploy but it usually gives them antis instead..
      they should be able to build up their own taleants based on the talent they posess

  23. I see the resemblance, but Hara has more of this ‘anime’ look that makes her more charming to me. I’m pretty sure this girl would get that right charm like Hara and the other idols after she debuts.

  24. i dont think she look like Hara

  25. maybe the tittle of goo hara,want us to pay an attention on her.
    Anyway,she’s pretty,and all but i think her face look a like hyomin ;O

  26. thats not hyomin, its jiyeon…

  27. ehhhhhh! She looks nothing like Goo Hara. Goo Hara is much prettier and there is something about “little Goo Hara” that i don’t like. Maybe it’s her eyes? Maybe the mouth? Maybe the eyebrows? I don’t know but little goo hara certainly does not fit the definition of pretty, well not in the last picture anyway…

  28. I think she does look like the without-make-up Goo Hara, and a little bit of Hyo Min and ulzzang Do Hwe Ji. She is cute. Why do you ppl make a big deal out of look like or not? What is wrong if she looks like someone ? She cannot replace that person anyway.

  29. she doesn’t look like goo hara, coz hara is prettier…and i dunno why she likes to keep her mouth hanging like that in every photo…..doesn’t look nice…but she’s still a pretty girl..

  30. SNSD 2.0


    • u noe SNSD doesn’t own the number ‘9’ -_- just because they are a 9 member group doesn’t mean u have to compare them with SNSD and they haven’t even debut…anyways, i think she looks like goo hara o_O

      • SNSD have pretty much made 9 one of their trademarks. Furthermore, they’re singing Kpop, all girls and are probably around the same age. I’m only human, so the only thing I can do is compare.

      • your naivety is funny.
        9 is a very unique number of members, and snsd is one of the top powers in the industry. every kpop star has been compared to snsd, it’s only inevitable that this group will be too.

  31. idk, is that the standard definition of pretty in korea? for one thing she definitely doesnt look like goo hara.
    well she probably will aft some makeup and touching up…..

    • yeah, i think so…big eyes, double eyelids, v-line face, fair skin… -___-

      i dont think she looks like Hara too..
      she looks like someone but i cant think who~

  32. another girl group Korea sure like idol group to bad if you want to be a solo artist you will not get recognize you only chance is to join a group to be successful.

  33. I don’t know about anyone else but I don’t think she looks like Goo Hara.

    • Goo Hara is waaaaaay more beautiful than her.
      and, Hara is natural, unlike that girl.

      • Agree with you about hara, she is prettier than that kid.
        but ‘hara is natural’ .. what??? that’s a lie. LOL

      • I agree that Hara is so much prettier.

      • natural? i thought she had surgery. If she is natural then She is way more pretty than her 😀

      • Hara is NOT natural.

      • I’m sorry but Hara is not natural.

      • ROFL everybody knows Kara is PLASTIC.

      • This girl looks normal which im not complaining at all.
        she’s pretty but Hara is natural. She didn’t do anything to her face…just that she got her eyelids enhanced and ONCE got a botox shot on her nose. She admitted that and for her teeth well she DID get her front teeth fixed before the WANNA promos started.

      • Goo Hara is prettier ether way plastic or not WTF nitezens they dont look the same ya guyz need ta buy sum glasses.

      • depends on what you mean by natural. Natural as in more normal looking? LOL coz the Jin Hye Won to me is kinda looking surreal atm.

        Or you mean Natural as in no plastic surgery done etc. coz if its this one then its false. Hara has personally admitted to having surgery done to her face. I dont know if it would go under the plastic surgery category because technically to have plastic surgery done wouldn’t you need like to have silcone involved or something? im not to sure about plastic surgery procedures but i doubt you need silcone for double-eye lids xD

        but then again plastic surgery is usually generalized for beauty enhancement surgeries as well.

    • little Goo Hara??? ughhh what a joke.
      Hara is unique. Fighting !!!!

    • she looks like a 여우
      by her looks, i can tell she’s got a lot of hearts to break in her life time

    • well Goo Hara is pretty and talented(her voice is the best of kara) and that kid in these pics is just ok.

      • hara is pretty BUT she’s lacking in talent area. LMAO her voice’s not the best in KARA…..its the two oldest girls in the group that can sing.

      • I think Hara has the best voice in kara and she is the most talented of all the girls.
        and Hara is Natural 100%

      • I think you are a new fan because even hara admitted that she has done some ‘changes’ in her face.
        and its a fact Goo hara is the talentless girl in kara. But she is funny 😀

      • lol, 100% natural Hara. Are you calling her a liar? She admitted herself to having done surgery.

        And most talented in Kara? lol. Once she can outsing Sungyeon and Gyuri, come back to me.

      • well, Hara is pretty and adorable but yeah, i dont think she has great vocal, lol

      • Are you crazy???? Hara is an awesome singer. she is the best in kara. her voice is really beautiful.

        Hara is even better than that plastic Bom.

      • @IDCARE: you are pathetic, girl.
        Bom IS not Plastic. she is 100% natura.
        Did you see her lips?? and her nose??? totally natural 😀

        and Bom dont need to use mini skirts or show her ass to gain fans.

      • OMG LOL Park Bom is more plastic than Hara.
        at least hara made some minor changes while Bom remade all her face ewww.

        btw hara is more cute than ‘little go hara’.

      • Hara >>>>>>>>>>>>> bom >>>> little hara
        any day

      • LOL! I dont think Nicole is pretty anyway. she just looks cute when she puts makeup on her face.
        and IF we assumed that Hara & Bom did surgery, then I think Bom prettier. LOL!!

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