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7 plagiarised tracks voluntarily deleted from Lee Hyori’s 4th album ‘H-Logic’

Recently involved in criticisms of plagiarism, singer Lee Hyori has voluntarily deleted part ofher 4th album.

It has been known that 7 songs supposedly composed by composer Bahnus have been deleted from Lee Hyori’s 4th album listed on music sites. With that the songs ‘i’m back’, ‘feel the same’, ‘bring it back’, ‘highlight’, ‘Swing’, ‘How did we get’ and ‘Memory’ will no longer be included in her album ‘H-Logic’.

Meanwhile, Mnet will be pressing charges against Bahnus for causing the plagiarism for Lee Hyori’s 4th album, the agency also voiced that they will take full responsibility to clear Lee Hyori’s name before she moves to her new agency B2M Entertainment.


32 Responses

  1. Aw. that sucks.
    But i respect that.
    SEE, now this is what you call real plagiarise
    freaken netizens.

  2. […] to admitting that they were copied (unprecedented in Korea), she has now announced that she will delete the accused seven songs from her album, H-Logic, leaving it with seven songs […]

  3. so the album becomes a mini-album?! sad…

  4. NOOOO, all the songs I love from that album!!! why????

  5. goddamit and HOW DID WE GET with Daesung was my favorite >.>
    thank god they performed it already!<3

  6. bring it back & swing r my fav songs from h-logic.
    so the plagiarism issue is true after all.

    glad that chitty chitty bang bang is not plagiarized.
    go hyori!!

  7. dang that’s like half her album that she had to throw out.

    you remember the news before her H-Logic came out about how she was pushing back the release of her album and her comeback was being delayed.

    MNET was trying to get one BIG LAST album from Lee Hyori before her contract with MNET was up. And they were running out of time because their contract with Lee Hyori was going to expire.

    And Lee Hyori could only come up with so many songs. And MNET wanted MORE songs for one big last album under their contract to make lots of money from a BIG album and by having MORE songs.

    And so they bring in that BAHNUS ARSEHOLE in and he sells them a bunch of counterfeit songs because MNET was so desperate to get one last BIG album out of Lee Hyori before they lost her.

    Well that’s what you get for being in a rush to get her album out.

    Lee Hyori has been screwed over on this one.

  8. After her promotions are finishes she deletes them …..?

  9. What an embarrassment for the supposed “Queen” of Kpop. Well, they left it really late but better late than never.

  10. And to think her comeback was one of the most anticipated since 09. I know everything’s over and done with but if only she and the company really took the time to review the songs and implemented a more rigid selection process. I mean seven songs — her album even had delays and all. I really like Hyori and its such a disappointment to see something like this happen to her, more so now that she’s considered as one of Kpop’s most popular acts.

  11. Hyori must be very upset cz of this 😦
    poor hyori unnie~

  12. It’s a mini album now….

  13. mmm.. CAN’T WAIT FOR B.O.A !!!!!!!!
    the real Kpop Queen 😀

  14. Well, I guess it goes from a Full Album to a mini-album there. It’s a good thing it was a full album or else she’d have like nothing……

  15. damn, that’s the whole album. The guy is such a douche.

  16. what the….
    so then there only one song in the album >!?!?!
    i confused….

  17. anyway i knew about this like 2 days ago. get with the news people. dont be waiting for korean media to report things all the time.

    • what, so you think you’re better now because you knew of this 2 days ago? -_-

      • oh hush. i am just saying i knew about it first. so hahaha 😀

    • just so you know that not everyone has all the time to look for news for every single artiste everyday.

      and good for you that you know the news first (:

  18. LOL
    man..how many tracks were left after that?

    • Only the shitty ones

      • but if all them were shitty :/
        well honeslty, hyori’s album sucks!

      • Oh no, Want Me Back and So Cold weren’t shitty, they were awesome tracks. …, did you even listen to the tracks on the album?

    • 7 tracks are left after 7 got removed.

    • the other 7 songs are boring as hell.
      I’m really dissapointed with Hyori.
      its sad how 2pm song were more popular than Hyori and Rain song.
      2pm even pwned the kpop king and the queen on music shows.

  19. Thank goodness I got the original album already!
    I still love my Hyori, and I can’t wait to see what her new agency brings.

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