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Yoo JaeSeok’s new SBS variety show titled ‘Running Man’

‘National MC’ Yoo JaeSeok’s upcoming new variety show, which is also a new corner off SBS ‘Good Sunday’, is said to be titled ‘Running Man’.

According to an official from SBS on 24th June, “The new corner for the show with Yoo JaeSeok as the MC will be called ‘Running Man’.”

Star appearances for this new variety show include Kim JongKook, Haha, Song JoongGi, Lee KwangSoo, LeeSsang etc. The official said, “After the first shooting, we having getting the collaboration with the appearances. Please look forward to a fun program.”

With that, this new variety show is set to join the showdown of the weekend variety show battle with MBC ‘Hot Brothers’ and KBS ‘2 Days 1 Night’.

S: MTStarNews

18 Responses

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  2. Hilarious picture of Jaesuk 😛 Hopefully Hyori will eventually become a permanent member. ^^ cant wait for this.

  3. i hope there’ll be FO1 reunion…hope to see Ye Jin, Chun Hee, Soo Ro, Jong Shin, Dae Sung & Hyo Ri together with Jae Suk & Jong Kook in 1 episode again!!! really miss them so much & definitely they got lots of things to share with us…please, make it happen!!! =)

  4. can’t wait… nation siblings and KJK = fun….

    i hope lee hyori will be the permanent member…

  5. I heard that Hyori will be the 1st ep guest! Can’t wait for FO 1 reunion!

  6. YJS FTW!

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  8. Just the name of YJS himself made the fame of the show. I will watch any new shows with just knowing that YJS is the MC..

  9. OMGYAY!!

    Jaesuk + Kim JongKook + Haha

    Can’t wait. I hope this show will bring lots of laughter and fun times. ^__^

  10. I’m totally anticipating this new show. Good thing they replaced FO2 with this. Yoo Jae Suk is the man! He’s totally hilarious. Can’t wait…

  11. I think they need to get Lee Hyori to be fixed member since she is done on her album promotion. Grasshopper + KJK + Hyori = winner

  12. OMG, my super star Lee Hyori unnie T_T is not a fixed member

  13. I CAN’T WAIT!!! omg i missed seeing Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Kook Jong together XD

  14. I love Haha 😀

  15. what happened to lee hyori? 😦

    • shes not a fixed member, but she will appear often.. or so they say.. >.<

    • i think shes a semi-permant guest rather than a fixed member… didnt she say she will appear like every other week 😀 so its all good~ Xp cant wait for this~

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