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Doubts of plastic surgery surfaced with Tiffany’s MC comeback on Music Core

So Nyeo Shi Dae Tiffany gets hit by doubts of plastic surgery after she made her MC return on MBC Music Core.

Tiffany has been receiving in-house treatment and resting all this while after her throat conditions worsened from the previous vocal cord nodules. And on 26th June, she made her MC comeback on MBC Music Core after 3 weeks.

While many fans rejoiced to see Tiffany looking healthy and fine with her comeback, there were netizens who brought up doubts of plastic surgeries. Netizens posted up on the online bulletin board on the official homepage of Music Core, “Her face looks different after the few weeks rest”, “Maybe she underwent plastic surgery before the girls begin their overseas promotions, but she looks prettier than before” etc.

S: SeoulNTN

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  1. […] VJ, as well as musical actress, Isak posts up a post online explaining and speaking up to recent criticisms of plastic surgery of close friend So Nyeo Shi Dae Tiffany. […]

  2. […] VJ, as well as musical actress, Isak posts up a post online explaining and speaking up to recent criticisms of plastic surgery of close friend So Nyeo Shi Dae Tiffany. […]

  3. you kiddies out there who are all saying she didnt get anything done recently are either blind or delusional or just not too sharp to recognize a small aesthetic change.

    either way.. mad props for being such supportive fans despite the adamant denial that she got anything done.

    but i know when what she looked like several months ago and i know what she looks like now on Music Core and SHE DEFINITELY GOT SOMETHING DONE.. but very slightly. enough to fool the gullible.

    Just because you get a wisdom teeth out or get sick doesnt mean you become almost unrecognizable at first glance.

    . At first I thought they brought it a Tiffany look alike to replace her while she was away…. but then it was actually her.

    hey i dont have anything against someone getting something done..

    but it bothers me when people are so oblivious and blind to the obvious truth that her face CHANGED.

    truth is truth. you cant cover that shit up with denial and blind fandom.

  4. her eyes ? sorry im a sones too , but erm , today music core her face is still diff , its like her eye smile is gone 😦

  5. she kinda looks like hwayobi

  6. Oh gosh. Freaken netizens are haters.

  7. she had surgery loooong time ago…i dont think she would get another one….

  8. Of course!
    Because we netizens forbid that anyone get sick and stay home for a few days. Yes, must be plastic surgery!! (wth)

    Really,,, what is wrong with those people? You can’t assume that a singer can’t get sick..

  9. maybe its just the lighitng?

  10. I think it’s the eyes//botox because when she smiles, she doesn’t have her eyesmile anymore and her face is really stiff..

  11. i think just her cheeks are puffy and that might be bc she got something done to fix her throat problems ! she looked like she was in pain ;( poor fanny

  12. why do you guy suspect so much ~ geez~ What if she see all those acussing comments-_- (she is american and she might look at k-pop websites)

  13. TiffNy doesn’t look that different just her nose

    taeyeon on the other hand got a nose filler shot her nose looks like jang gun suks nose
    they were so perfectly fine before why do they need it???

  14. I know there are probably one or two antis here judging from they way their comments were written.

    But for the rest of us, who are neither fan nor anti, we just voice out our concern regarding her ‘new’ look. Yes, she does look different. Plastic or not I really don’t care because most k-pop idols go under the knife. Why should we all be surprised?

    I’m glad she’s okay, though. But to sones, ‘losing weight’ as an excuse is just plain stupid. I have round face an I lost 8 kgs last year. But still my face is round. Smaller but round. Don’t come out with silly excuse like this.

  15. c’mon people. its so obvious. its not like everyone wants to pick on her. we are not all antis. im not an anti for sure, i have all their songs in my mp3 player even if im not their biggest fan.

    plastic surgery, thats all. so what? solbi, hara, park bom, and many others did it. who cares?

    all u need to do is except it and get real. so everyone needs to stop bashing about other artist or idols having surgery bcs ur fav idols is doing it too~

    • exactly!

      i have nothing against surgery.

      hey whatever makes them happy. to each his/her own.

      but i’m going to pretend that i dont NOTICE anything.

      AND what bothers me is that when people say she got something done due to the change in her appearance at her MC comeback.. they are all labeled as HATERS AND ANTIS…

      WTF?? when did it become “hating” to state what they see right in front of them. I’m an artist and i see a change visually and aesthetically in the balance of her facial features. It’s definitely different than before.

  16. To me, it looks like her face gained a lil fat on the sides.
    Cuz she was resting.

  17. do you people want to know a trick?

    when you hear something, you unknowingly get influenced thus making yourself believe in it.

    heres an example. a psychic tells you in the past, you have had your heart broken. after, you tried to reconcile by doing this and that but ending up with more misfortune.

    those are very broad predictions but upon hearing it, you DRAW out instances that fit that description and you go “woah, psychic was right” when in reality, it was because you perceived it correct.

    same thing here with tiffany. so you hear plastic surgery from one source, and then you start looking at her face harder and you pick out features that you THINK changed when in reality, youre DRAWING out instances that fit the description: she went and got plastic surgery.

    cmon people. she was sick, who would go and get plastic surgery on their nose? im not saying those who say her nose changed are wrong, but WHO Cares?

  18. i see park bom too. but it’s just too mean how ppl are dogging on her practically IMMEDIATELY after she got her treatment and assuming things left and right. she’s still in recovery probably and looks hella tired.

    honestly, the thing i notice the most was that her beatiful EYESMILE is gone!!! it used to be, her eyes curves upwards when she smiles. now it just looks squinted. it’s probably cuz of the swollen cheeks which i can totally understand, but i see NOTHING different with her nose. she definitely looks different tho, that’s for sure. just can’t put a finger on it.

  19. If plastic surgery is thatcommon, I think it`s really bad. She`s too young & pretty. If you`re sick or damaged by accidents etc , it`s quite another thing, but changing your looks when you`re this young simply to be accepted as an idol…it`s hard to accept.

  20. I think her face is only swollen cause she had surgery somewhere around her mouth. But then again she’d recovering from nodule sickness or whatever, so of course if she underwent surgery to fix it its gonna be swollen. It doesnt necessarily have to be botox and plastic surgery.

  21. definetely botox..she couldn’t make that many expression as Yuri….


  23. Let’s give her the benefit of the doubt. She could just be healing from being sick. o.O

  24. Holy smokes!

    Another Solbi in the making! O_O

  25. i dont think she did but yuri and tiffany have like the same nose xD

  26. Actually I don’t really care about plastic surgery, because I don’t know… Like 99% all kpop idols have plastic surgery. Even my biases.
    Usually they fix things that are not beautiful (I know this sounds weird…)
    I’m not surprised but I really think she doesn’t need to go under the knife… I mean she is already beautiful.
    If it’s botox… I don’t know but it sounds rather weird too. People usually start having botox in their 30s
    Besides that I don’t think there are any wrinkles on her face??

  27. she just lost weight. it takes more than a couple of weeks to recover from major facial surgery -_-

  28. yes her nose and her cheek. she kinda look like Sulli, rite.

  29. Even if she did I still like her.

  30. She kinda reminds me of park bom

  31. Omg she got het wisdom tooth removed thats all!!!!

  32. Her face does look weird to me, her face is swollen but i can’t tell what she did.

  33. Her cheeks look chubbier o.O but I love her no matter what she does.

    Hmmm.. Anti-fans have another topic!

  34. lol i cudnt recognize her, for a second i actually thought she was solbi.. before the nose surgery 0_0

  35. well, do we really need to be surprised?
    we don’t have to be shocked, esp. they’re celebs…their beauty is their life in showbiz…for most people. but to me, the other.

    well my feelings [yes, just my feelings], i feel that she did something on her cheeks… which is yeah…i think, like solbi. just a gut feeling though.

    • i watched the first part of the mc vid..and OMG, her cheeks really looked swollen…and in some parts, she looks like she’s eating candy..but actually not. O_O i don’t know what to think know… @_@

  36. something’s wrong with her voice, so i pretty much believe the reason for her absence is her throat issues.

    However, she definitely looks different. Tiffany is one of the few girls i recognize and sorta follow frm snsd coz she stood out.
    Now, she just blends into the many kpop singers.

    I think she did have throat issues but they may have taken the opportunity to do other stuff at the same time. She lost her *edge* that captured me to her. Maybe others disagree with me, but this is me.

  37. personally felt that tiffany got the most plastic face.. but i still love her! HAHHA

  38. And what’s so surprising about SNSD and PLASTIC SURGERY?

    C’mon, if you still believe that SNSD is an all natural group, you need to wake up.

  39. Yeah, I don’t know why I see something different on her, and it’s my imagination or she got thinner? I see her more skinny.

  40. Botox? Idk not suprised if SM made her… sad really. It’s like Solbi all over again

  41. dunno why people keep saying nose. it’s the same shape as before! if anything it’s her mouth that seems different, and i didn’t see her trademark wide smile at all. it’s like she was trying not to open her mouth much. could it be because of her treatment?

    or it could be the hair ( middle part) plus lipstick. but surgery? haha oh well she’s been having that rumor thrown at her since debut anyways so what’s new.

  42. Sometimes I suspect if there is an underground plastic surgeon clinic under SM building.

  43. This is not really news when it comes to Soshi..

  44. she looks like when solbi was hosted music core in puffy face.

  45. she looks like solbi now

  46. why i see different in her nose?? so different!!
    her nose look more pointed lol
    maybe just my feeling but seriously she looks so skiny, and she still need some rest! she looks so tired..
    anyway tiffany looks like park bom in that video lol

    • me too..
      i saw her, and i tried to name person who looks like her, and then i thought, “Wow, she looks like Bom, with that cheeks..”

      but i LOVE tiffany, so i dont think she would do any more surgery, considering she is now none, but Gorgeous..

  47. sorry for saying this, but she looks prettier before snsd went on hiatus

  48. hmm.. the moment i watched their Oh! performance on music bank two days ago, i think fany looks different. now after watching music core MC cut, that really confirms my doubt. her nose is still da same, but its just the lower part of her face looks really different from before. shes lik struggling to open her mouth D: her chin and lower cheeks look weird. =/

  49. Nose? Who is the one behind the plastic sugery of idols? Their company?

    • at first the one behind surgery will be the company but after that, it will be their own choice if they want to go surgery or not. Look at Jaejoong, he underwent surgery for his nose and he is the one doing it on his own not the company. I still love jaejoong though.

      So basically, it will be the artiste own decision.

      Who knows she could be addicted to surgery?

  50. She probably lost a lot of weight from being sick. She’s obviously not 100% healthy and not her usual perky self. I’m sure SME and/or Tiffany will be making some sort of announcement so I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt until then. It wouldn’t make a whole lot of difference to me if she did, but I hope she didn’t.

  51. whoa..her cheeks looks really bloated. Pretty:)

  52. if she did, i dont understand why :/ Shes so beautiful the way she was before .

  53. She looks like krystal and at the same time she looks like hwayobi.

  54. she doesnt really look tooo different..
    but is it just me or does it seem like she can’t move her mouth a lot when she talks here..

  55. I don’t why but she kinda reminded me of Sohee, probably because she isn’t making as much facial expressions as she used to and is moving her eyebrows more ^^. Something is slightly off about her face but it could be down to her nodule thingy.

    • I agree she looks different. She looks like Solbi, Sohee, and tons of other stars because they probably all go to the same plastic surgeon.

      That’s the difference between Hollywood and Korea. In Hollywood, they idolize the star and that person becomes the definition of beauty, but in Korea, stars have to fit a standard of beauty that is already there. Too much pressure, in my opinion.

  56. OMG! Her nose looks so different!

  57. Looks like Solbi?

  58. I’m not sure if it’s OK to post a link here, but I checked previous photos of Tifanny, and if this is really her in the link below, then she probably had surgery (the most obvious one is the nose).

    I think she’s naturally pretty, like all idols but she’s in the industry where there’s too much pressure to be equally attractive or more attractive than others, so I don’t blame her for undergoing a surgery. It would take a lot of courage not to give in to the pressure,as I don’t judge those who get surgeries (that’s their life, and it’s their job to be pretty), I also admire very much those who stay true to themselves and remain successful.

    • She lost a lot of weight, I guess.

    • She had plastic surgery before debut.
      Who says otherwise is just blind and desilusional.
      Yeah she lost weight but her eyes, nose and face shape looks way different than before.

    • Is that really Tiffany? It doesn’t look like her at all. The face and skin color are so different. Are you sure it’s not another person?

    • OMG!!!
      is that really her???
      she doesnt even looks like Tiffany.. !!
      i am soooo amazed!! O.o

  59. well anyways she is always plastic

  60. ohhh…
    I am scare to see her new nose,,
    she’s like solbi

  61. She doesn’t look different to me O_o

  62. You can NOT heal from plastic surgery within 4 weeks, unless she’s Clark Kent. I’m pretty sure her face would still be pretty bloated if she did. I think she looks the same, knetizens have got to STOP overreacting.

    • But her face does look swollen. Not only that, she seems to be struggling to open her mouth and her facial expression look extremely uncomfortable. Maybe she got botox injections, i mean with all the smiling kpop celebs do i suspect they probably have some deep smile lines/wrinkles..who knows….

      • Tiffany always had that face. People are just not used to this hairstyle because fans don’t think she looks different at all. Just check other pics of her with this hairstyle and you’ll see nothing wrong.

  63. at first i thought she is the girl from T-ara lol
    don’t know if she got plastic surgery or not but she definately looks different

  64. ppl give her a break so many accusations thrown around now and day sjust in general without any proof. I feel like ppl out there love to stir the pot and rip on others because their own lives are not as gratifying.

  65. im not a fan, but seriously she looked okay before, i dont see why under go plastic surgery. yeah her nose is more pointed than usual. dont tell me its because of the make up, because its not. and even if you’re sick and lose weight that doesnt make your nose more pointed. if thats the case then everyone would like to get sick

    • yeah she looks a little different.

      i’m not going to go as far as to say she had a nose job. i don’t think i’d have noticed it if someone hadn’t suggested she had plastic surgery, but her face is definitely a little swollen.

      if she DID have surgery, i feel very sorry for her. i can’t imagine what kind of pressures she was under to get it.

  66. she looks… different fosho

  67. OMG her face looks so different O_O
    i didn’t reconized her at first … but i saw the microphone “Tiffany”

    …. she was pretty but now, she looks like SolBi

  68. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Eileen Teo, 조vanda♪/ 장유, imuyachan, Crazy 크래지, arenata 彡☆ and others. arenata 彡☆ said: RT @sookyeong: Doubts of plastic surgery surfaced with Tiffany's MC comeback on Music Core http://wp.me/phE2s-9ue […]

  69. OMG if this is true, its sad!
    Why Tiffany Why? T_T
    You’re beautiful the way you are!

  70. WTH Fany was sick and she still looks sick to me. Even her voice is different. Swollen lips = Fany had surgery?? lol wtf.

  71. wtf the girl is ill! Her voice sounded different you could tell and even though she looked pretty she looked really tired. She looked like she was struggling to talk she didn’t sign live on music bank. leave her alone.

  72. wtf??? just because she got a disease doesn’t mean that she lying so she can get some plastic surgery.

    damn. why people always look so negative when it comes to soshi. T.T

  73. Elle a pas fait de chirurgie, c’est juste la coupe qui la change !

    • c’est la même coupe depuis longtemps.

      • mais je ne dis pas qu’elle a fait de chirurgie, j’ai aucune idée pour ca.

      • Je suis d’accord avec Marie, c’est la coupe qui est comme ça. Elle a rarement les cheveux boucles et détachés, surtout qu’ils sont courts alors ça grossit le visage.

        Pas de quoi en faire un drame, les gens sont juste pas habitués à la voir comme ça.

      • ^ elle a rarement les cheveux bouclés ? vraiment pas, ca se voit que tu ne les suis pas.
        c’est loin d’être la premiere fois, elle le fait assez souvent ces derniers mois.

  74. her nose?

    • when i was looking for something different i noticed her nose too..
      or maybe it’s just our imagination..
      i just hope she didnt get get surgery… i love her just the way she is..

    • Are you guys blind or what?
      She went in vocal nodule treatment, maybe that’s why her cheek is swelling or it could be her wisdom teeth got taken out, that’s why her face looks bloated which make u look, u got surgery in the face or nose ..

      Either way, stop making assumptions that she got surgery, for sure in the past few days, SM is gonna release a statement about her condition.

      • @……. wwoah calm down a little ….. they are just guessing and it is their opiniong anyways so what the fuck have to do with it …. “Are u blind or what?” seriously why do you have to make it that big of a matter….. grrr sones these days are just so annoying…

      • IDCARE

        i realize that “you don’t care” but don’t assume that all “”sones” these days are just so annoying” because its only a few that ruin it for the rest, but those are the ones who bash other people’s fandoms. Kay? 🙂

        Besides, this person is just trying to consider other possibilities about Tiffany’s face………
        I, personally would hate if people were assuming I underwent plastic surgery so I wouldn’t mind having people that wanted others to stop assuming things…. But yes, it is the opinions of the netizens.

        Btw, netizens have this …ego problem in a way because they’re anonymous because its the internet~ 😡

    • Maybe.. she does look a little different. I could be wrong.

    • Geez, Korean Netizens point out surgery everywhere they go now. They must be crazy fans going through every picture they can and observing what has changed. ¬_¬

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