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Nich Khun confesses on his ideal type, “Sorry to TaecYeon, but she’s YoonA”

2PM Nich Khun reveals his ideal type of girl before meeting his make-believe wife on We Got Married.

On MBC We Got Married aired on 26th June, Nich Khun boarded the bus to meet his make-believe wife. And in the midst, Kim NaYoung appeared.

Kim NaYoung asked Nich Khun, “You should have someone you want as your wife. If that person is from So Nyeo Shi Dae, who is she?” Nich Khun answered, “Even though I’m sorry to TaecYeon, she’s YoonA.”

Nich Khun added, “EunJung from T-ara and Victoria from f(x).” as his ideal type of girls.

And it turned out that his make-believe wife on the show is f(x) Victoria.

The 2 made the first foreigner couple on the show.


60 Responses

  1. i dun like yoona…she make me puke.

  2. Eunjung is so adorable, was she doing the heartbeat dance!?! OMMO so cute [:
    It would have been nice if Eunjung was the girl cause I love her the most from T-ara, and Nichkhun likes her too, so why not? Lols, and they both seemed a bit comfortably with each other when they just met at the elevator door! Ahaha.

  3. LOL i’m sure Taecyeon wouldn’t mind (:
    Aw, cute couple.

  4. I don’t know why whenever a boy group appears the first question they got to answer is “Who do you like from SNSD?” or “What do you like from SNSD?” okaaaaay???? Unnecessary, it will just make antifans and such, plus, khun might like yoona and he was asked “Who In SNSD” not in all girlgroups.. remember he once picked sohee over yoona, I’m not jealous or anything but after seeing some comments i had to say this..

    I think asian ppl has never seen a real pretty girl with very cute personality, I mean, they say yoona is the prettest (?) OMG, have u ever seen a REAL beauty? She’s tall ? no not tall, compared to korean’s heights yeah she is. She’s cute ? yea SHE FAKES IT. She has a good personality? yeah she once pushed seohyun for being infront of camera and covering her, she has a good personality. well, i showed her pictures to my male friends and asked about their opnions and they said ” She’s so average” but when it’s a korean guy “OMG shes pretty!!” lol once again im not an anti, nor a fan, just wanted to replay to those who said she’s pretty & all.

  5. im so relieved that his couple is not fRom snsd againn,,,,,,,remember that taeyon n seohyun already on the show,,,give a chance for another girl group yayy

    victoria jjjjang,,,,you are my fav in f(x) of course because your flexibility hahhaha

  6. I’m a girl and I like yoona too ^o^

  7. IMO, Yoona is the best! Better than Vic too, but at least he got one of his girl hehehe

  8. Imo Victoria is better than Yoona. But whatever

    • yuupp agreed! Victoria is more of an exotic beauty & plus she’s totally ahdorable! Once she gets more screen time, she’s gonna become an all time fave I suspect!

  9. taeyeon much more better than yoona, and victoria does much more better too. lucky khun has vic as his wife.

  10. somehow for most guys i think they just say yoona’s name to get the annoying hosts off their back lol

    • I don’t think so…Yoona’s personality is what makes them tick…Yes she is beautiful and even more so in real life, but her personality is what makes them attracted to her…and it seems really genuine from Khun…since Idol Army until now 🙂

  11. seen it, watch it, now time to wait for it to be subbed haha ^^

    yeah i was so surprised that NK mentioned Victoria’s name without even being asked about fx
    haha i wonder how did they know NK mentioned Tara Eunjung and how she ended up on the 45th floor?? so funny..
    anyway, cant wait for the next episode!!

  12. i started dislike this guy, people should boycott him instead of taec yeon

  13. I thought it went like the girl asked who from snsd he liked and he chose Yoona, when she asked who from T-ara he chose Eunjung. But he chose Victoria on his own accord without fx being mentioned.

    @nana, I don’t think it’s disgusting. If cuteness was all she had to show then maybe I could get annoyed, but she has other skills as well so I’m fine by it since i know it’s the image she’s been assigned. I find it sad that Korea is so fixated with age, to me 23 isn’t that old.

  14. don’t u guys think tt it’s a bit ‘disgusting’ (not in a very bad way) for victoria who still try to act cute at a age of 23? i know koreans don’t mind tt.. but still…

    • Haha…Girl’s Generation girls are like 3 years younger than Victoria, so I think it’s fine for Vic to act cute…plus she looks younger than her age and she naturally gives off this adorableness so it fits naturally lols

    • Koreans don’t mind it. That’s what she’s catering got I suppose. Then again at least her cuteness is the best when she doesn’t realize. It feels more natural.

    • there are older ones…

  15. lmao, whoever’s parents those are in the bus, their kids must be so proud, hahaha. Their parens are officially cooler than them to have met idols. 😛


  17. that dude has good eye. yoona is jjang!!

  18. oh khun im disappointed
    everyone’s ideal is yoona

  19. hmmm all korean likes yoona but i Really dont Understand
    why i mean she is beautiful but not really Attractive atleast for me
    and her beauty is not the beauty that you will look at her and say wooooooooooooooow she is really pretty but you will just take a look and say : she pretty

    p.s i am not Jealous

    • lol.

      yes, she doesnt portray a hooker image or those of vietnamese coffee house girls who were bikinis and rock khoi fish tats on their hips and back.

      but thats why at least for me, the reason why shes so attractive. she can do sexy and still have that pure smile shes so know for

    • I saw in one SNSD fancam, a fanboy extremely surprised after seeing Yoona and she’s not even Yoona’s fan, “Wow!!! Yoona…is reallllllyyyy pretty!!!!” I wonder how pretty she is in person.

  20. […] Nich Khun confesses on his ideal type, “Sorry to TaecYeon, but she’s YoonA” &laquo… […]

  21. […] Nich Khun confesses on his ideal type, “Sorry to TaecYeon, but … […]

  22. Nichkhun is such a sweet nice guy, if anyone deserves YoonA, it’s Nich but HARDLY Taec! Taec can GO BLOW [which Taec probably does}!
    Ke Ke Ke~~~

  23. i can see sth similar from the 3 girls he mentioned, as in able to figure out what is his type.. but very hard to explain in words..

  24. its always been Yoona way before Taec tried to move on in and couple up with Yoona on everyhing. Khun has always liked Yoona

  25. wahhh nichkhun always loyal to yoona…
    his ideal type is always yoona and he even want yoona as his wife…

    but i wonder why he apologize to taecyeon, is there something going on between taec & yoona?? *suspicious look*

    root for khunA couple…

    • Because Taec likes Yoona.

      • I like neither TaecYoon or KhunA, personally I’m sick of seeing 2PM and SNSD being paired up more. Of course Nichkhun said his ideal type is Yoona which is fine but I honestly hate the media keep pairing them up.

        Honestly, it REALLY is like they are pairing up the groups with the most (well, not the most!) controversies together.

  26. i think eunjung and khunnie would make a good couple…they both so cute! ^^

  27. yoona’s pretty but not that pretty. i think she’s just the one amongst male celebs in korea who u name as ideal type but no one approaches lol

    • lol sorry but there are guys who approaches her :]

      • i thought was it strong heart? or smthg but she confessed that although she’s been labelled ideal type many times, no one has confessed before. but taeyeon had like 20 or smthg?

    • Actually, she gets approached but she would never kiss and tell…I mean she said no one approached her, but yet she did say after that Leeteuk kept asking her in marriage since they were trainees….so I just think that you can’t really know, because she will not tell^^

      Also I remember, a guy who was supposed to act with her in a drama that said that he had asked her phone number and that she was not sure because she looked at her manager oppa…that was when she debuted, now it might be different. The guy even stated that he would wait for Yoona to give it to him because he has pride (and won’t ask again…)

      • Well…I like neither TaecYoon or KhunA, personally I’m sick of seeing 2PM and SNSD being paired up more. Of course Nichkhun said his ideal type is Yoona which is fine but I honestly hate the media keep pairing them up.

        Honestly, it REALLY is like they are pairing up the groups with the most (well, not the most!) controversies together.

  28. Khun’s very faithful…his ideal type is always Yoona…from idol show until now

    super cute

  29. Yoona? Eww. Yoona is so average looking and lacks charisma. Khun i’m sorry but you have bad taste.
    Victoria is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more pretty, charming and charismatic.
    Victoria show him who’s the best girl!

    • umm.. sorry .. but yoona is way prettier..

      victoria is still prettty but yoona is way more prettier

      well she is to me anyway.. and to the other korean boys

      i just dont like how victoria did her cutesy voice …



    • Oh no, Victoria is way prettier.

    • yeah obviously victoria is prettier!

  30. OMG thank you dear elieen for changing Big Bang banner. BB<333

  31. Seems like everyone’s ideal girl is Yoona!
    One lucky girl there for her lanky body, that’s what I’ve noticed that Koreans love about — The slimmer and taller you are,

    • i think it helps that she’s got an awesome personality as well. someone who isn’t all that concerned about her image, and yet still comes off as innocent and such.

      i think korean guys prefer girls who they can “take care of” and scare away from independent and fierce women (like hyori haha) and yoona is exactly that.

      • And plus, almost every celebrity said Yoona looks great without makeup. In other words, low key and low maintenance and someone who does not take herself too seriously.

      • Nichkhun is such a loyal Yoona’ fanboy 😀
        like me hihi

    • “wahhh nichkhun always loyal to yoona…
      his ideal type is always yoona and he even want yoona as his wife…” Totally agree.
      Nichkhun has good taste.

    • I’m huge Khun fan and I think yoona is a good girl.
      Honestly I have been rooting for the two of them since the idol army days.

    • i love how yoona still sheds off that “idol” image. her management told her to, when she smiles, to keep her mouth closed. but she still laughs with her mouth opened WIDE.

      and thats only one of her traits that makes me wish i was her friend ):

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