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So Nyeo Shi Dae wins #1 for KBS Music Bank for the 1st half of 2010

Today on KBS Music Bank – 2010 1st Half Year Special – girlgroup So Nyeo Shi Dae won #1 with their hit ‘Oh’.

Also go under the cut for the rest of the performance cuts including special stages lined up.

Kelly Clarkson’s My Life Would Suck Without You
(SNSD Taeyeon/Seohyun, SJ Sungmin, KARA Gyuri/Hara , 2AM Jinwoon, CNBLUE Yonghwa/Minhyuk/Jungshin)

Lee Hyori’s Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
(KARA Gyuri/Seungyeon/Jiyoung, T-ara Jiyeon/Hyomin, f(x) Sulli/Luna, 4minute Jiyoon/Hyuna)

Rain’s Love Song
(Super Junior Shindong/Eunhyuk, 2PM Nichkhun/Chansung, 2AM Jokwon)After

Green Day’s 21 Guns
(Gummy, Hwayobi, Lyn)

Super Junior – BONAMANA


2PM ‘Without U’

KARA ‘Lupin’

2AM ‘Even if I die, I can’t let go’

After School ‘Bang’

C.N Blue ‘Loner’ + ‘Love’

T-ara ‘I Go Crazy Because Of You’

f(x) ‘NU ABO’

IU and SeulOng ‘Nagging’

Gummy ‘Because Of You’

Seo InYoung ‘Love Is Bitter, Pain is calling’


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  1. […] As for So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon, she recently garnered much interests for commenting, “As much as singers are working hard with our music, I hope that we are provided a good environment,” on KBS Music Bank. […]

  2. […] As for So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon, she recently garnered much interests for commenting, “As much as singers are working hard with our music, I hope that we are provided a good environment,” on KBS Music Bank. […]

  3. […] As for So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon, she recently garnered much interests for commenting, “As much as singers are working hard with our music, I hope that we are provided a good environment,” on KBS Music Bank. […]

  4. so far i’ve watched almost all of the perfs.
    and here’s my take on taeyeon’s “unprofessional” issues and the MuBank’s PD issue.

    i think both of them were showed there “bad” attitude on the show.
    the PD rejected taeyeon’s offer to redo the performance and taeyeon’s “bratty” attitude just went all the way up until their “Oh!” performance, which is really frustrating since, well..she definitely knows by now that she’s already an artist, so better show the professionalism attitude, but she didn’t.

    although i understand that she showed her disappointed attitude because it’s wrong for the PD too, to reject her offer to redo it..i mean, why reject right? if they want it to be a perfect show, better redo it. but then again, she should’ve smiled and be happy in her performances, just like the other artists.
    that’s make take on the issue.

    as for the CCBB perf, Hyunah was kinda not in the mood, but i think it’s okay ’cause she accompanied WG’s SunYe in her father’s wake up until the burial. although i think it’s best if she didn’t participate in the perf. sulli’s voice was weird…it’s like, not her voice. XD

    jiyoon and luna pawned it though!

  5. I just finished watching the whole show and I could hear and tell that Taeyeon lost her her vocal strength from singing Kelly’s song. I feel sorry for her because the tried harmonizing with Yonghwa, but with the fault ear piece she was having a hard time. When it finally came to her performance with her girls, she held back cause you can clearly hear her voice straining. I hope her throat feels better. Taeyeon Fighting!

  6. this is a joke
    taeyeon expressed dissatisfaction of her performance and everyone is on her back
    just get over it
    kpop stars cant say anything before getting ridiculed
    if they say something, one person says its this and that
    and they if they dont say anything, they say its this and that
    god for ffs make your mind up
    you are bloody hypocrite for judging them
    next time you forget a word in a sentence or that you fall off a bike
    im going to LOL and kick you if

    • But she could have kept the comments to herself. She is ruining SNSD’s image you know how little things can spark off controversies in Korea. It makes her sound arogant. Every star has technical difficulties but they don’t make snide comments about it. If she had a problem go see the PDs. Or even get her manager to do it. I don’t want this to make more antis for our girls.

  7. if i was to empathize with taeyeon,i would’ve probably said to her that she’s an immature bitch with an attitude. acting such a diva on this rate.. tsk tsk

  8. It was good but where’s the other groups

  9. The show must go on

    I understand perfectly Taeyeon’s inconvenience but it should have been more professional, and to realize a good performance she’s the leader and must think about her group that were struggling to realize a good presentation

  10. SUJU WIN and take NO1 in all Saudi ELF”s heart


  11. the whole taeyeon issue goes both ways. Music Bank could have redone the performance if the ear pieces were that big of a deal. however Taeyeon was less then professional during the Oh! performance, which is a shame since the rest of the girls were doing their best. Taeyeon is my favorite of the girls, but i was not impressed with that. her speech was fine, her attitude during Oh!, was not.

    the CCBB performance was odd to me. they all kind of did well, but they all didnt bring enough energy. Hyori usually hits it hard, but they all looked to be just playing it safe. Luna shined though. she wasn’t afraid to hit those notes. get it girl!~

    Shindong, is full of win.

    Gummy killed it, and the 21 guns performance was beautiful.

    interesting to see how most ‘idols’ came back in the first half. now the second half is when its going to get interesting! : D

    • This! Best comment so far.

    • Don’t you think it would have been a burden for other idols to redo the performance, though? Different performers have different schedules. Taeyeon has to understand that the world does not revolve around her. I want to like her, but she makes it so hard with her attitude.

      • fair enough, but some reports said some of them were having ear plug problems as well. truthfully i want to know what the PD has to say about it all, but its unlikely.

        i get what you mean about her attitude. she usually comes off really cute and funny, but her ‘bratty’ attitude appears once in awhile (usually at the worst times) and it does make it hard to like her. hopefully she’ll learn from this and see she’s not always right. i initally was not happy with her, but after listening to the ‘my life would suck without you performance, i couldnt blame her. i’m glad she spoke about it (or eluded to) during the speech, but her actions during the oh! performance were just not acceptable.

      • I agree with you jing. Tae said that usually PDs allow the performers to redo a performance but this day was filled with special stages and other acts and they most-likely did not have the time to have her redo it.

        I don’t think she should have handled that situation that way because it makes her look bad as well.

    • I like your comment, but I kinda agree with Taeyeon. Their group always getting bashed because of poor performance especially Jessica – Jessica always get crappy mic, and some ear plug issues as well (You can see she’s disturbed by this issue and keep plucking the ear plug, and fixing her mic) and what jessica get? “Her singing is suck. I can barely hear her”.. “Her voice is so soft”… People denying her singing ability and amazingly people judge her when she’s not in the right situation.

      and when they have to perform with crappy sound system, the best way they can do is lip-sync. and then people bashed them for lip-sync a lot (since they perform on festival/event etc stage a lot). It’ll be more frustrating if a supposedly good technical support provider like official stage for example music bank can’t provide them with good sound system. Didn’t last time TY get bashed because of her poor performance in a duet on broadcast? She performed so well on fancam, but when it comes to official broadcast, her audio is off, and it makes news headline – “Taeyeon’s poor performance in a duet with bla..bla..bla..” That time, do u think how she felt when she actually performed well, but because of the crappy tech support, people judge her? All the years of preparing, hardwork, and sparing time to prepare for the performance… and what she get was that?

      I can understand what they feel. This is the 1st time TY shows her discontent while they face the same issue over and over again, and now people making it such a big fuss! I’m glad she speaks rather than stabbing from the back and keep faking things. Professionalism has different meaning and hypocrite is another meaning. Some people think faking a smile is necessary – it’s professional while another view is, that’s hypocrite.

      • but if you think about it themself aint a good live performer either so there is a reason for them to be bashed like that… and what taeyeon did in the end was totally UNPROFESSIONALshe is the leader of snsd and i’m sure other groups had situation like that too and i dont see them talking cuz a true performer they do what they are suppose to do as a performer on stage and if there were some problem between the PD at least talk it out with him/her dont just say whatever you want to say just because your pissed about it…. and if you call faking a smile hypocrite then what do u expect them to do ? act like taeyeon ? cuz expressing your dislike through a broadcasting show aint gonna help at all…. you sones need to stop defending her cuz seriously what she did was so wrong and dont even get me started how taeyeon was acting in OH’s perf..

      • ^ I don’t see it as defending. It’s more like rationalizing? It’s her 1st time, and for me, I can accept that. If she kept doing it, then it must be something wrong. She has debuted for more than 3 years now.. and she actually speaks on behalf of other artist as well.

        Taeyeon injured her eyes before on this music show, and I heard her eyes injured once again here. What if it is a serious injury, and she is blind for the rest of her life just because small mistake from others? What about Shinee’s Onew’s incident before? Think like this – good environment.

        They may not be a good performer, but as a performer, they want to give their best.

        I’m a sone, and I’m not saying her action is completely right, but it’s not completely wrong either. If she’s not SNSD, she’s 4Minute or whatever group, I don’t find it’s wrong. It’s wrong because people took it on -ve side.
        In fact, she’s not saying directly to the point. We may have judged her wrong, juts because we view it that way. She may not feeling well? Anyway, this is not the 1st time she didn’t show happy face on stage. Same to other members not because she’s not happy with the stage. but because she make that statement, people judge the whole action.

  12. why is Amber not there?

    • She’s had an ankle injury for a while, so even last week on inkigayo and Music core, she was seated on a chair and not dancing in the performance. SM decided to pull her out of performances for now to let the injury fully heal. 🙂

  13. The ‘My life would suck without you’ performance was sf cute. Hara and Minhyuk look adorable together. And Taeng sounded amazing. ❤

    CCBB was pretty good as well. JiYoon rocked it. So did the Kara girls and Luna. Sulli.. no, just no. Gurl, you're too cute. I thought JiYoung was gonna have the same problem but she did great.

    P.S. – It's Nicole, not Gyuri.

  14. […] the rest of today’s performances, head on to KBITES Video credits to UnknownCarrot Filed under OH! KPOP ← Wonder Girls have returned to […]

  15. Taeyeon looks sick D:
    Get well soon girl !

    love the male idol special stage the most :DD

    • she is not sick. She is angry with music bank.
      shingdong and jokwon lamo

    • She wasn’t sick, she was acting like a spoiled brat.

      • lol THIS. i must say, it takes some effort to keep a straight face performing Oh! when she’s got such bouncy members around her lol

    • I think she was sick.

      • no she wasnt sick at all! from how she spoiled the ending i knew she wasnt sick…….she was pissed at the PD that he ididnt let her dedo the performance…… and so she spoiled out evething in the end…

  16. The performance for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was bleh. Jiyoon was awesome for the rap(?), i can easily notice nicole,luna,jiyoung voice but what surprised me was sulli voice. Is that even her voice?

    The parody of rain’s performance was hilarious especially seeing shindong’s body.

    And it looks like some unprofessional idol is sulking and looks kinda off in her group’s performance. tsk… tsk….

    How unprofessional….

    • Way to be indirect!

      She was sulking because Music Bank failed to provide good quality equipment for the artists. Her ear piece wasn’t working so she couldn’t hear the music when singing. Fanchants sometimes can get so loud, you can’t even hear the music itself, hence the use of earpieces. I would be pissed too if I asked them to redo it since I can’t hear the music and they refused to. I mean seriously? Music Bank’s sound quality is bad. Not only that but remember how last year the stage almost collapsed on Onew? Yeah, I would ask Music Bank to provide a better environment for their artists too.

      • “Someone from bestiz said the special stage was only recorded once and the singers involved were unable to hear the music through the earpieces so they wanted to do it again but music bank dismiss their idea.”

      • yea but still it calls unprofessional. Even if the system is bad, she doesn’t HAVE to SHOW it on her OWN performance. This doesn’t call a professional singer. She still should have smile like a true professional and at the same time complain like what she did at her own speech.

      • “i don’t want to be mean but she has her issues too.
        she’s a performer. even if she was displeased, she should have done her best on the Oh! thing – for her fans. her rebellion was very noticeable.. and unpleasant, really. and let me tell you, it’s not something a singer should do.”
        Credit:kawaiistarrx3 from ALKP

      • I was not speaking about her professionalism but I’m speaking about her discontent with Music Bank’s production system. I didn’t mention about her professionalism, but I provided the reason behind it.

        She’s just speaking on the welfare of other artists and I’m just pissed that others are dissing her when she’s being brave enough to speak out for others. If any other artists was in her position or Onew’s position, fangirls and boys would be flailing like there is no tomorrow. Netizens constantly complain about Music Bank’s sound system but when an artists FINALLY speaks up about it, they get all butthurt. I’m just happy that she spoke up about it because I would be pretty fed up.

        I mean the PD for this year’s special stages was seriously lacking also. I agree that she wasn’t being a professional, but the PD was not either. It usually takes 2-3 recordings for one performance but because the PD said “there wasn’t enough time”, he is also lacking professionalism or management as well. From what I heard, Music Core and Inkigayo usually allow the artists to do retakes if they requested it, even if they were behind schedule.

      • I was talking about her professionalism in performing not about her complaining about the system.

      • “I think it was unprofessional on MusicBanks part. They should have fixed the equipment and let them redo the stage. I also think Taeyeon didn’t mean it the way people are taking it. ”
        Cr: Myanv @ allkpop

        p.s. I love how we’re using some allkpop user’s comments. haha.

      • I’m just trying to justify why she was not being a professional before people start getting all butthurt.

      • Don’t worry I can see your reasoning.

        I mean everyone has their off days. And in a way it’s good she spoke out. Idols are so restricted in behaving in a certain way and just accepting everything that they’re given, it’s about time they spoke out for themselves.

        Not that I’m supporting the fact that she was not professional on stage, but I’m sort of glad she rebelled a bit. Kind of makes me think she actually has a mind of her own.

      • “LOL good on her for saying something all artists wanted to say on Music Bank. But a bit unfortunate that she had to act childish and irritated during a live performance. Clearly that was unessecary, especially from a no-longer-rookie-top-girl-group-of-korea leader.”

      • “Just wanna add that especially when you are a leader, you should lead by example. What’s done is done. The show must go on. But what Taeyeon did was showing her disgruntlement to the PD by giving such poor perfomance. It’s like a 5 year-old kid acts when she does not get what she wants. I think her leadership is in a big question.”


      • Okay, talking about it is another thing, but right now jjlove is talking about the PERFORMANCE.

        Okay, so she’s pissed at Music Bank for the ear thing, I get that. I would be too if I wanted to do a good job for the fans, but to show that behavior on a performance?

        Isn’t the performance FOR THE FANS, and not FOR MUSIC BANK? Conflicts or not, she should at least performed better for HER FANS. The fans that allowed SNSD to get that award!

        She can talk all she wants about how Music Bank is a beezy and all, but to perform with that attitude and behavior that her fans are standing and waiting for? I don’t think so.

        This is my two cents. :/ We can all agree to disagree.

      • “Going to quote Taeyeon on this one from an old interview (well not that old but you get the point with SNSD):

        “We prepared for years putting all our effort into it, but the actual performance is over in just a few minutes” was Taeyeon’s reason.
        She continued by saying, “I have these empty feelings when I get off of the stage” and “These feelings alone just makes a person feel lonely”.
        Also, “I’ve had regrets when I think about some past performances because we cannot redo them” and “Sometimes during preparation, we really feel that being a singer is such a lonely job”.

        Of course she wants every performance to be her best, how would you feel if your once chance to show everyone what you’ve been preparing for, doesn’t end up working, not because you didn’t practice but because of technical difficulties. I’m glad that she spoke out about this. Not even being a bias fan here, but I’ve seen many artists have problems with their sound system and I don’t think it’s fair to artists, I hope Mubank does address this in the future and like Taeyeon says make it a better environment for artists to perform. To be honest, I think the way Taeyeon handled the situation was quite calm, there’s not much else she could have done if the staff refused to listen to her once more.”
        cre: soyuri@twitter

    • i think you should know the facts before you speak on Taeyeon’s performance. How unprofessional of the PD’s on music bank thats what I have to say

      • Well, if you looked at the other artiste performing, even when the system is bad, at least they smiled and they don’t really bothered with the system. How about that? Other artistes Vs Taeyeon. She’s not the only one isn’t it?

      • She was clearly wrong. But she’s usually unprofessional anyway, so this doesn’t faze me (this is coming from someone who fairly likes this group, btw). It’s not like the PD’s did it on purpose. Fans need to stop being so overprotective of her. It’s getting annoying.

      • Sometimes shows can’t get the best equipment possible (hellooo economic troubles anyone?), and so all stars have to make the best of it. However, Taeyeon was the one that complained that her earpiece stopped working, and got mad that she wasn’t allowed to get another take. She should realize that they’re busy for special stages. If it was a regular broadcast, then sure she would have gotten that extra chance, but since the PDs are on a time crunch they can’t just let her do that. Instead of understanding their situation, she only realizes her own and shows her dissatisfaction through her performance. As a leader she should really be better. After all, they’re not a rookie group anymore. Sometimes I truly start to wonder who the true leader is.

      • She was so unprofessional. No wonder she’s called kid leader.. She acted like a spoiled brat in Oh! and now instead of having one bad performance, she has 2… Goodjob!

  17. congrats to SNSD for winning in MuBank for the first half of the year. time flies really really fast. next thing we know, it’s already december again. thanks for the updates sookyeong!

    *watches the performance now*

    • Congrats to SNSD girls!!!
      cant wait for their next korean song.

    • omo I really like Rain’s Love Song, the guys were hot..
      btw, today’s Music Bank seems like a rush, you can tell from the other special stages.

    • I love Kara, SNSD and f(x) performances 😀

    • the girl idol special stage was cool.
      Fighting !!!!!

      • honestly the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang performance by these girls idols were really bad.
        I was expecting so much more.
        Hyori unnie, I miss you.

      • wow Chitty Chitty Bang Bang perf. was a mess -____-

      • dude, WTF was that Chitty Chitty Bang Bang performace??
        it was really really bad. some girl idols shouldnt be there.

    • Congratz SNSD~!!
      they did an amazing job ^^

    • w_w_w.allk pop.com/2009/06/kbs_music_bank_accident_much_more_severe_than_first_reported

      w_w_w.allk pop.com/2009/02/girls_generation_taeyeon_injured_on_kbs_music_bank

      • htt*p://shiningbluey.wordpress.com/2009/06/26/bizarre-incidents-continue-on-music-bank-shiwon-kyuhyun-saved-onew-from-a-falling-light-fixture/

  18. Congrats.

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